My hand towels constantly get these yellow stains on them. Idk if its from our soap or what. Its in the spot I dry my hands. I will admit I wash my hands excessively and so my hands are always super wet and the total stays soaked. Any ideas on how to remove this stain /stop it from happening ?

  1. I know this is a two year old post but did you ever figure out what was causing these stains or how to get rid of them? I've been having this same problem with my bath towels.

  2. I think its hard water and iron . I never figured out how to remove it honestly , but the bathtub over time got super stained orange as well.

  3. Looks like it's from the collection of oils. I'd start adding a touch of dish soap to the wash when doing towels and wash rags. I also do it for clothes I wear a lot and bed sheets.

  4. Our dish towels also have a super yellow stain !its so weird. I wonder if its from my lotions ? Like when I wash my hands after I also put lotion on it obv doesn't wash all the lotion off . Hmm

  5. Having the same thing happen to my hand towels/shower towels. Find anything that works? I tried oxiclean, vinegar, baking soda

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