Concepts for polymer US dollars.

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  1. The moon dollars are indeed cool. However I would no longer be able to call $100 in $20s a Jackson 5 and that’s pretty much a deal breaker for me.

  2. Bothered me too. But look at the design style of the 1 on the $10 bill…. It’s just a vertical line. I think if they used the same design it would be easily missed with all of the other visual distraction. They would either have to change the design of the numbers to make the 1 more clear, or just write it out.

  3. Side question. Do Americans still use mostly cash? In Australian cities (Sydney at least) we're nearly cashless now.

  4. I know this is a joke, but... at this point, I could legitamently see opposition for this very reason unironically by some idiots in this country.

  5. IIRC they are worried about high denomination notes because they're hugely used for crime. Normal people use electronic transfers or checks for high dollar amounts, not stacks of physical cash.

  6. Seriously the $100 bill was worth about $3k when it was introduced. I’ve been trying to by a second hand car and really hate walking around with 60 $100 bills. Not to mention $100 doesn’t even cover a grocery trip anymore

  7. Came here to say that replacing Hamilton with Jefferson is such a disrespectful move. Might as well make it Aaron Burr instead of Jefferson

  8. it even folds back into a normal money shape afterwards! they can unroll easily though so hold onto the tube well when you are doing lines

  9. They're still all the same size, perpetuating a fault against blind users that most other countries remedied years ago.

  10. These look pretty modern but imagine them in 20 years? Will they age well? Like if someone had just discovered gradients and shadow effects in the 90s and we made new bills from them, they would probably look so dated now.

  11. Yeah, Hamilton should stay on the ten. It might be worth replacing him with Jefferson to get rid of Jackson on the twenty.

  12. Musical fanboying aside, Hamilton ABSOLUTELY needs to be on one of our bills. Out of everyone who should be on currency, the guy who invented our financial system should be high on the list.

  13. Remove all the heads and end this endless bickering of who should be on the bill and who committed what crime in the past. Do it like Switzerland

  14. In Scotland we have poets, authors, landscapes, infrastructure, otters etc on our money. It honestly is a massive improvement from just the same old pictures of the queen in different colours.

  15. Historically we didn’t put actual people on our money. It’s a newer idea that originated with the ben franklin 50 cent. Before that we just had symbolic figures like lady liberty

  16. I can’t believe I had to scroll as far as I did to find this. I was starting to think it’s just because I might have a dark mind but I literally saw the same thing. Especially since it’s the only horizontal design of the group. I had to do a triple-check to actually realize what it was lol

  17. One of the big issues with US currency is that all the notes look the same. The monotone colours chosen doesn’t address that issue. Why is the 20 the only one that is an actual different colour? You should be able to glance at it and know which note it is.

  18. Americans have made fun of easily recognizable money for so long that I don't think that they'd ever agree to it. They insist it's "Monopoly money" and that the only logical choice is monochrome green.

  19. Are you from the US? I can tell the difference between every note at distance. It’s subtle but there are definitely differences.

  20. I'd prefer MLK as the more influential civil rights figure, with the more recognizable face, but Harriet Tubman is awesome too. I'm not sure who you replace tho. Jefferson since he's already on the nickel?

  21. Either Roosevelt deserves to be on there over Kennedy. Really there’s about a dozen other presidents that could make the case over Kennedy in my opinion.

  22. Yea replace Jefferson. I think that’s Jefferson? But Teddy created the idea for national parks. It’s such an insane idea for the time. He is not given his credit.

  23. I rather like the national symbol option instead of Presidents. No real reason behind it, I just feel it's more interesting.

  24. Me too. These are awesome. But unfortunately our congress would be like “we can use the money it would cost us to switch for something else”.

  25. Money is not a single use item. The true problem considering plastics is ‘single use’ items such as water bottles, straws, detergent bottles, soap bottles, caps, plastic wrapping, chip bags, anything plastic that do not have an option to be reused for their intended purposes. Such as the fact you cannot take your detergent bottle back to the store to refill it like a gas tank. Also you may be able to reuse some plastic items but you are still required to buy new plastics filled with said products to refill them which defeats the point.

  26. Thats the rub, tho. If we want to be less wasteful, we need more longevity in items that have high usage.

  27. Get rid of "In God We Trust" (added in the 1950's as part of McCarthyism) and you're on to something amazing.

  28. Looks great! But America will NEVER go for something like this. Traditional green currency is something of a deep tradition here.

  29. It’s mostly about universal recognition. Green backs are essentially the trade mark of the US and the global reserve currency. Dramatically changing the design creates implied instability.

  30. If these are plastic, could they be embossed? Have a simple braille symbol (1 ONE, 10 TEN, etc) on a corner. Not that these will ever get made, US is too stuck in our ways to do something this cool.

  31. Does it really have to be restricted to past Presidents? Really feels like you could swap out a few of these guys for influential people of colour.

  32. I'd argue because Kennedy has made one of the most important decisions at an individual level during the Cuban middle crisis when others would've listened to the masses.

  33. Get headshotted by the CIA I mean Mafia er… The Smoking Man? Okay fine, Lee Harvey Oswald and you get a free pass since you dick slinging VP rode your corpse through Congress to get policies passed.

  34. Great senior graphic design project, but points off for the denomination for the 20 looking like 50 from the reverse, and the 50 looking even more like a 20. I'm giving this a B for not correctly using complementary colors and the transparency being muddled, but an extra half point for using JFK instead of Jackson.

  35. Wasn't Harriet Tubman meant to be on the next gen 20s. Love the JFK space design but maybe bump him to the $10 instead.

  36. Would also be great to see them in different sizes, like most other countries do. Much easier for vision impaired people.

  37. These look pretty sharp, but from a usability standpoint they'd be a nightmare. Almost all the info on the bill is printed in portrait orientation, even though they're used almost exclusively in landscape. The only part written in landscape orientation is on the bottom left corner of the bill, which won't be visible at all when leafing through a wallet. That info is also only printed on the front, not the rear. Can you imagine looking for a bill in your wallet when every last number is hidden?

  38. I think an important note that is missing in the OP"s post, and may make this misleading to some, is that this is not official in any way. This is just an artist's personal concept of US currency.

  39. Your bank note designs need to be adapted for vision impaired, but otherwise interesting designs. This is a major failing of US "paper" currency to date.

  40. Usually the protocol dictates; the lower the denomination; the more important the person on the bill or coin. As the smallest base (single dollar or five British pounds) is the most frequent.

  41. Still doesn't address the most pressing issue with US currency: They bills are the same size.

  42. My biggest problem with US currency is that all the notes are the same size. here in the UK, each note is a different colour and a different size, so it's easy to tell without looking what notes you're handling.

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