A huge slice of tree over two thousand years old being used as decoration.

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  2. Had the Great Wall of China, the Roman Empire on there as well and Julius Caesar. Anyways it’s a old ass tree from the U.S. you want your history on tiny plaques on an old ass tree, get your own old ass tree and put them on there yourself 😂

  3. A guy named Dionysius a long time ago (Around 525 AD or something) made a calendar based around Christ's birth that everyone agreed with, but he didn't know what he was talking about and was 4 years off so christ was actually born in 4 BC according to that calendar. If the calendar was correct he'd be born at 0

  4. Herod the Great is mentioned in the story, and they know he died in 4 BC. However, it also mentions the census that the Romans did in 6-7 AD, ten years later.

  5. i just think it’s so cool that when you cut down a tree, it’s got these little tags inside it describing different things!!

  6. Reminds me of an SNL skit with Phil Hartman, but I can’t find evidence online of that skit existing… the one where he’s a fugitive park ranger or whatever

  7. I dunno why no one is saying that it's very possible that it simply died and they cut it down and took a slice for posterity

  8. “Here I was born, and there I died. It was only a moment for you. You took no notice.” Hitchcock’s Vertigo

  9. I don’t know where this video is taken from but they have a slice of the same (or if not very similar) tree in New Zealand in Rotorua where the Redwood Treewalk is.

  10. The Roman empire began in 197bc? What? What makes the end of the second Macedonian war the starting point for the empire? It was still a republic for another 170 years before it became an empire.

  11. I like dates for stuff that didn't happen. Like Mithra, sorry "Jesus" being born and Americas being "Discovered" despite folk living there for thousands of years.

  12. Ut oh!!! They showed Jesus birth on a tag….they shouldn’t of done that on Reddit. Wonder how long it will be before the Reddit Nazi’s are coming in with comments blowing up the thread talking about how fake that is, why it shouldn’t be on there, and then start their apologetic discourse on why they hate Christians. You might want to censor that part of the video for Reddit. Things like that aren’t allowed here. OP must not know how that’s secretly really not allowed here.

  13. They are so wrong, older events are near the border and most recents close to the center. We should tell them to make a new one

  14. I was also very confused by the time line as I had always thought the outter most rings were the past, like how skin works. The freshest, newest skin is down in the sub dermis by the muscle. The epidermis, or outer most skin, is mostly a hard shell of dead skin cells which eventually flak off.

  15. Original calculation for the birth was def mistaken but we had been using the system for a while then. Best guess, Christ was born sometime between -10 to -4, because after that we run into a problem with the mentioned rulers like Herod being dead or away.

  16. They cut the tree to build a highway to deliver fiber optic cable to your neighborhood so you can have hi speed internet to complain on the internet about them cutting the tree.

  17. Some monk calculated the dates, we started using the calendar and dating years by it, life was good. Then we started crossreferencing dates with Roman notes and discovered that Herod was dead by 1AD, big censuses happened before etc etc. Latest Christ could have been born with the names mentioned - 4BC, earliest 10BC.

  18. Towards the outer rings they should have album release dates....anyone know where the birth of Lucifer would show up on the rings??😡👍

  19. Basically every hodunk museum in the Pacific Northewst of America has one if these somewhere in their exhibit.

  20. "And see this ring right here, Jimmy? .....That's another time when the old fellow miraculously survived some big forest fire."

  21. I think I’ve stayed at the hotel where this is in the lobby. It’s the Allegretto Vineyard Resort in Paso Robles, CA. Since they don’t show the plaque in this clip, here’s the text from the plaque (Apologies, on mobile)…… :

  22. It's not decoration, it's an information piece so you understand the greatness of these tress and pur impact Try again dumb dumb

  23. That’s the tackiest shit I’ve seen in a long time and whoever owns this is obviously stupid and thinks this is something to be proud of instead of ashamed

  24. How is it a discovery if the locals always knew it existed? They were living in it yes? What am I missing?

  25. Nobody discovered America in 1492. Vikings discovered America almost 500 years before Columbus landed in the Bahamas and thought his dumb ass was in India.

  26. Vikings discovered land but never knew the extent of it. Columbus’s expedition resulted in the exploration of the continents.

  27. Man I think the latest event should be more towards centre. The latest the event, the more inwards it is in the tree.

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