Young Man Fucks around to see if vape juice is worth finding out. (NSFW link to video in comments)

  1. FUCK that "security expert". Let them take all your shit so we can come an hour later, then probably never find the perps and even if they find them they definitely won't find your stuff and you'll be lucky if they "reimburse" you.

  2. The police advice in the video: just give the thieves whatever they want. The police will be there later to write down what was stolen and never find any of it or in any way make you whole again. 🤡

  3. Yeah no thanks. If they compensate for loss with money back or the same items taken then sure maybe. If a criminal don't want to get shot or stabbed, then don't try to rob people.

  4. I do not condone crime but the police advice is meant to not fight the criminal for physical items as its not worth to get shot by a criminal over cigarettes, i dont think they meant "just let them have it lmao", however in this case the shopkeeper was fine luckily.

  5. There’s been some debate about whether this level of violence was justified but after seeing the footage myself I think it probably was for the following reasons:

  6. The policeman "the items are replaceable just let take what they want to take" How about get fucked officer, if they get away with it so easily then they will keep doing it. These little shits won't be robbing again.

  7. I get the premise here. The cop doesn't want you shooting someone they could shoot themselves later down the road. You're just removing potential fun trips in the MRAP by stabbing them.

  8. I love it when the authorities who stand to lose nothing from the robbery say shit like that. It’s like everyone thinks a small business has a huge overhead margin for their products and losing $500 in merchandise isn’t going to affect their bottom line. If theft is so trivial those so called authorities should be comfortable paying to replace it themselves

  9. That's the good news here. At least for me. Watching the video with the stabs was a little intense tbh but maybe he'll learn a lesson here.

  10. Not really. The dude jumped over the counter, waiting for him to show a weapon at that point before defending is a bad idea. Also, of you are going to use deadly force to defend yourself use it to the fullest extent. What if the guy who ran out came back to help and you hadn't finished off the first assailant? What if he had some sort of ghetto rigged armor under those clothes and the blade didn't penetrate? What if you somehow missed everything vital, and the guy shakes it off due to adrenaline and pulls out a gun. Finish the job in a reasonable manner. That doesn't mean chase him, but don't take risks if a situation gets to that point.

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