Can't wait to try this brake out. I have my own private range before anyone makes comments about pissing off others at the range.

  1. Made the mistake of buying those. Finally tried it on my stuff at my little range at home. Liked being maced with my own gun.

  2. On a bolt action like this i whole heartedly agree. The bro kids with their 8.5” ars running massive brakes mag dumping their d60s at a 6 stall indoor range is just fucking stupid and happens literally every day around here. That’s why people care, but if you want to be an asshat go somewhere else. That said, there’s nothing wrong with a fat brake on a bolt action or any rifle like an ar if you aren’t intentionally trying to be obnoxious and turn the tip of your barrel red.

  3. I just hate the dipshits that don’t take care of their equipment. Many a time I’ve been peppered with brake debris from the asshats who apparently don’t believe in cleaning. Presume they are the same guys running Glocks and bragging they’ve “never cleaned it with over x thousand rounds”. Also, the guy shooting this always seems to find the one lane that kicks up dirt and sand and makes it look like Pigpen from Charlie Brown.

  4. Indoor range I went to use to have a rental Scar heavy with a stupidly large brake on it. Fucking sucked being in the lane next to it... or on the range at all when some one is using it.

  5. They use the gasses that are expelled through the muzzle and direct them in a way that pulls the rifle away from you and push the muzzle downward. It helps mitigate recoil for larger calibers and/or reduces the jump of the rifle allowing you to keep an eye on your target through the scope. They are incredibly loud though and produces a concussion where the gasses are directed which can piss people off to the left and right of you whilst shooting.

  6. If there's ever someone at the range at the same time as me, I let them know I have a brake attached. One time after saying just this, guy on the next bench over told me he didn't mind and to get to shooting. Well after my first shot he started hacking up a lung, and told me was in the middle of an inhale and the concussion went straight in his mouth. He was a trooper and I probably annoyed him with the repetitive apologies.

  7. My dad and I went to a public range for the first time in my 15 years of shooting on fathers day. One guy brought in his Ruger Precision and had a brake on it. I told my Dad to stand back and I offered to spot for him on our spotting scope rather than shoot next to it. I was getting blasted like Tommy Chong from the concussion but it was cool being able to help him out.

  8. 300 PRC, APA Little Bastard Gen III. I tell the rangemaster, and they’re usually pretty good at putting me far away. If they can’t, I tell the people on the sides of me.

  9. To be honest.. I kinda like how everyone leaves when I start shooting.. get the entire range to myself, just pick the middle stall and watch people pack up.

  10. Reminds me of a few months ago at the range I train at some dude brought in a sbr 450 bushmaster. I couldn't stop laughing he was over there mag dumping rattling my spine from 4 bays over LMAOO

  11. I went to an indoor range, and the guy assigned me to a lane, and i was like,"oh i have an obnoxious muzzle brake, if that makes any difference." he assigned me to another lane. there was only 1 group in there, and they were in the middle. the first lane he assigned me to was on the end, and the second one he assigned me to was right fucking next to them. they left after one shot. LOL

  12. Lol. I hate public ranges doe the most part, atleast for rifle shooting. I like shooting pistols with groups of people though. With rifle, I like to be in rhe quiet solitude of nature.

  13. Shoot what you like - every range I have ever been to has always had details that shoot brakes, or puts brake shooters towards one end, or even simpler no one cares

  14. My only complaint about brakes at a public range is on the indoor ranges where guys with 10.5” ARs will sit in the stall next to you and peel paint off the ceiling.

  15. I don't understand people who get upset at loud noises at (checks notes) the "Gun Range". Pick another hobby my man. This is America, and I'm going to tell you how loud your rifle build should be... B, this is for my performance, not yours, it's mine, I build it how I want. I have a Lancer Systems Viper Break on my 20in .308 build

  16. My gunsmith “hooked my son up” with a similar design on his .243 it is so loud he won’t take a shot while hunting without hearing protection.

  17. I have the same brake on my 6.5CM and there is almost no recoil. It makes spotting your shots super easy. I have a can in jail right now for this rifle and while I’m excited about it, I’m a little sad about giving up my brake.

  18. The Precision Armament M11 is excellent! It took my 300WM recoil from shoulder bruising to 556 AR levels.

  19. I have the M11 on my 6.5 creedmoor, I'm pretty impressed with it overall and its been a solid improvement. I think you'll have a good time with it.

  20. It really just depends on the brake.. Factory breaks are probably not a not gonna have the quality of this 1. I had a factory break on Is this rifle, But it shot gas's downward and chewed up grass and dark and put them in my face

  21. I find it funny to piss people off at the range, especially since they're the ones that turned down my offer od disposable earplugs to wear under their earmuffs (yes I carry a bag with me and offer the people in the lanes adjacent to me).

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