In a phase where I kind of don't care that I am alone but also wants friends to talk to

  1. I think you do care about being alone other wise I don't think you would have reached out like this! What are some of the hobbies you enjoy?

  2. I mean it depends on the situation if I am at work or I see people who talk too much and do bitching about other people I feel like I am happy being alone, but when I am genuinely alone I feel like I should have at least one good friend. My hobbies well, I like to write I write short stories and all, and badminton, watching too many movies or tv series

  3. I recommend checking out the app called Slowly. It is a global messaging app but works like old snail mail penpals. So if you write a "letter" to someone in Greece, it'll take like 20 hours before that person can open the letter, and visa versa.

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