Traveling between Japan and overseas is still a high risk. [Japanese article]

  1. What a hypocritical circlejerk. Japan has the highest Covid-Infection-Numbers in the developed world right now, despite it's harsh border lockdown. You're currently more likely to catch covid in Japan than abroad. It's also unbelievable that the author seems to be surprised by the realization that even Japanese People can bring Covid into the country when returning from abroad.

  2. I found it quite humorous (and annoying) dealing with travel back home for the first time in 2.5 years earlier this year.

  3. Exactly. This and some of posts quips about no masks in other places. I'm pretty fucken sure despite the all the mask wearing in Japan it makes no difference given all the places where people don't have to and given if they are not n95 they are doing next to nothing.

  4. Here’s to hoping other countries pressure to reciprocate soon, or ban Japanese nationals and residents from entering their country. Only makes sense.

  5. Agreed. I have a job offer in Niseko but with border restrictions I am hopeful at best I will return this winter. All the while I see co-workers of mine travel freely with no issues back and forth from Japan to other EU countries while I sit in Canada hoping I can return.

  6. Calm down dude. Author is just saying some Japanese tourists are stuck in foreign countries because of Japan's strict border restrictions.

  7. Why does every article published here about the pandemic seem like they’re patting themselves on the back?

  8. It’s time for Japan to open up and accept that its people are not less likely to get the virus than anyone else. We are all human, and it’s astonishing that they choose to call America out like this.

  9. Haha. So true. And at least now when I come I will know they don't want me there so I'm going to be less worried about making some stupid faux pas. Haha. They will look down on me period no matter how hard I bother.

  10. So dumb. I’ve been seeing foreign Japanese people come and go in my country for the past 2+ years.

  11. Bro when can I visit Japan? It’s ridiculous, Korea is already moving on from COVID and so is the rest of the world.

  12. To be honest, I have very little sympathy for Japanese people having difficulties on their overseas holidays while Japan continues to ban incoming tourism. But, I found this article interesting for it's perspective from the Japanese side.

  13. How I wish the Japanese media and social discourse featured diverse enough discussion to point this out to everyone…

  14. Good question. I’d like an answer from the Americans about the same question as well. Ignorance is bliss.

  15. I'm currently on holiday in Australia to visit my family for the first time in 4 years. Even though I've been diligently wearing my mask and washing my hands, people here are acting like corona is over, so I'm anxious about getting sick. Especially when you're 5 times as likely to catch it here. Taking my PCR test tomorrow to get the negative certificate to go home. Going to be totally fucked if it's positive. Haaa

  16. Fellow Aussie here. You shouldn’t be so worried. You’re much more likely to get COVID here in Japan than in Australia at present. It’s just that Australia has moved on from letting it run everyone’s lives, and Japan hasn’t.

  17. We spent 4 weeks in Northern Europe with family and travelling around. Nobody has been wearing masks for quite a while, it was soo refreshing to be back in a normal country again and behave like normal people.. nobody was worried, things are back to normal since quite a while now and life is good. Can’t wait to go back again over a as loooong Christmas break and remote work. Never worried even a moment

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