Set a new personal record today - guess the distance?

  1. A little over 2200 yards? Target is approximately half a mil tall, half a mil at 2200 yards is 39.5 inches, target defined height is 40 inches. Specific guess 2250.

  2. Assuming that that silhouette is 18 inches shoulder-to-shoulder and those stadia are half-mil, 1k yards?

  3. Hmm... seeing lots of 1480's. That would assume the target is 40" tall which OP confirmed, and in the reticle target is 0.75 mils. Personally I think target is slightly smaller than that so I'm gonna estimate 0.72 mils and that puts me about 1540 yds. That's my final answer... 1540 yds which is 1408 meters for the rest of the world.

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