Waking up a 120 year old water wheel

  1. Came here for this. Looks like it's pumping something on the far left at the end of the video. Someone has got to know what it's doing.

  2. Based on how smoothly the wheel started to spin I’m guessing that while yes, it’s 120 years old, it gets used and maintained regularly, this this likely being a demo of how the system works for tourists

  3. This is actually me in the video 🙈 we are a public museum open daily so yes we have the historic machinery running all of the time! And stop it over night.

  4. That is what I was wondering. Was the wheel not moving for the last 120 years or the wheel is 120 years old and is used regularly?

  5. Scientists think it was something in the water. They have not been able to prove or disprove the theory at the time of this comment.

  6. "Don't worry Jimmy, our family of lady bugs has been living in this canal for generations, there is no way that it is just waking up out of the blue."

  7. Much like most fast paced platforms, tiktok has quickly developed into a distorted parody of its already desertified demographic culture.

  8. Hello! This is actually my video. I made it for my museum tiktok account. I think the POV works here, because I am showing you the process, from my point of view (except when I’m running lol) of how we open up the museum & turn on the historic machinery in the mornings.

  9. We are a museum so we showcase the historic machinery but as we run it daily it has obviously been repaired and maintained over the years…

  10. Oh my gosh that’s me 🙈 I work at Wheal Martyn Clay Works, a china clay museum near St Austell, Cornwall, UK. I’ve recently set up a tiktok account for our museum where this video was taken from. I can’t believe this video has made it everywhere 😅

  11. This is a museum I work in! I made the tiktok account to showcase a lot of our historic machinery. 😁 Wheal Martyn Clay Works.

  12. Water wheels like this are used for generating rotational force that can run various machinery. It doesn’t have anything to do with drinking water.

  13. High maintenance costs, damage to waterways, killing fish and water life high installation costs all for pretty low output. In this case I'd be surprised if that wheel isngenerating much more than 100 watts which would be worth maybe 60 cents per day.

  14. Cost/maintenance calculation too high. This is because they would need to fix problems that don’t exist and use high grade steel or some shit. Progress.

  15. We are a museum. Yes, the water wheel is 120 years old, built in 1902. We are open daily to the public, I never said it hasn’t been used in 120 years…

  16. Why? 🥺 this is me in the video, I make these little clips for my museum. I just get excited about the process, I think it’s really cool!

  17. Good lord woman either clean those dirty glasses, or if they are scratched, get new lenses and stop using sandpaper to clean them in the future!

  18. This is me in the video. I made this video for my museum account to showcase our historic machinery. I think it’s really cool, I’d have hoped that would be the thing people would focus on but I hope you feel better getting that insult out of your system 😁

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