at what point do you consider a 'custom build'?

  1. So a stock, barrel, muzzle device/suppressor, scope, trigger are all something you could add to a rifle. At what point do you move away from factory offerings and consider a custom build on a high dollar action? Vs building something off a factory actin?

  2. Have you considered getting a Tikka T3X lite or superlite and maybe putting it in a stock that’s more suited to longer ranges? I’ve never heard anyone say something bad about these rifles, and they’re pretty light.

  3. Lightest weight hunting rifles are a better fit for factory guns. Factory rifles will do things like skeletonize or lighten actions, use very light, kinda janky polymer stocks that weigh nothing but that you can't find in the aftermarket.

  4. I’ve built several lightweight “sheep” rifles. It’s fun and there is the pride in having something that is “yours,” but costs can add up quick. The rule of thumb someone told me, which I find to hold pretty true, is factor $100/ounce of weight saved.

  5. A lot of it comes down to features. Requirements for what you want and what you want to spend. For me custom is always worth it.

  6. Custom builds, to me, include: custom made to order barrel from a gunsmith or barrel shop like X Caliber, aftermarket chassis/stock with adjustments for LOP and cheek piece, aftermarket trigger for actions that dont use accutriggers, and a paint job if you're feeling frisky. Really, the modern idea of a "custom build" is nonsense, because you don't need handmade stocks or barrel or hand tuned triggers to get fantastic levels of precision. It's just a rifle, like any other. You just happen to have nice parts on it.

  7. Anything not factory and mass produced. As a lefty and after years of settling for what’s “out there” and “available”. I just go the custom route from the beginning once I decide what I want. Custom to me is starting from scratch and hand picking every single component. Yes it’s a little more money and usually comes with a wait time but….I get exactly what I want and have absolutely loved all of my customs. I have purchased a shit ton on rifles over the years and finally have the mindset of quality over quantity. I’d much rather purchase one high end build every year that I enjoy shooting every time I go out. Buying a factory rifle and throwing a new barrel and chassis on it is not classified as a “custom” to me. It’s a flawed design that I’m not happy with and trying to make “better” by adding a few quality parts. This usually ends up costing more money and produces sub par results.

  8. Seems to me for a hunting rifle your best bet is just a super high end European “factory” rifle. PRS, F-Class etc are where custom can be advantageous to accuracy, ergos etc

  9. I came to realize a couple years ago that I was never going to buy a “rack grade” factory rifle again, except perhaps as a barreled action donor. Reasons:

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