Artists I wanna see JJ make a track with, I think they’ll make bangers

  1. Yeeeees the energy on this would be so dope, I feel they'd even vibe personality wise. Imagine after the track JJ has Ski on a reaction video .

  2. Same bro, Travis's music are a trip, and I think JJ is heading that way. Great structured instrumentals, beats, vocals, no god-tier lyrics. He would learn so much from him.

  3. Out of all these recommendations he would make the most sense, he could fit on a song like cap or what you been on perfectly from the songs JJ’s made so far. Hope this happens in the future.

  4. Broooo this is the one I been wanting too. Another one I think would be crazy is KSI X DDG

  5. Downvoted for spitting facts lmao. I agree with all he points except lil Uzi fucking delivered on juggernaut literally the best he's performed on a track. Go listen to juggernaut and tell me how good that is. Drake feature wouldn't work coz it would be more like jj featuring on a Drake song.

  6. This album he said he collaborated with a legend whose last letter of the name is “e”, so get ready if it’s Drake😏

  7. I’m not trynna be funny I would actually enjoy a Von verse in a drill KSI song I think that would sound pretty good

  8. This might be an odd shoutout, but I would love to see JJ make a English-Spanish reggaetón-hip hop track with either J Balvin or Bad Bunny, or both!

  9. I alr know but I mean it as in JJ can use a unreleased king Von verse just like how a lot of people do it with rappers tha unfortunately pass away

  10. Instead of king von he should ft juice wrld or pop smoke or Mac Miller or maybe lil peep maybe xxx fuck it maybe Tupac

  11. Am I the only one who thinks the migos have fallen off. Like they changed the game. And now their music is just meh

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