Passing thought : Is drinking alone in the pub a primarily male activity?

  1. Personally, I drink alone all the time but I go to the pub in the afternoon so I can read a book and have my whiskey in silence. Not sure if that's the norm for solo female drinkers but I would probably feel a bit less confident going to a pub in the evening by myself just because it's a different atmosphere and would prefer to be with someone for the craic to get the most out of it.

  2. Definitely. As a solo female drinker when I used to go to the pub alone (pre-relationship), it would almost always be in the afternoon with a book or journal. Nicer vibe and quieter, bonus if it was a Sunday with a nice little session going.

  3. Thats great to hear. It is up to punters also to take a stand but things can be misinterpreted also so I think people get cautious.

  4. It's definitely because women get pestered. I will go out and drink alone but I'm also apparently very intimidating and unapproachable (I try not to be but basically every friend I have has said they were kind of scared of me when they first met me), so I don't get hassled that often. If I had to deal with random men bugging me more, I probably wouldn't go to the pub by myself.

  5. Some people just are. As a dude who regularly drinks by himself in a certain venue or who dined by himself with headphones on in an ex employer's staff canteen , I often get / got people coming up to me asking me if I'm ok because I probably have a serious puss on me. I then have to explain that I have a resting bitch face and that very often I'm loving having some alone time and people watching.

  6. When I first moved to Ireland my mother in law said it wasn’t right for me to have a pint or two alone in a pub, but I told her men don’t bother me because of bitch brows. I’ve got a resting bitch face and love it.

  7. I'm a woman who will go have a drink alone often, and I don't tend to get bothered too much. If someone does start talking to me too much I just make it clear I'm not interested and that generally works. I'm super comfortable doing things alone though, and I have plenty of friends who would never go have a drink alone.

  8. I'd never even dream of it. I worked in a bar far too long to know I'd be pestered. Even when I was working I used to be pestered. I've been felt up, grabbed, pushed, humped, punched.. I remember any time I'd do the glass washer there'd be lads hanging in over at me.

  9. Nothing like a quiet solo pint or two with a book for me…I rarely get the randoms bothering me (probably because I’m An Old and can have some good RBF if need be)…have been doing it for decades, whether I was living here, the US or UK…it’s a nice break.

  10. I'd love to be able to go have a nice glass of wine while doing a crossword on my own. Tried it a couple of times, ended up being very uncomfortable so I gave up.

  11. Sadly I'm starting to see the same answers in this thread as expected. I'll luckily never have that issue but I honestly can't imagine because I've never experienced pestering and probably never will. I dunno if the solution lies in strict venue rules or staff training but I'm sure (perhaps I'm wrong) there are many women who wouldn't say no to an evening on their own in a public house without unwanted interventions taking place.

  12. I used to travel abroad a lot with work - mostly dodgy places where I couldn’t go out walking, so I’d often go to the hotel bar in the evening with a book for a pint or two (so much better than staying in your room!). I’d have guys coming up to me yeah, but they can usually be moved on without any offence taken. Sometimes it was handy just to get a bit of a chat in too, as travelling with work can be pretty lonely! The funny thing is though that I wouldn’t really drink alone in a pub back home for some reason

  13. Central to what puts women off from this kind of activity probably. Although I can understand how people in general wouldn't be huge on drinking alone. Each to their own. Thanks for your input.

  14. That's it for some anyway but as a person who does everything alone I can tell you most people have a problem doing anything alone so I'd say that's probably as much a factor if not more.

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