Fuck that Texas pastor, all my homies hate that Texas pastor

  1. How is that legal. That is a threat to violence that not freedom of expression. It’s sick how this is not arrest-able. If it was a muslim cleric in a mosque they would have jumped in immediately to arrest them.

  2. Report his church to the IRS. Saying someone should be arrested by the state is a political statement and they shouldn’t be tax exempted anymore

  3. Hair splitting technical difference between saying they should be dealt with like that and actually telling people to do it. Its a bull**** difference but first amendment and all that junk

  4. Jesus Christ. Anybody got a link to him saying it? Actually, just give me this dork's name (not American, so I've never heard of the guy). I'm sure google is flooded with links of his asshattery.

  5. I told this to someone as a reason for why I don't feel safe in the South anymore and they didn't believe me. :/

  6. Sounds like self-loathing. Anyone else get a 'This guy puts on a gimp suit after church on Sunday and gets passed around like a tithing plate' vibe?

  7. Well if he says that shouldn't we make laws against him being a pastor. e.x that you have to get a licence to preach

  8. They look like one of those uncanny valley eggs with faces in the art of a nursery rhyme book, that someone glued a bunch of sand to

  9. I’m not from America so if anyone could explain why Texas consistently seems to be the worst place on earth and ruled by dogmatic religious zealots that’d be much obliged

  10. Texan here: Texas politics is a fucking shitshow but I do want to point out that while this pastor has gotten a lot of coverage lately, most of us have never heard of him until the coverage started coming out. He's not (or at least he wasn't) a well known individual

  11. Texas is its own country in everything but law. I mean this literally, they have tried to declare independence and will do so again.

  12. It’s certainly not the worst place on Earth, but as far as US states go it has one of the most bigoted Christian conservative governments. It’s also just a relatively large state in terms of both size and population. There’s other states that are similarly bad (like Alabama), but are a lot smaller and get less attention

  13. The most odd thing is of the states that voted for Trump in 2020 Texas was the 3rd lowest percentage wise. 52.06% for Trump, 46.48% for Biden. The states that went 65% or more for Trump are not nearly as crazy.

  14. I just spent a month working in Southern Oklahoma about 4 miles from Texas. I would not feel comfortable going any further south. I already saw way too many confederate flags and a few Nazi swastikas.

  15. Texas has a very high conservative Christian population, but they're also very proud of their 'Wild West' roots and try to cling to that image no matter what year/age/era we're in. That stereotypical American caricature you guys know and love? The cowboy hat, boots, pot belly, guns "a-blazin'"? That's the image they want for themselves. Some people in Texas still walk around like that un-ironically, in fact. It's all about God, Guns, and Country.

  16. This is incitement of violence. The pastor says something that can reasonably understood by others as encouraging or inspiring violent acts from his congregants. He is a pastor in a position of power over his congregants, so there is an immediate likelihood that members of his church may act violently toward gay people. There are gay people who are likely to be targeted by these church members in or near the community, so there is reasonable expectation that congregants will act upon the incitement. Also, the congregants exist in a culture of violence against gay people where there is an even greater likelihood that they will act upon the pastor's incitements.

  17. That's not how you spell "steadfast" either, ya creepy ass albino toilet-monster looking motherfucker.

  18. More like someone mowed the grass except they left the middle of the grass alone saying it was their lucky grass I hope he goes bald tho

  19. People like that make me so embarrassed to be christian. This dude is a monster. I am disgusted by how christians treat people. If anything they should be one of our biggest allies. This is also why I have been terrified to step foot in a church since I came out

  20. He wants to Thanos snap but tony stark stole the infinity stones and he's about to be tony snapped from existence from the entire LGBT community with the power of a thousand stars going super nova while we shine brighter than he could ever imagine call him Mr genocidal maniac with a cross sprinkling unholy water on this world trying to make it even more ugly in the face of God by covering it in the blood of innocent people the crazy prick

  21. I wonder how the Christian community would feel if it were reversed like the Transgender community should line up every Christian and shoot them in the back of the head

  22. I heard about what he said, I’m just gonna say this as nicely as possible but… I hope he gets run over. ☺️ LGBT LIVES ARE HUMAN LIVES! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

  23. It might be because I’m from Europe but to me, I don’t see American christians as real christians but more of a joke. Pastors like this are money making monkeys who are as educated as a piece of toast. How can y’all take such clowns seriously?

  24. It takes all my willpower not to get TOS‘d. Remember folks: Advocating for violence against LGBTQ+ people is acceptable, but advocating for punching fascists is a no-no! He does have a very punchable face, that‘s for sure.

  25. Fucking rip off German yee yee ass haircut and face. Man I hope he gets his beliefs corrected cuz now even his goofy aah brain is bad.

  26. Can't wait for the militant mentality to spread so they can labled as a terrorist organization. That religious patriot shit is crazy.

  27. It's far cry 5 all over again, but this guy's a fake ass version of the preacher in far cry. I'm more scared of the peggies than him, he looks like a fruity peewee herman with a bowl cut, but they used the mini plate a tea cup comes with to measure where to leave his hair still there.

  28. I read your comment since I needed context since my Swedish ass don’t know local politics in the USA. He’s a terrible person

  29. I don't mind a higher power, I just think these people are wrong about it and are quite egotistical about the fact they believe in it to an extremely toxic degree.

  30. do these people understand what free speech and religious freedom means? It doesn’t allow you to say stuff like this. If someone said “oh I’m an atheist by the way all cishets should die”, then they would probably get arrested.

  31. If I was there and I heard him say that, I would have walked up to him and said “go ahead, shoot me. I’m gay so go ahead and do it since you’ve got the balls to make a threat like that.”

  32. i wish i never saw this on my feed today. what a sick individual. i cannot believe people like him are allowed a platform, let alone to call for my murder. it's scary being lgbt in america

  33. I have studied different religions at school (yes, we have a religion as a school subject in my country) and every single one of them wants everyone to live peacefully with each other, despite the race/sexuality/religion etc. We all need to respect each other.

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