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  1. Some people don't get that, and think that if you support their right to free speech, it must be because you do agree with them.

  2. If "hateful speech" is censored, they can't say those things (in public), but they are still thinking it. And they begin to group into ideological echo-chambers and reinforce their ideas, even radicalizating it.

  3. Ideas and beliefs with enough people behind them are anti-fragile. The more you try to destroy them against the believers’ wishes, the more resilient those ideas become in the face of adversity, out of necessity.

  4. This is a feature of Marxist repressive tolerance, not a bug. The race & gender critical theorists need to manufacture dissidents to validate their (currently in progress) cultural revolution.

  5. If something is stupid enough to be banned, then it's stupid enough to be said in public so everyone knows how stupid it is.

  6. I appreciate those people clearly communicating their stupid. Kinda like the bright colors on poisonous animals. Its a feature not a bug.

  7. Bear in mind that Alex Jones is in court right now because he told his listeners that the parents of dead children were actors, that their children were actors, that they never died, and that their parents worked for the globalists. This caused his listeners to harass the family with death threats for years, and on at least 1 occasion, shoot up their house and cars. The case is free to stream, but is not being recorded. feel free to tune in and see if you feel the same way. Google 459th circuit court live stream.

  8. You can support free speech but remove yourself from supporting the people that speak against your opinion. There is a difference in supporting the principal but not supporting the person. But I’m sure this is obvious to most.

  9. The only issue I had with Kap kneeling during the anthem was that he was in company time and if they asked him not to then he shouldn’t have and that is not a free speech issue but rather employer limitations. I actually respect that he talked to some vets about how to protest in a visible way without disrespecting the sacrifice that people have made for their countrymen (not country or government).

  10. People have the right to voice even their most stupid ideas. That way they face much needed scrutiny and die in the light, rather than fester and grow in the dark.

  11. Support is too vague. I support these peoples rights, but I don’t necessarily support their position.

  12. I still take issue with the specific example used in the "kneeling" one. The government has to allow free speech, bit private industry doesn't. You can certainly be fired for speech. After the NFL refused to let cowboys wear decals showing support to the cops shot in Dallas, then they do allow this.

  13. Idk who tf the lady in top middle is, but all of the others are definite examples of speech that either hasn't been restricted by government, or has been specifically protected by government (flag burning).

  14. It bugs me when people say that other people should not react to shitty things they do or say because free speech.

  15. I can support their right to say whatever the fuck they want as long as my right to call them entitled, hateful, or morons is respected just as much

  16. I would argue that in some form, not all of that is considered speech in every instance, but in the cases that it IS speech, I agree.

  17. Freedom of Speech refers to protection from the government for the things you say or express. It does not extend to your employer, and it does not me you are free from consequences. NFL players that kneel are free to do so in protest, but if that results in half the fan base being upset (rightfully or not), that's bad for business...

  18. Freedom of speech literally does mean freedom from legal consequences. And at this point it should also probably be expanded to freedom from consequences such as being fired.

  19. You have a right for the government to not tell you what to say. Unless your fomenting violence, insurrection, injury, etc.

  20. I hate this argument because you absolutely can yell fire in a theater with no legal consequences other than individual people suing you in civil court if any harm occurs. The Supreme Court case that “you can’t yell fire in a theater” thing was taken from was the same case used to justify government censorship during WW1 and was completely overturned in the 60s. There is legal precedent now that you CAN yell fire in a crowded theater but everyone still clasps on to the same dead argument even though the same court that made it later decided it sucked.

  21. I think if someone yelled fire in a movie theatre I was in when there was no fire, I'd just shush them and keep watching the movie.

  22. Violence is increasingly defined as saying mean things or even not actively saying the right things.

  23. The kaeper dick situation was a little different lol The argument surrounding that debacle was whether people wanted to see a protest when they’re paying to be entertained. I feel like there’s a lot of misrepresentation in that whole situation.

  24. I agree with all of this except the flag burning one simply because it isn’t “speech” despite what the Supreme Court thinks.

  25. Free speech isn’t limited to literally just talking, it’s expression of an opinion is any form. The constitutional protection of free speech is also why the government can’t ban types of clothes, or books, or music, etc even though none of those things are speech taken in the literal sense. Burning a flag is objectively expression. Flags are symbols that are solely and completely dedicated to representing a political idea like an ideology or nation, that is their entire function. Burning, likewise, is associated with disagreement or hatred of something. Therefore burning a flag logically falls under free speech since the act of burning the representation of something you dislike is probably as direct a statement of disagreement as you can get. As long as the protesters own the flag they burn then they are fully within their rights to burn whatever floats their boat. Even if your definition of free speech does not include the right to burn flags, even though it does, then flag burning is still protected under the first amendment right to peaceful demonstration

  26. i have no problem with people kneeling to send a message, but i do have a problem with people doing it in formal/professional environments. that goes for employees, athletes, students, etc. it boils down to an issue with disruption. there is another time and place for it.

  27. I would like to add that talking shit about what people say isn’t an assault on free speech. I disagree with a lot of shit people say, but in no way should they be punished by the government for it. Hell I don’t even like it when they get punished by their employer for something they said that wasn’t connected to the company.

  28. If you cant’t accept me at my right wing, holocaust denying, kneeling on a flat earth while keeping warm by flag burning, then you can’t handle me at my worst.

  29. "When you tear out a man's tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you're only telling the world that you fear what he might say." - George R.R. Martin, A Clash of Kings

  30. I believe the government shouldnt tell people to shut their mouths. But if the people want to shame and ostracize people with hateful words that's our choice

  31. The government can't arrest them but I sure as hell can tell them to get off my property or stop talking.

  32. Everyone except flat earthers is fine. All the others are sharing their opinions , however wrong they maybe . But a flat earther is denying a scientific fact and speaking against it . And spreading such kind of misconception can lead to people becomig mindless and ignorant . So yeah I would gladly shut up a flat earther .

  33. The idea that freedom of speech exists to protect popular speech is the same kind of insanity as the idea that the Second Amendment exists to legalize the government having guns.

  34. Free speech goes both ways. Those that want the right to say something incorrect and/or hateful have no right to get mad when called out to others and lose those people that don't want to support hurtful opinions.

  35. Huh. I wonder how many people think you should be free to express all those feelings on company time. Only one of them explicitly involves doing so.

  36. We pretending that if I start a private book club with a membership card I don’t get to decide what type of speech is permitted in my book club?

  37. AFAIK, next to 0 of the things any of these people say has been restricted by the government. Twitter and Meta can ban whoever they want. Love how libertarians cum for corporate freedom, until it's inconvenient for them.

  38. Hate speech isn't free speech. Bigotry can not be tolerated in a civil society! Who decides what bigotry is? The government of course! They would certainly never apply our anti-hate speech/misinformation laws in a harmful or unintended way./s

  39. This is a question not a comment. I support kaepernicks right to free speech. The question is does a private entity like the NFL have to allow it during their broadcast that they own the rights to?

  40. I support freedom of speech but oppose freedom from ridicule. If you act like a clown you deserve to be treated as such.

  41. I feel like the football kneelers in there are inappropriate as that is specifically in uniform while being paid -- akin to a political sign while wearing your wendy's uniform or something -- all the others really are personal free speech, not personally using a huge corporate platform.

  42. I support free speech as in 'the government is not, nor any entity, allowed to initiate violence against anyone because of a transmission of ideas or information'.

  43. I fully support Kaepernick’s right to free speech; however, if the NFL, or any of its teams, doesn’t allow political expression during games as a condition of employment, they are fully within their right not to employ him. Yes, Kaepernick should not be restricted from speaking his mind, though we should not force the NFL to give him a means to amplify his opinions.

  44. Free speech for all, including myself to say some of those folks should shut the fuck up. I wouldnt want it mandated by law, as we all know about how the slippery slope is not always a fallacy, but freedom of speech isnt freedom from consequences. Not legal consequences, but social ones.

  45. Hey I support free speech for everyone, but if a lizard crawled up their pants and bit them on the peen/vageen, I’d use my own free speech to laugh my ass off

  46. How about demonstrably incorrect speech? “If you give me all your money, Xenu will bless you”

  47. I honestly think kneeling at a sport event is hella cringe, I do support the idea he’s trying to spread tho. Can we please keep politics and social controversies outta sports? It’s just sports, let’s keep it simple

  48. Free speech is a political idea, not an ideology. You are not free to believe anything you want with no consequences. If you believe the earth is flat or the holocaust didn’t occur, then, in my opinion, you are uneducated and a threat to the progress of society. It is my free speech right to believe that.

  49. Let’s not ignore the influence social media has, though. I wouldn’t be against some protections on these sites.

  50. Then I dont support free speech. People act like free speech and gun rights and whatever else are these sacred edicts from God or something. Its possible for long held values and beliefs to be WRONG. Maybe absolute freedom of speech isnt all its cracked up to be. Maybe there should be limitations to prohibit hate speech and misinformation especially when the population is dumbing down and so easily fooled.

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