The Shooter that shot Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

  1. Good thing we're not in a really tense situation in the region or anything. Also i havent read the news in a while. /s

  2. The shooter used to be part of the self defense force. If I had to guess. The shooter didn’t like Abe policies in terms of expanding japan’s military to participate in foreign wars which goes against many Japanese people who feel like the country should only be fighting for self defense.

  3. Mr Abe was shot at twice while he was giving a speech, causing him to fall to the ground. His attacker has been arrested.

  4. You know, Asians go from 15 to 50 looking the same, and then at 51 they look 70 for the rest of their life.

  5. I remember Shinzo Abe coming to my country bringing a letter from Trump to our Leader and then our Leader said to him he can shove that letter in his... And then he put Trump's letter under his leg.

  6. I mean I feel it is pretty extraordinary to have a Japanese PM shot dead. Public shootings are uncommon in Japan.

  7. Is that thing he’s holding in the first photo the weapon he used? Looks like a homemade double barrel, which is what the news said was used.

  8. The Japanese police are said to be the scariest on the planet, as it's part of their job description to be aggressive. Also, since being a suspect basically equals being guilty here, they'll treat anyone terribly as soon as they have cause for arrest.

  9. No - he does his own daily security detail and doesn’t entrust it to anyone. Just like a paranoid person ought to.

  10. Unlikely. Japan has strong security but no where near as strong compared to the US or Russia’s security. But that’s likely due to Japanese politicians wanting to be socially close among the public to shore up support and Japan has strict gun laws, so security was pretty lax, but I’d imagine after this incident. Japan will change its security detail.

  11. RIP Shinzo Abe, I really appreciated your efforts to boost women's rights in Japan, and I still appreciate how safe and clean the country is.

  12. Ironically, he supported women’s rights in Japan but was blind to japan’s past atrocities with comfort women.

  13. It's a pretty simple task to build a homemade gun, especially if you're already familiar with their workings and don't need it to be robust. A single use gun is really simple.

  14. Shinzo Abe. I'm honestly not surprised. Dude was pissing a whole variety of people off. I don't like the dude and pretty much hate him but RIP, nobody deserves that shit.

  15. I know Japan don't have a history of this and yet it feels so japanese with the cyberpunk guns and political fundamentalist.

  16. Anyone can build a makeshift firearm... but how does one get the shells for this makeshift firearm? In Japan of all places, not like they have gun stores?

  17. Yes they have gun stores. It was a shotgun used. Gun control doesn't mean guns are illegal. It means they control who has them and how they are sold.

  18. Based on other pics, it was ignited with electricity. This suggests that no standardized shells were used. The amount of smoke in the videos available also point to black powder or match heads as a propellant.

  19. Am I missing something? What's interesting as fuck about some pathetic piece of shit attempting murder? That's just awful.

  20. Nope. Firearms access is super strict in japan. Dude hit em with a makeshift shotgun it seems from the sources others posted.

  21. As someone is who is listening to hardcore history about Japan, this frighteningly makes me think of the time leading up to the world wars where the Japanese would often assassinate their high ranking political figures.

  22. A "Japan did nothing wrong 1933-1945" type, grandfather (former PM) was a bona-fide war criminal. Ultranationalist, mired in scandal. He was best known for riling up the war machine against China and Korea, making Japan great again sentiment.

  23. Firing an unregistered gun (which is rare because only SOME law enforcement even have guns and it is illegal to assemble guns even if you don't intend to use them) can land you life in prison.


  25. Yes because in this case , I was replying to the post saying the rape of Nankin killed more people than the 2 bombs combined. Which ever killed the most people is worse. Yes. Made worse by the way those people got killed.

  26. Prime Minister being assassinated was pretty in Japan just 100 years ago. back then people were more serious about politics. aside from their death, I miss the old times when my country was more ambitious. sorry for rambling

  27. If only Japan had some good, smart, tough and well thought out gun laws they could keep criminals from getting their hands on them - the way the United States did with drugs. Luckily we had an attack on a parade again in WI - this time with a gun — so we will finally have the political will to do the smart and logical thing by handing the power to wield guns over to government officials, soldiers, cops and criminals will just have to be jealous. We will still have psychos plowing into crowds with SUVs but that will only last as long as our oil reserves, which our fearless leader is selflessly offering to other countries while bravely lying multiple times per day to make us feel ok with having an objectively worse Pres than the last shitshow was - just more demented, soulless, and psychopathic. It’s gonna be OK. God’s wrath will disappear along with dead unborn babies and faith in democracy and we can return to sanity, especially with the help of ultra potent fentanyl analogies and synthetic cannabinoids. /s /s /s

  28. Not to sound crass, but does anyone have information on the weapon. It seems like the more spectacular part of the crime.

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