hello, whats the best GPS to use in Erbil? (with street view and turn directions)

  1. Google maps in iraq doesn't have navigation , any one who have used it elsewhere knows that , it basically means you are on your own when it comes to getting by , it only gives you a preview on the pthone and nothing at all on the galaxy watch , no real time tracking navigation what so ever

  2. I tried all of them, best is OsmAnd, it works offline you just install map if iraq and it has navigation.. the Pro version can be obtained (since its open source) from the F-Droid store, its called OsmAnd~

  3. Open street map is actually amazing for where and how precise it can be. Also can be freely improved by users like wikipedia.

  4. Maps.me is adequate for GPS directions, and works most of the time. Google maps doesn't work well with the roundabouts unfortunately and sometimes thinks there are intersections where none exist. For example, google maps will tell you that you can cross Peshawa Qazi on Ankawa but you cannot, there's concrete barrier between. Maps.me however routes you around the proper way. There are other instances of things like this, which is why I recommend maps.me. Idk why ppl are suggesting Google maps, my guess is they maybe don't live in Erbil.

  5. I have waze which is not offline, what i like about waze is that it has integrated google maps into the app, so if you dont get any search results within the app you have an option to google search the location and it’ll give you directions.

  6. here's the easiest way; buy cellular internet, use google maps, and for specific locations look for signs, this only works inside erbil

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