What's a popular horror movie that you don't like?

  1. All the haunted house movies where the ghosts just move furniture. Like, of all the ghostly things you do, you rearrange a living room. You’re a shitty ghost. Do better.

  2. There was this one Paranormal Activity ripoff that came out a decade ago when we were getting a ton of those, and in that one just for an hour all the ghost is doing is placing their dishes out on the kitchen floor. Doesn't even do anything malicious until like the last 15 minutes if I remember right.

  3. Yeah, but on the other side, I don't necessarily like it when the ghost just instantly appears and has blood coming out of their eyes and boo-scary! It's just not subtle enough, you know? It's not creepy, it's boring. Some of the best horror movies leave the enemy unknown, and if they're ever revealed then it's near the end. I feel like being too blatant is honestly the issue with a lot of horror movies.

  4. I will never understand how Paranormal Activity got popular. It was hyped up big. Then I saw it, and it was so bland and boring. I was suckered into watching the first two sequels as well, hoping they would be better, and it was all the same.

  5. Lake Mungo. Everyone I have spoken to about this film absolutely loved and recommended it to me. I see it as a constant contender on “top 10 scariest movies” lists. I love found footage horror, I love atmospheric suspense and supernatural horror has always been a top pick for me. But I just didn’t get it, it didn’t click with me. Like I get the whole plot, and the twists, and the grim ending. But I don’t find it scary, or even really enthralling. It just came off as a bit bland, a bit slow, and something more suspenseful than scary. Not the worst horror I’ve seen, but so far away from “scariest”

  6. I really like this movie, but it's not scary more than it's creepy & grim. There is a feeling of gloom that pervades throughout the movie. It's got a morose ending too.

  7. This is my choice also. I don’t think it’s bad per se, I just think I listened to the hype a bit more then I usually would. So I was somewhat underwhelmed, but it’s a well made movie.

  8. Feel the same. Love found footage but this was one of the worst I've seen. Nothing comes close to Houses October Built 2 though.

  9. I thought it was really well-made and it stands alone in its genre but the problem is that there isn’t much scary about it — at all.

  10. The movie falls flat for me in a lot of ways, but the thing that really took me out was that it all sort of started because the son decided to make doctored ghost photos of his dead sister, not tell anyone, and then when found out was like "I don't know why I did it". I'm not sure if the implication was that he was driven to do it by whatever the entity in the film was, but it was such a goofy hook to get the plot rolling.

  11. A Quiet Place and Invisible Man (2020) are my go to movies for if you think about it for a minute the entire script falls the fuck apart.

  12. totally agree. i watched Quiet Place and never understood the hype. i was like -- THIS is what everybody is raving about? didn't get it at all.

  13. It Comes At Night. Not super popular, but I think it's well liked enough. The trailer was so misleading that I hated the movie after watching it, but if you go into it without watching the trailer or at least knowing that the movie is not going to be what it seems in the marketing, you might like it.

  14. I watched that with a buddy of mine that isn't super into horror but he gave it a shot. As soon as the movie ended he yelled at me "What came at night!? Friendship!?!?"

  15. I was so psyched for this movie after seeing the trailer-it was executed so well- and then super disappointed in ehat the movie actually was. Definitely misleading.

  16. Paranormal Activity comes up in every thread like this, so I just want to say that if anyones wondering who actually does like these movies, it’s me. I like Paranormal Activities. (not the 4th one tho)

  17. I too was massively disappointed by this movie. I think it was a hit because people who don't watch horror movies saw it and to them it was new, fresh and scary. Felt like a pretty average Walking Dead episode to me

  18. I still remember the look of disappointment on my friend’s face when I finally watched The Babadook after months of hearing about it and told him I hated it.

  19. I can't say I "hated every minute" but I can say I was quite underwhelmed with the movie, especially how it ended.

  20. I have tried watching it twice and have never finished it because it just seems so bland. I last tried three or so years ago. I will probably try again later this week.

  21. I had to watch it in 2 parts, which I've never done before, because I hated it. This was back when IMDB had the message board and people saying how good it was so I tried to my best to get through it to see what the fuss was about.

  22. Give Hell House LLC a watch if you haven’t already, best found footage movie I’ve ever seen and the last movie to truly scare me.

  23. I like found footy and Paranormal Activity, but that series more than any other makes me wonder "Why tf are you holding a camera right now?" I would have dropped it lmao. Also the dialogue is weird and unnatural. Found footage has this problem in general, where they try to make dialogue sound natural (since it's found footage and all) but it rarely ever works.

  24. Agreed. The hype for it makes no sense to me. It would have been a great 30-minute short, but instead it's one deus ex machina after another for 100+ minutes.

  25. Yeah, this was my thoughts too. It was meh. Not terrible, but certainly not great and not better then sinister.

  26. It’s well filmed and acted, and it has the elements of a great movie. But it’s not. I feel like there’s a serious lack of context behind just about everything - the characters, their abilities, the villain, his brother. The reveal at the end didn’t add or change anything. It just didn’t click for me. That said it wasn’t bad just not great.

  27. Watching it as we speak. Its pretty meh. I dont understand the glowing reviews. Its fairly boring and little to no tension.

  28. This might be a hot take but his wife is… let’s just say not the best actress … and it kind of detracts from all his movies that she’s in them.

  29. Malignant. I like camp, but it wasn't the kind of camp I'm into. I think the production value was way too good for the campiness to work, so it just came off as bad writing and acting to me. I felt like I was laughing at scenes for the wrong reasons. I also thought the subject matter of sexual and physical trauma didn't really work in a movie that was trying to not be super serious. Sort of felt exploitive and like it was just an afterthought.

  30. This is the movie about the tumor? I died laughing at the police station scene. Hands down one of my favorite movies like how riverdale is one of my favorite shows. I can't look away. It's so bad lmao.

  31. There was this super annoying response to Malignant that was like, "If you don't like this movie you just hate fun, TRUE horror fans will love this, just because you liked Hereditary doesn't mean you like Horror Movies," and I'm like, or perhaps the script is just bad!

  32. I don’t know of anyone that liked Halloween Kills though…it was only “popular” because it was part of a popular franchise and directly followed an installment that was pretty widely appreciated. Doesn’t really feel like a proper answer to this kind of question

  33. I found it very entertaining, but not the slightest bit scary. I loved it as a movie, but hated it as a Halloween movie

  34. It was really bad. I didnt love the 2018 Halloween...but it was overall a decent movie. Id rather just stick w the classics or even Zombie's Halloween at thia point.

  35. Such a terrible terrible Halloween movie. I’d rather watch Halloween Resurrection and watch Busta Rhymes and his big ass horse mouth scream a Liu Kang “WAAAAH” while round house kicking Michael Myers in the face than sit through the even more ridiculous plot line and characters of Halloween Kills ever again.

  36. Idk, I guess I enjoy them because it’s more of a plot vs. slow “character development” hell for two hours then the whole situation goes apeshit the last ten minutes.

  37. I hate the Conjuring Cinematic Universe bc (IMO) it relies solely on jump scares. it builds suspense every 5 minutes for a jump scare that isn't even scary (bad CGI, bad makeup, etc.) It's definitely not my style of horror.

  38. Blackcoats Daughter was so boring and slow, and I didn’t care about the characters at all. I really couldn’t wait for it to be over

  39. I had a terrible experience watching this. I must have missed something at some point, because I had no idea that Kiernan Shipka and Emma Roberts were supposed to be the same person ten years apart. My friend and I watched it and were both like wtf is this. I actually had to Google what I watched afterwards to realize they were the same person lol. I may not have been paying attention enough in the beginning, but I thought the casting choice for those two was odd. There isn't a big enough age difference for one to look like the other in 10 years

  40. That movie is one I fucking love, but I don't generally recommend it except to people that I know like weird indie shit.

  41. Omg so hard agree I finished it and was like, did I download the wrong movie? Surely this wasn’t what everyone was talking about

  42. It Follows (I'm used to getting downvoted with that, don't worry). It completely fell apart in the second half for me.

  43. Seems like a pretty popular opinion actually. I really enjoyed it but the swimming pool thing didn’t make much sense. Not sure how you’d conclude that movie but a more ambiguous ending would’ve been acceptable.

  44. I love It Follows, but you really do have to suspend your disbelief some at the end. It definitely gets a little ridiculous, but I still really like the ending even if it's kind of silly. But I also like the ending of Us, so I guess I just don't care if an ending is clean or logical.

  45. I fell asleep during this movie. In a theater. And I was hyped for it because it was shot in my home state. Very boring movie

  46. Mark Twain once said that "Richard Wagner's music is better than it sounds." I can't quite explain why, but that's how I feel about It Follows: somehow the movie seemed better than the actual experience of watching it. It was fun to talk about the various allegorical interpretations, and you can get into endless discussions of what you would do in that situation. But those discussions are more interesting than the actual movie was.

  47. I'm with you, not s fan. I was utterly bored with this movie. Ok I get it, it's an allegory for STDs or something. Doors that make it deep? Whatever, still a dull movie

  48. Yeah I didn’t enjoy it. It really bothered me that the world was different for no reason. Like why is her phone a shell? It felt like it was different just for the sake of being different and that felt pretentious to me.

  49. I actually hate a lot of the movies this sub loves. I can’t for the life of me think of a single redeeming thing about Hell House LLC and I’m a sucker for found footage movies but truly nothing happened in the entire goddamn thing.

  50. Funny - I also dislike a lot of the movies this sub loves. But Hell House hit for me... is an absolutely gripping watch/re-watch for me personally (despite my general disdain for found footage movies).

  51. I was really frustrated/unimpressed by this too, as well as lake mungo. I think I may have ruined found footage movies for myself by starting with REC.

  52. I was really into this girl who kept hyping insidious as the best horror movie shed ever seen. After we watched the movie I was not into her anymore.

  53. Babadook. And I love all horror movies. I just dont get the popularity. Its about a troubled child and his relationship with his mom... oh, and there is a book.

  54. The Conjuring Movies aren’t scary 🤷🏼‍♀️ The atmosphere and time periods are cool, but it’s all very predictable.

  55. Sometimes they come close to an effect and then almost deliberately muff it. There's a scene with a washing line in the first one: a sheet comes loose and momentarily wraps itself around an unseen figure, then blows away. It's great, a good classic ghost moment, and then they plonk the demon witch in the window and its all for nothing,

  56. Blair Witch Project. Was equally bored and annoyed, but not the slightest bit scared, interested, or invested in the characters or their fates.

  57. For some reason, I actually really like Blair Witch Project. I don't think they could get away with releasing it today with such a shaky camera and the way it was marketed, but it was a cool movie to me as a teenager.

  58. Saw it in a theatre many years ago, on its release. Audience was angry, some people wanted their money back. A guy actually stood up and said, “That’s it?! What a load of crap!” I think it only got popular because it looked better on a tiny screen.

  59. Reading some of the responses here, I was initially a little annoyed because I saw so many of the same opinions I've seen espoused here over and over.

  60. I haven't seen this yet but I do see a lot of people praising and recommending it here too. It's strange that you said it's mean spirited because I saw a comment in this sub about a week ago that said the same thing. Now my interest is piqued & kinda wanna watch it to see what's mean spirited about it lol

  61. I went in with such high Hope's for this movie and when that penultimate scene happened my jaw dropped. Everything after that bored the shit out of me

  62. I felt similarly after my first watch of it. I didn't think it was bad; I just thought it maybe wasn't for me. After a few months I gave it a rewatch and definitely liked it more after sitting with it for a while. It's still not my favorite, but I definitely like it.

  63. X was just so goddamn boring. I almost wish my dislike of it was coming from a place of pearl clutching puritanism. At least that way it'd be interesting to talk about. But no, it just fell completely flat. They took an extremely interesting concept: slasher set at a porn shoot, and somehow made it put me to sleep.

  64. My father used to like it but he turned it on for me and upon rewatch this was his opinion on it. I wasn't really paying attention to it, it sorta bored me at first.

  65. Never liked the original Nightmare on Elm Streets. Never liked Comedy horrors. The comedy just overshadows and can't enjoy it.

  66. Jesusfuck, yeah. Midnight Mass really, intensely rubbed me the wrong way. Some of the shittiest, most overwrought and pretentious dialogue I've ever seen.

  67. I’m not a fan of the Suspiria remake. I found it overly long and tedious, and maybe a little pretentious. I know a lot of people prefer the more grounded approach of the remake, but I infinitely prefer the technicolor fairytale of the original.

  68. IT (2017). I tried to rewatch it recently, and it just felt way too artifical. Like the scares are kind of lame, the only exception I can think of is the projector scene, and even then that scene isn't that scary.

  69. I’ve hated every M. Night Shyamalan movie I’ve watched. I find them boring and not nearly as clever as they want to be.

  70. I don't care what anyone else says--once you know the twist in The Sixth Sense, the movie sucks. It does not hold up AT ALL on repeated viewings.

  71. Hereditary, Babadook, MIdsommar, etc. Anything marketed as horror but are really just scare-less depression and grief/mental illness allegories. So, 75% of A24's production and acquisition catalog.

  72. I’m not disagreeing with your opinion, but I don’t believe Hereditary to be allegory. It was more of a “is it or isn’t it” take on the supernatural vs. mental illness. There certainly was a lot of grief, though.

  73. Scary is such a non-descriptor for me. One person's scary is jump-scares, someone else's is shock and gore, someone else's is creepy and atmospheric, etc.

  74. Hereditary was one of the only modern horror movies I've liked lately. (I haven't seen Midsommar. I didn't like Babadook.) It sucks growing up and loving horror so much in the 90s and the genre evolving in a way that no longer includes you as their audience. I just don't like most modern horror. It just does nothing for me. When I say I like Hereditary and The VVitch. I mean, compared to the other junk there is now. If I had to choose between more movies like those or movies like 80s/90s, I'm easily choosing the stuff I grew up with. No contest.

  75. While it's not that I hated it, I found Hereditary very overrated. Its just a meh horror film for me. I felt it was slow in a not good way and the payoff wasn't great.

  76. Pretty much all James Wan. It's either too polished to be scary (Malevolent), overly talkie without any scares (Insidious), or outright stolen from better movies (The Conjuring AND Insidious).

  77. I did enjoy parts of VHS, but overall, I kind of felt nothing after watching them. I can't recall anything that happened. Not the best feeling to walk away with after a movie.

  78. Besides OP, I swear you guys have the coldest takes. “Bad movies bad??”. For me it’s gotta be final girls. I see a ton of people saying how funny and clever and creative it is. I found it dull, unfunny, derivative and worthless. It had competent camera work and that’s it

  79. The Black Phone. Mediocre is generous. Protag was vanilla. Villain was surface level. Sister sideplot was boring and had a stupid payoff at the end. Most of all I found it boring. I really don’t know why it was well received

  80. I feel like Creep came at a time when independent films became way more accessible on Netflix. I found it looking through the library and didn’t hate it. It wasn’t super special but it was a decent indie horror if you’re into that kind of horror. I could be mistaken, but I feel Netflix really boosted some indie films in the earlier days

  81. Eden Lake (2008). Maybe not the most popular horror movie, but pretty much everyone seems to love it. I thought it was boring and overly mean spirited. It wasn’t entertaining and it didn’t have anything to take away from it, it was just awful.

  82. I honestly don't see the big deal about the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I really just ended up finding it super odd to the point I just found myself laughing most of the time.

  83. I've tried to watch all the way through TCM at least a dozen times at this point in my life. And I have not stayed awake through a single viewing. TCM 2? Sure! But the more serious ones, I just don't have the taste for.

  84. For that one I can definitely appreciate how influential it was for its time and the cultural impact it had, but yeah I personally just thought it was okay. The last scene is iconic though. I also liked the sequel much more, has some great characters and is less serious

  85. The ones that annoy me the most are The Witch (or VVitch or whatever pretentious spelling it has) and Hereditary. The former was just plain boring and not nearly as artsy as it was trying to be. The latter is so incredibly overhyped, like its good (bordering on great even) but its not the GOAT its made out to be and people suggest it on EVERY fucking thread irrespective of the subject.

  86. Don’t agree with your opinion on the style of these films, and it is style at the end of the day which is not the same as pretentious BUT totally true that a good film can be overhyped to the point that you hate it when you see it. It’s ruined so many films for me. Not just hype but misrepresentation of what they are.

  87. Hereditary. It's a fine movie, but it's not scary, unsettling, or even enthralling. The acting is great, but as far as a "horror" film it's meh.

  88. Midsommar- I enjoyed it way more the second time but the first time I was so hyped from Hereditary and it just didn’t hold up under that pressure. I always say Midsommar felt like his first movie with its flaws, and Hereditary was the better, more polished next film. Good opening, some fun imagery, overall moments of really stupid dialogue and unrealistic choices made by dumb characters.

  89. Yeah I found Midsommar kind of preachy in a lot of ways. Like it was extremely obvious that the director thought he had something clever to say, but I actually found it gratuitous and not in an interesting way.

  90. Mandy. I see it mentioned here a lot and Nicolas Cage is wild so I checked it out expecting to really enjoy it andddd… I mostly hated it. As did my household. I didn’t get to pick a movie for some time afterwards.

  91. My husband and I enjoyed it, so we insisted my parents and brother watch it and they all hated it and treated us like we didn't know how to choose movies for a while.

  92. Hereditary. I might get down-voted like mad for this lol, but I genuinely thought it was boring. Felt like it was trying so hard to be shocking and make you jump throughout the whole thing that as it goes on you stop caring. The initial first horror scene with the sibling dying had me interested, but I started expecting the jumpscares because they overused them and the scenes that felt like they were supposed to shock you didn't have the buildup to really pop off. I just couldn't get into it 😅 If it's your favorite movie cool, not trying to argue or start a debate, just for myself personally

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