House cat suffering from Myostatin-related muscle hypertrophy - a rare condition that causes muscles to grow excessively large

  1. I really dont love almost everything going on here. That tank top and nude cat muscles eating vegimite from a tube. Love cats however and god bless this damn cat

  2. I thought something was extremely strange about this. It’s wearing a shirt and I didn’t even question it.

  3. Nice 😎, but did want to point out that would anatomically be his arm too, that’s his elbow bent right there. So really he bench presses more than I do.

  4. Can humans have this condition? Can a human without this condition inject themselves with ripped cat juice to attain this condition?

  5. Its a genetic condition, so you'd have to take a drug that acts as a myostatin supressor. But you wouldn't necessarily want to, since the muscles you get from this are less efficient you wouldn't be stronger, just bigger

  6. Humans can have it, and those that do tend to die early of heart failure. If you’re a half carrier of the gene you can have some expression of it and live on average a bit longer than someone with the full gene, but you don’t want the side effects.

  7. Pretty sure you have to be born with it, and it's super rare. The most high profile case i know of is still being studied,

  8. When I read the article about the german kid that has this, they say there is basically no downside to this and the benefit is superhuman strength.

  9. Also potentially increases bone density. A functional chemical myostatin blocker is basically the holy grail for age-related physical decline, entirely aside from its use to juice.

  10. Your Bros gonna have to make a cut. Raw eggs, spinach, and protein powder. None of that crude protein shit. Then he has to hit the mill. Five miles a day minimum. After that, let him bench some 200 lb lifts and see where you go from there. If you follow a regiment, that cat has potential to be one seriously healthy monster kitty.

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