The Maned Wolf (Chrysocyon brachyurus) is the only living member of its genus, they’re also the tallest canid in South America

  1. Fun fact: Blijdorp zoo, which is in Rotterdam, Netherlands, had the cops called on them once because people thought they had a secret weed plantation.

  2. They use urine to mark their territory like a lot of animals, but their urine smells almost exactly like cannabis.

  3. Not sure why someone downvoted you for posting this, because it's true! They have maned wolves at the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans and their enclosure reeks of marijuana.

  4. I like how that version just looks like a tall good boi doggo ready to play catch and in real life it's a sleep paralysis demon.

  5. Aw that's so cool. We have animals on our Pesos but I can't believe we forgot about the Aguara guazú :( they're so cute

  6. Chupacabra is not a very common myth in Brasil, I'm more inclined to say that the manned wolf inspired a lot of werewolf stories instead.

  7. Chupacabra was an urban legend in Puerto Rico in the mid-90s. It has nothing to do with anything in Central or South America.

  8. i mean it would be impossible for this to inspire the chupacabra myth since these live on a whole different continent than where chupacabra originated…

  9. The uncanny valley effect. It’s so close to looking like something familiar, but slightly off (those long legs) so your brain is like “….I don’t like that…”

  10. Probably because it moves weird... its legs are so long it has a modified gait moving both legs on one side of its body at the same time, like the giraffe. They both do this so their elbows don't bump into their knees when they go for a stroll

  11. A lot of people would shit themselves if they see this thing tbh. It's creepy for me because of it's appearance of a human-wolf mixture.

  12. It's just the way this is shot. Seeing them up close, it's more apparent they're just a very unique looking canid and not scary. They also have a weird call, called a roar bark, and most of their diet is fruits and vegetables.

  13. Surprisingly they’re not endangered. Totally looks like something humans would hunt to extinction just for the lolz.

  14. They almost did, their populations are recovering now but we’re not completely sure of how much since they are super shy and secretive creatures. They were killed because hey were mistaken for werwolves and I think had a part to play in the chupacabra myth.

  15. It's hard to identify what makes it look so incredibly creepy but it's the walk. Moving both legs on a side at a time is just 'off'.

  16. It's when I see shit like this I realise how scary it must have been a long time ago and how myths/legends would have come to be.

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