I don't think this grandma is a karen 😂.

  1. That‘s not funny at all! It‘s dementia… and one should not make some videos about ill and handicaped people

  2. She is probably just not a native English speaker... Stop trying to get offended by everything...

  3. I’m pretty sure she just isn’t a native english speaker. Do you have any info regarding her dementia? Or is it an assumption

  4. I have watched this dozens of times over the last week and I literally laugh out loud every single time 😂

  5. She’s French I think..I thought polish at first but sticking with French, I’m not sure about this dynamic though? What’s happening here? Who is he to her and should he film her?? I mean..she’s fuckin joke but etc is going on here is he her carer

  6. Her name is Lili Hayes, and she was born in Yugoslavia and raised in Israel. The dynamic is that the person she's talking to is her son, Kevin Hayes. His TikTok account is named after her, and they regularly post skits and these types of videos. Highly recommend these two, they're absolutely hilarious.

  7. I love, love, love Lili Hayes, she is the absolute best grandma in the world, ever. Though I'm unsure weather she actually has grandchildren or not. She must, she has other, older kids.

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