Toxins are one of the main reasons for regret in nature.

  1. Laughed hard but still feel bad for that toad. Those little bastards hurt! I brushed on off my shirt once and got stung on the hand, it swole up and got red. A sting to the inside of the mouth has got to be seriously awful

  2. I’m trying to find out if the little guy survived and I gotta say it’s not encouraging to find out how much they can hurt a being much much bigger than toad

  3. There's this great video series on YouTube explaining in depth the movements and shape of objects that a toad will lash at. I'm on mobile and can't find it at the moment, but maybe someone else can find it. It might not sound interesting but it was surprisingly captivating, because they were using a real toad for the experiments and the results were very repeatable and surprising. Tiny variations would completely change the toad's behavior.

  4. I got stung by one of these as a kid. I remember it so vividly. It was one of the WORST stings I've ever felt. The saddle back caterpillars are nuts. And they look scary up close too!

  5. You and me both - I was shaking a tree branch once when I was a kid and had one of these fall directly onto my face. Unreasonable amount of pain for such a small creature

  6. I used to work as a grower at a nursery and got stung by one of those once. It felt like I was grabbing an electric fence.

  7. One got me last summer when I was gardening. Put my hand down and suddenly my entire arm felt like it had caught flame. The next three hours were particularly shitty.

  8. Yeah, once you start to think about it for a second, you realize this was placed in front of them for the sole purpose of having them try to eat it knowing it will hurt them.

  9. I didn’t realize until reading this comment they’re in a tank/enclosure. Thought maybe someone was just following and filming the caterpillar when it wandered by these 3 but you’re probably right. Someone went “let me put this toxic animal in front of my frogs because it’ll be funny when they try to eat it”

  10. Yep lol. It won’t be able to comfortably eat or drink for days. And the venom itself may have some pretty awful and potentially lethal effects in the short term.

  11. Man fuck this karma farming account for posting this shit of an animal being fed something that might have ended up killing it. Not funny

  12. Omg this was a flashback. Saddleback caterpillars. We have these in my state and my 4th grade class was going on a nature walk while the teacher was teaching us the native plants. The kid in front of me pulled back a small tree that was blocking the trail and a small part of the branch hit me in the eyelid. Unfortunately one of these caterpillars was on the leaf that hit me.

  13. Are these pets? Why is the person with the camera just watching instead of doing something about it? Did they do this on purpose?

  14. Brussel sprouts are one of my favorites. I actually have to be careful I don't eat too many because they give me bad heartburn but they're so good when you make them right. I have a secret recipe I'll take to my grave

  15. The first frog is my reaction to eating something gross. The middle frog is my husband watching me make that gross face. And the third is also him after I've forced him to taste it too because I refuse to suffer alone.

  16. Ah the classic feed your pet poisonous live food and get Internet points for recording animal abuse.

  17. Man I been stung by on of these before and it's horrible burning stabbing murder. I can't imagine this poor frogs mouth rn

  18. This is cruel, someone did this on purpose to those poor toads. I know toads and they are chill as heck, no reason to hurt them like this.

  19. My favorite thing is that caterpillar has no idea why any of this is happening. Lil guy's just living his best life, gets momentarily sucked up into darkness, then boop! back out in the light, off to live another day.

  20. All these people thinking it's animal abuse 😹 y'all didn't live thru the 80s and 90s when we didn't have cell phones and actually had to play outside.

  21. Is this why being social evolved if you could tell what the other animal was doing and could tell that after what it did made it feel pain if you make that realization you would know not to do that then live long enough to reproduce to pass that gene or behavioral trait down

  22. Okay good to know where he is at the moment. I still have time to move to another country again. This little fucker will not get me

  23. here comes some rando thing and jeff wants to taste it... bob and jim see this.. and bob STILL wants to taste it just to make sure jeff isnt lying.... jim sees this and does not taste the thing.... thats how life works....

  24. Middle frog 1min later: “Lemme show you boys how it’s done. Little sting never bothered me, I’m built differe-GUIIGGLLLAFFF CALL AN AMBULANCE, DONT JUST STAND THERE!!!”

  25. That middle dude is smarter than half of the human population. Or it's a female. Oh, that's actually pretty much the same thing.

  26. "Man, that looks green. Yeah. And its movin'. It maybe is food. Yeah lets just take a bit- OH FUCK, AH, AH, AHHH, AH, AHHHH, AHHHHHHH"

  27. I also feel for the second frog. One night, I was sitting down watching TV and eating popcorn and drinking an iced tea. I was picking little pieces of popcorn out of my chest hair (my girlfriend has since gotten me to shave all my body hair off). Little did I know that I had a stinkbug on me. I plucked it off and stuck it in my mouth thinking it was another piece of popcorn. Instant regret as I nearly spewed my already eaten popcorn across the room.

  28. at the school where I studied there were some very tall trees that at a certain time of the year were completely full of these caterpillars (here we call them "fire caterpillars") and sometimes it "rained" caterpillars on top of the students. Luckily none never fell on me, but i saw many friends crying in pain because of that 😨 those little things are crazy

  29. If that toad could talk……. I could hear him now! Gotcha!!!!! Aw fuc awwww fuc ahhhhh fuc bleh bleh bleh BLEEEEEEH!!!! Pfffftttt111 plaaawww pfffffft!!

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