Tourist comes face-to-beak with a curious wild cassowary on the beach

  1. In new zealand in the morning after camping at a bird refuge area, there was a family of black swans wandering around. Mind you, black swans can get up to almost 5 feet tall apparently?! I was about 100 feet away minding my business, then I look over and the male was running straight at me, making some angry sounds. By the time I noticed, he was about 30 feet away from me. The neck on this thing looked as thick as a can of beans!!! I was running IMMEDIATELY. They are FAST!!! He didn’t catch me, but tgod he didn’t fly at me 🥲 Everyone else was still sleeping while I was cackling with fear running away from a swan.

  2. A headline “man was attacked by unidentified species off the coast of Australia” I wish the book Jurassic park was a real life thing lol. It’d be such a crazy world.

  3. "Fuck u want? Yeah that's right u better back the fuck up! You in the wrooong neighbourhood boi. I'mma fuck you up!"

  4. Whew. Running is usually not a good idea, because it shows you're no threat, but I'd be wanting to run pretty bad in this situation.

  5. That also says the last recorded death was like 1927 or something, and that you are more likely to die of a snake bit or bug bite than to have one of these birds attack you.

  6. « Although this avian family are widely considered the most dangerous birds, this is the first confirmed human death attributed to a cassowary in 93 years. The last-known victim was 16-year-old hunter Phillip McClean, who tripped while fleeing from a bird in Australia in April 1926. It was when McClean was on the ground that he received a fatal blow to the neck.

  7. They can literally hear heartbeats and are accurate enough with their foreclaw to aim between your ribs Edit: this part appears to be nonsense., but their kick is also strong enough to fracture/break sternums as well.

  8. I've seen interviews with zookeepers who claim that the cassowary is the scariest animal they look after. They can be very aggressive and can easily kill a person if so inclined. Fortunately, they aren't very smart and keepers are able to protect themselves by holding a rake in front of them.

  9. A cassowary can do 30 mph without much effort. Go ahead and run. That way you won't be looking when he catches up from behind and claws your spine out.

  10. "Try to imagine yourself in the Cretaceous period. You get your first look at this six-foot turkey as you enter a clearing. He moves like a bird-- lightly, bobbing his head. And you keep still, because you think that maybe his visual acuity is based on movement, like T-Rex; he'll lose you if you don't move. But no, not Velociraptor. You stare at him and he just stares right back. And that's when the attack comes-- not from the front, but from the side, from the other two raptors you didn't even know were there. Because Velociraptor is a pack hunter, you see; he uses coordinated attack patterns, and he is out in force today. And he slashes at you with this, a six-inch retractable claw, like a razor, on the middle toe. He doesn't bother to bite your jugular like a lion, see. He slashes at you here, or here" ...Alan Grant - Jurassic Park

  11. Raise your arm high above your head with your hand shaped like a beak pointed at the bird. Tricks it into thinking you are more dominant

  12. Throw leather gloves on your wierd hand beak. Don some nipple clamps. Hoot and sway side to side while rhythmically thrusting your nethers. Tricks it into thinking you are more dominatrix.

  13. More like terrifying as fuck. Cassowaries are one of the few animals Steve Irwin was afraid of, and, if he was scared of them, you’re damn right I am too.

  14. Watching the shadow it kind of looks like it thinks it's getting fed. Who knows it might be used to humans feeding it.

  15. The moment when you realise you’re either going to get disemboweled and eaten; or fucked, disemboweled and eaten.

  16. The moment you begin to regret all your "Cassowaries are huge pussies" social media posts, realizing that yours will be an ironic death.

  17. A zookeeper once told me they were the most dangerous animal in the Nashville Zoo. They have spurs like velociraptors that they slash with.

  18. Those things will rip your fucking guts out and tickle your spine with their talons for looking at them wrong.

  19. These are literally the closest things to dinosaurs we have left and will fuck you the fuck up if it wants to

  20. I had to scroll soooooo long for this. I was hoping the first comment would be “what’s the password?”

  21. They're the most dangerous bird on the planet, you should slowly back away do not run as they can upto 31mph so you won't get away & they have a talon similar to that of a velociraptor & they use it too. They have been known to kill dogs & people.

  22. Please for the love of god stop feeding the god damn cassowaries. All you are doing is making these birds go into the middle of roads to get hit by cars and walk up to unsuspecting tourists whether they are adults or children. You can clearly see this cassowary expects to eat the camera in her hand.

  23. Oh I would be petrified if dinosaur Tweety sprinted from the bushes to me just to check me out and say hi. These guys aren't just showboats, they can kick hard enough to break a thigh, and their talons can rip arteries open or disembowel in one slice. Bright side, this casso seems fairly young and possibly domesticated, so much lower risks, but there is still a beast of unprecedented power behind those beady curious eyes

  24. I remember being in the daintree when I was in Australia being told how dangerous they were but unlikely to see them, proceeded to see one every day haha

  25. This person has no idea how close they were to being disemboweled by this dinosaur. Unzipped from throat to bladder. All depended on its mood. Lucky day

  26. Cassowaries have disemboweled people with those claws of theirs. They’re as close to a velociraptor as we’ll get.

  27. I live in Puerto Rico and there is a pet one as if it were a pet chicken all over the town of Morovis. I read that they are extremely strong and their legs can also do a lot of damage.

  28. That is a fairly dangerous animal. They can either disembowel you with their claws, or bash your skull with the crest (casque?) on top of their head, or both. They rarely attack people, but when they do, you'd be in real danger.

  29. It probably thinks the camera person is a cassowary . If you look at the shadow the camera and arm would kind of look like giant bird. If you were a giant bird lol.

  30. This reminds me of those people who scream at the cameraman as their walking at them, "GET BACK! I FEEL THREATENED GET BACK!"

  31. All you have to do now is slowly turn to your left (or was it right?) and stare into the eyes of another cassowary two inches from your face, say “Clever girl”, and you know the rest

  32. Um this should be labelled seconds from potential death. You do not fuck with these birds. I have seen one stomping the fuck outta a tree and smashing it with its beak. They are so strong, aggressive and dangerous.

  33. That's terrifying, actually. They're generally pretty aggressive and can dish out some serious damage with those legs.

  34. St Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park has 700 alligators, crocodiles and other badass critters in residence. The cassowary is the only one employees are warned to never turn their back on.

  35. Uh, yah. That’ll be a solid NOPE for me guys. I’ll just stick with my black bears and coywolves. Good talk.

  36. Is this Australia? It’s gotta be Australia. Every time I see a weird animal vid of a species I didn’t even know existed, it’s ALWAYS Australia!

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