Least favourite thing about this sub?

  1. They have returned to flood the sub. But it’s either this or endless “(insert ip) would be a cool LEGO game” posts. Tier list were literally banned once years ago but this sub has no moderation so no one will stop them.

  2. I'm an experienced Reddit mod so I sent a modmail to the existing mod here asking if they'd like some help. If they take me on I can definitely sort this out.

  3. It's a pretty quiet sub without anything new to discuss, so I'm not surprised there's a lot of repetition. Honestly it feels like there's only 4 or 5 different kinds of posts

  4. The problem isn’t new content needs to be announced, because there is new content being announced for LEGO games. It’s just that this sub only cares about TT games and not any other LEGO games. If more people on the sub played non TT LEGO games there will be tons of more interesting post covering games like LEGO brawls and Bricktales. Also the Epic games a LEGO collaboration as well as the rumored 2K sports LEGO games.

  5. Those and the endless posts about the game you finished or the list of games you finished. Just make one megathread so people can post their completions instead of filling the page with repetitive posts

  6. Maybe it’s just me, but I kind of enjoy looking at other people’s opinions on the games just to think about them. My favorite posts though are ones where people need help with something and I’m able to help.

  7. or they could just look up a video or find it out themselves like everyone else, i mean it’s a lego game how hard can it be. people who need “help” on lego games are ppl just too lazy to use there brain, or are to retarded to figure it out.

  8. every sub has this shit. the worst part about batman arkham is everyone posting a riddler location and being like "am i the first to find this secret room??"

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