Tom Cruise is on the Bugatti blacklist. At the premiere for MI3 he could not open the door - very public and bad press for the car maker.

  1. I'm unable to find a specific source for this info. "Tom Cruise had issues opening the door on the red carpet and can no longer buy a Bugatti" is the most I can find. It's echoed around the internet from article to article, but no official source. This sounds like a "Trust me bro" kind of thing.

  2. I mean didn’t you know Marilyn Manson had a rib removed to suck himself. Trust me. My friend’s older brother’s camp friend heard about it.

  3. Yeah I was about to say, if somebody offers them the money, pretty sure they’ll sell the car, if not directly from Bugatti, then from somebody else. There would be some nice pocket change from that sale.

  4. When I was a kid I would have loved a super car, but now as I am older I realize that even if I hit a billion dollar lotto jackpot I still probably wouldn’t buy a super car. So impractical and just screams “I need attention!!!”

  5. I was literally about to go buy one until I found out that Tom Cruise had a little trouble opening the door. Guess I’ll stick with my 2002 Ford Taurus a little longer.

  6. Rich people not caring makes those car makers overlooking basic practicability. If you have ever driven a Porsche or the latest Mercedes you’d know how annoying it is to adjust AC because there’s not a single AC button and the AC settings are on the screen and you have to look for it while driving. Plus their shiny interior is dazzling in summer.

  7. We live in the greatest country on earth. Where else does everyone have equal access to purchase a Bugatti? Rich and poor alike, man, woman gay or straight, anyone who can provide sufficient funds can access this great car. You know, just like healthcare.

  8. Funny thing is I have the same problem on my 2003 Golf and it is from exactly the same manufacturer.. It has really made me think twice about trading up to the Veron...

  9. Ah yes, getting very angry at someone for struggling with the door mechanism you designed, an advanced engineering concept.

  10. Look if your car is too complicated for a man who rode on the outside of a plane when cgi probably would have looked more real than real than I dont want it

  11. i count three as well. the media leeches once and closeted cult boy twice. i dont think enough about the overpriced car to hate on it. maybe they've made progress and this model's oil changes cost less than $21k.

  12. Do you think just maybe the Bugatti rep dropped the ball if he forgot to show Tom how to open the car door? Lol fake news

  13. I was about to buy a Bugatti that year, but once I seen Tom cruise fudge up opening the door I reconsidered and bought a 2001 Honda Civic instead. No ragrets

  14. holy shit thats a Bugatti. i assume it was a good looking car.. this looks like what a 7year thinks a cool hot wheels car is but in black instead of a neon green

  15. I just checked the driver side door on my 2003 Honda Pilot that has a cracked rearview mirror, big dent and torn seats. The door works fine, so let him know I'll trade with him so he is not so inconvenienced.

  16. bad press? 99.999% of the world can't afford a bugatti. how exactly will "bad press" negatively impact their sales - add an additional 0.0009% who can't (or rather, who can but won't now)?

  17. I think the benchmark for any successful engineering project should be intuitive design. Opening a door shouldn't be something you even have to think about even in an unfamiliar vehicle. If its complicated enough to create confusion then it just isn't designed well.

  18. Pretty sure the only reason Bugatti deserves bad press for this is because they did business with Tom Cruise.

  19. That's horrible! Imagine how many $1million land speed record sleds they didn't sell because of this embarrassment

  20. I think that anyone with the producer worth their salt would know that it's fucking impossible to look cool getting out of a supercar and that it would be poor press no matter what. Also he looks really silly with the seat all the way forward

  21. All brands have a blacklist of celebrities and companies that are no longer allowed to advertise and work with them. Say if Coca-Cola sponsored me and I livestreamed myself on Twitch drinking Pepsi and going "man if only Coca-Cola was actually a half-decent drink I'd change my mind" then I would be blacklisted in a second because it makes for bad marketing.

  22. If a very rich dude who regularly flies fighter jets can’t open your car door you might want to have a word with your design team.

  23. As someone an inch or two shorter than him…yes, supercars and anything really low to the ground can be difficult to get out of. Our legs aren’t always long enough to get over the sill and on the ground lol.

  24. I wonder why he isn’t on the Scientology blacklist. I mean, if an OT VIII can’t open a car door, why would I pay $$$ to go through all the levels?

  25. This is just cringe. I don't understand the appeal of photographing some dude that was in a few movies in an expensive car. -1 for humanity

  26. People buy a Bugatti because it screams "I've got money!". They wouldn't give a damn if a crowbar was needed every time to get out.

  27. I think it was a promotional stunt and Cruise wasn't used to getting in and out of it. I think he would have needed to move the seat back before trying to get in or out of the car. (The seat should move automatically for a car that expensive, IMO).

  28. It’s probably not so much a black list as much as just not “inviting” him to buy the newer models, which Ferrari does as common practice.

  29. Its cause the car was designed with the average height of a male in mind and tom cruises shrimp body at 5'6 was a realization wait a second then people who can afford this car are all old fat and short they may catch on black list the andriod that is called tom cruise.

  30. This is so fascinating. Thank you for sharing this. If you hadn't posted this, I'd never have known. I now have this remarkably interesting fact as a part of my life knowledge. I'm going share it with everyone.

  31. Yep, I totally changed my mind in purchasing a Bugatti after this happened. Went for a Honda Odyssey instead. That sure showed them!

  32. Lol, sorry, if I were a car company I wouldn't blacklist customers who can actually afford my product - even if they don't know how to open the door, lol.

  33. When I was a kid and teenager wanted to have a sports car like that, now the only thing I want is an Off Road truck or modified Jeep.

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