Bolt 22 scopes?

  1. I’m gonna be building a NRL22 CZ457 next month and put a Vortex 5x25 on as well. That’s what I run on my 6.5 CM and figured it would go well on my 22 as well.

  2. I'm using the Bushnell Match Pro 6-24X50 on a CZ 455. The eye-box is a little tight, but otherwise it's a nice scope.

  3. That rifle deserves some good glass. If you want to save a few bucks, look at the Vortex Venom. 5-24x56. Typically runs $500. That’s as low end as I’d go.

  4. I run a 6x24x50 on mine. I like the additional magnification to see the small holes. Has worked well going out to 300yrds. Having a 15-25yrd minimum parallax is nice to shoot close targets.

  5. No such thing as to much optic for any application. Get what you can afford, and get a mag range for your intended purpos for the rifle.

  6. I'm using a athlon Midas tac for my 457. Fantastic scope. But, I only use my cz to shoot groups and maybe light pest control around the yard.

  7. Have the Nikon P-tactical 1-7, special for 22lr with uts own reticle Also have use the primary arms 6x fixed zoom, both are great for less than 200 yards

  8. Thank you everyone for the input. Sounds like you all go for far bigger scopes than I thought. I will try my viper pst and see how it goes. I think it will be sufficient for 50-150

  9. I run a ZCO527 on both my Vudoo and custom 10/22. I swap it back and forth. My zero shifts 5 mil when I move it to the 10/22 so I don't even bother re zeroing the turret, just crank it to 5 and go from there.

  10. I've run 6-24 and currently 3.5-21 on mine, and I've shot out to 700 yards with my 22s. All depends on what you're doing.

  11. What range is the nrl22 shot at. I was surprised to see most of you put that elaborate of glass on rimfire. I grew shooting a Winchester pump with a 2.5 fixed weaver

  12. Side note, it’s incredibly easy to swap 10/22 barrels and amazing how accurate they can be. I beat a tac sol barrel into mine recently(instead of sanding to fit) and it’s phenomenal the difference a new barrel made

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