I hated The Black Phone

  1. All those blurbs are always taken out of context anyways when it comes to genre movies. They will be like “the New York Times called it ‘thrilling’…” when the rest of the review wasn’t necessarily favorable, but they technically aren’t lying because that one word was in the review.

  2. Once I see enough of a teaser or trailer about a movie I try to tune it out. Too easy with the wrong edit to give away too much info.

  3. While I personally didn't think it was all that scary, I think this is one of those movies where it's potentially scarier if you've experienced something similar. Like if you're someone that had an abusive childhood, then I could see this being a pretty rough watch (one scene in particular is rough even if you didn't experience something like that). The dad in particular is reprehensible. So I could see why someone could deem it that way.

  4. Also, like, the motivation can simply be that he's a sadist - though the fact he makes them misbehave before "punishing" them could very easily point to this being something he himself experienced. I don't know why some watchers really wanted to be spoon fed the villain's motivation.

  5. I just watched the movie, I must’ve missed the part where they explained the girl’s psychic powers. Could you explain what that was. If you’re referring to their mother having the same powers, that’s just kicking the can down the road, doesn’t actually answer anything

  6. This is my biggest issue when people complain about The Black Phone. They literally could not have spelled it out clearer why both Finney and Gwen have psychic abilities that help them get the Grabber where the other kids fail. The filmmakers do this within the first five minutes of the movie. It’s laziness on the audience’s part truthfully.

  7. Maybe because I didn't see the marketing I was actually pleasantly surprised. Also what do you mean what's the killers motivation? It's pretty obvious.

  8. He's a sexual sadist, who probably endured horrific abuse and/or neglect as a child himself, which isn't very fun to think about

  9. I agree , having kids myself made the storyline all the unnerving. I have doubts OP watched the movie , the little girl got her powers from her mother , Finn obviously the same - their Father pointed this out at least 4 times in the film.

  10. ya i wonder how watching the trailer affected the score - i didn't watch any trailers. I thought the movie was pretty damn good.

  11. The deeper analysis or exploration of his motivations was missing. It isn't always needed but I felt it was in this film.

  12. Came here to say this. It had a nicely written story, which is so rare for horror. And yes it is more of a thriller than a movie that tries to “scare” you.

  13. I agree with this take. When I saw it in the theater, the kids behind me looked 11 or so (I'm assuming they were just young looking 13 year olds), and I got nervous that they might be traumatized if this was as scary as people were hyping it to be. Well, of course it wasn't. But I think it was a positive story for them to watch and was the right amount of scary for a younger horror viewer to watch.

  14. I enjoyed the movie, although I agree that it wasn't really a horror movie. You did seem to miss some of the stuff in the movie though.

  15. You said everything better than I could have. Reading OP's review, I was wondering if they even actually watched the movie or just played on their phone while the movie was on in the background.

  16. Yeah I'm glad someone else said this. I literally just watched this yesterday and I really enjoyed it. I can readily agree that it is not "scary" as it may compare to more modern jumpscare heavy movies, but I felt it was a great suspense and thriller. The complaint from op about "knowing Finney was going to escape" like... OK? I assumed he'd win too but that didn't detract from the movie at all. It wasn't the type of movie that I was assumed everyone would die or lose.

  17. Well said. The story that the movie is based on was super short. I liked how the movie expanded on the concepts from the story.

  18. This movie was never meant to be Sinister. It really sounds like you set you expectations for the film prior to viewing and walked out disappointed that it didn’t fit them. The movie stayed pretty true to the short story. It was never meant to be a “scary” horror film.

  19. I will say that it’s kind of hard to go into movies “completely blind” when going to see movies in theaters means that you’re forced to watch about 30 minutes worth of trailers beforehand…but I do agree with the sentiment. I try to keep an open mind about the movies I watch with the knowledge that trailers can really lie, but sometimes it’s hard to do if an aspect of the trailer that got you really interested in a movie in the first place isn’t actually part of that movie.

  20. I think there’s a difference between approaching character development with nuance, and hitting the least amount of beats necessary to be considered character development. I felt like the movie held your hand the whole time for character arcs, they were just shoehorned in which makes them feel lackluster.

  21. Yeah my partner guessed that they'd pull a Sixth Sense on us and it would turn out that Finn would already be dead. That would've been a pretty chilling ending.

  22. I agree with you. I really enjoyed the movie, however my biggest issue is that I DID watch the trailer and felt like I’d seen the whole movie

  23. You think it didn't explain why the dad is an abusive drunk or why his sister is seeing details of the kidnappings in her dreams? Did we watch the same movie?

  24. I did love the end, the way he overpowered and outsmarted the Grabber and then strangled him looked akin to somebody slaying a monster. It was very well filmed.

  25. I personally loved that they didn’t attempt to humanize the grabber more with a backstory. They hinted in ways that made it clear that there WAS a why, but didn’t explain it which I personally felt was appropriate- the kids wouldn’t have known the why, and they also wouldn’t have cared.

  26. I actually thought throughout the whole movie the killer was not actually a killer, that he wanted the kids to help him to deal with something. Like the whole mystery around him, he being "kind" with Finn, crying while watching him, telling he would not do him any harm, that gave me the "misunderstood villain", but at the end there was no mystery at all. Its a thriller mystery movie with actually no mystery at all and with a predictable ending. The acting was very good overall, aside from some weird kid acting at some scenes.

  27. Yeah he mentioned about a him when he first talks to the kid in the room so I thought that too. I thought he was the one who caught the kids then someone else was the killer for a short while.

  28. lmao that seems more like a weird expectation you decided to have from the movie which turned out to be about aomething else entirely

  29. The father was an alcoholic because his wife died and he was dealing with grief in an unhealthy way. Maybe pay more attention rather than worrying about the movie being "scary" also yes it was from Scott derikson who did sinister but it was written by Stephen kings son Joe Hill. They adapted his work. So I'm sure there's things like you mentioned that were left out. The movie was fine.

  30. I watched the movie and understood all of it but it still felt bland and really unsatisfying. Not every film will be for everyone. There were some nice elements but the film lacked some tension and mystery I the right areas and was superficial in others.

  31. How does that make the father less of a shallow caricature? There just isn’t anything there. He’s abusive, the kids fear him, his character does nothing to redeem himself or grow, and then the movie ends.

  32. Almost all of Joe Hill’s stuff is more dark magical realism than straight up horror. This definitely fit that criteria and executed it very well imo. I could see how someone expecting a more hardcore horror movie would be disappointed though, but I knew what it was going to be like going into it despite the inaccurate hype up blurbs. Really enjoyed the portrayal relationship between the Finn and his sister as well as the overall 70s aesthetic which I thought they nailed. Was it perfect? No, and some things needed more fleshing out (like the sister’s visions), but it was definitely one of the better new releases I’ve seen this year so far regardless of how you categorize it.

  33. I didn't like it either. I mean, I didn't hate it but I didn't like it. It certainly wasn't better than Sinister (which was what one reviewer had said.) It felt like a pale imitation of Sinister, if anything. I thought the Grabber was played well but he didn't feature in the film much and I just didn't like the kid. He just wore the same expression on his face the entire movie. I was like meh about it.

  34. I loved it. I’m old and it captured the feel of the time perfectly. I grew up in a time where kids were being snatched off the streets by men like this and people didn’t understand it at all. Where you could smash a rock on another kid’s head and not get in trouble. The little girl’s acting was awesome, Finn’s less so. The only thing that took me right out of the movie was his crying scene. That was not good.

  35. I enjoyed the movie but I fully agree with every point you shared. I wish they provided more background info on the grabber, especially why the black phone doesn’t work since he was a child. The grabber’s brother was somewhat irrelevant when I felt like they could’ve done a better job making him more relevant. Your thoughts are well thought out.

  36. I hate the term “thriller” in reference to genre. The academy awards invented the term so they could nominate Silence of The Lambs without the stigma of “horror movies.”

  37. It’s made clear why the father is an abusive drunk and why he is so upset with his daughters dreams. The mother also had visions and eventually killed herself, according to the father because the voices or visions told her to. He’s afraid of seeing the same happen to his daughter and the alcoholism is likely a coping mechanism after losing his wife. Maybe you missed the scene where he recounts this story to his daughter?

  38. To be fair, the TikTok community also thought that the film Megan is Missing was some utterly horrifying film due mostly to the goofy pictures shown at the end. I really don't trust an app known for theft of personal information, short videos of people dancing together and dangerous 'challenges' that regularly harm people or damage public property for their opinion on horror films.

  39. The movies is a thriller, not a scary movie, marketing made it seem as if it was a scary movie, almost like Sinister.

  40. I actually really enjoyed it! Horror movies don’t have to be the scariest thing you’ve ever seen in order to be good. It felt very “starter horror” to me, like something I would show a middle or early high schooler to introduce them to the genre, which isn’t a bad thing. Is it my new favorite? No, but the story was interesting and suspenseful and that’s enough to deserve the ratings it got in my opinion.

  41. i don't necessarily agree with your points. i loved the movie but i do have my own gripes about it. yes it was predictable, but a movie doesn't have to take the audience by surprise to be good. otherwise would anybody go watch prequels or movies based on real life events?

  42. I disagree. Easily it ended up being one the greatest movies I've seen this year, it was just something I threw on the TV not knowing what to watch, but I'm glad I did. The film, the writing, and the fact that it was such a twist with the ghost plot. I was rooting for his escape, because they could've easily gone the route where he doesn't.

  43. I’ve started to notice that movies with higher marketing budgets, that more people are aware of, or movies that are from a famous filmmaker and highly anticipated, tend to get hyperbolically rated—they’re either amazing or trash to a wider audience.

  44. I think what I hate is that it was so hyped up as "the scariest movie of the year" and then they delivered (what I feel) to be a shallow thriller that lacked suspense building and misdirection. Of course, when I initially saw the run time at 1hr 45min I knew I was in for a quick burn, but I thought they might pace it better?

  45. I agree that it wasn’t scary. The biggest surprise to me was that Ethan Hawke’s character was a minor player in the whole movie. The kids were the stars. For a story about kids living a messed up life in the 70s I thought it was pretty decent. I agree that there was no point where I thought Finn would die. Not the greatest movie ever but I enjoyed it.

  46. I think it's because the character is not well fleshed out that I felt the same as OP. I didn't find him ultimately creepy. At there's a few points where he suddenly becomes non threats because you know he will escape him and it doesn't have the same suspense. They needed a bit more of tension. He needed more menace or something. He was a boring caricature that added nothing new or did anything particularly scary at all.

  47. There is no explanation as to why "The Grabber" (yuck) is kidnapping these kids. There's no explanation as to why Finney's sister can see details of the kidnappings in her dreams. There's no explanation or even a look into why their father is an abusive, and aggressive alcoholic. He just is.

  48. What he's really saying is there was no depth to the characterisation and story. It's a superficial Exploration of everything. A paint by numbers film with nothing new or that interesting being explored. With a lot of convenient tools to push the story forward without adding anything special to it. It wasn't that good of a film for a lot of reasons, but the lack of anything deep is definitely one.

  49. Dude. There are SO many movies/shows that everyone else seems to love. I will watch it and think I MUST have seen a different movie/show than these people. I’m right there with you on this one. I will take flack for this, but I have also learned Mike Flanagan simply isn’t for me. But, hey, I still love horror, and if people out there are digging this movie and other stuff I don’t like, I’m happy for them.

  50. I would go as far as to say you missed the entire point and literally every point against it is actually a plus and it just went over your head.

  51. I honestly think this is another case of CinemaSins (and similar online movie critic personalities) poisoning an audience’s ability to detect nuance and interpret things for themselves. I really don’t understand the seemingly very common desire to have literally every element of a character or story explained to the viewer. Especially when dealing with horror, which is usually strengthened when things are left to the imagination.

  52. He did do all the killings and keep the kids in the basement of the house he shared with his brother though. The house across the street was empty and only used to burry the kids afterwards. There's no twist there.

  53. I definitely don’t think the movie was all that scary. I agree with a lot of what you’ve said here aside the dad being an alcoholic. My assumption is that he hasn’t be able to cope with losing his wife and becoming a single father.

  54. I felt exactly the same, saw it in theaters and really didn’t know how to feel after. I got the idea that “The Grabber” has some past trauma inside that house as he made a minor comment about it when he originally grabbed Finney but like you said we never get concrete answers. I really wanted more from this movie and was left with a “meh” feeling, haven’t thought about it since til I saw this post.

  55. It was more of a thriller than a horror but the story line tied together so well. I absolutely loved it.

  56. I agree with you, it felt like a 30min twilight zone ep stretched to an hour and a half. Far far better horror films from this year on Shudder etc.

  57. This I agree with. I was hyped for it but I’ve been traveling. Ended up splurging on the $20 purchase because I haven’t seen a new movie in months.

  58. The black phone was nothing like I expected it to be, but I didn't think it was bad. I'd say it was ok. It was definitely lacking something to make it a great film.

  59. I agree that it was more of a thriller, I liked it for what it was. I thought the actors of Finn and the sister did great. Love Ethan Hawke and thought the grabber was nuts but cool. 7.5/10.

  60. The sisters dreams had to do with her mom.. I guess her mom had similar visions and then killed herself and everyone assumed it was mental illness.. the dad was depressed alcoholic because his wife died and the sisters dreams I believe were related to the moms visions she had

  61. Honestly the trailer spoiled way too much. If I had gone in completely blind I might have gotten more out of it. I also saw it the night after seeing Resurrection so I was just spoiled after seeing that. PS- Go see Resurrection! It IS intense - don’t let anyone spoil it for you tho.

  62. I loved the movie and thought it was great. While I do think you have some valid criticisms, most of the reasons you disliked the movie are reasons that I enjoyed it.

  63. I appreciate you opinion, but I may. It IS described why Finn and his sister can communicate/be a little psychic. His (Finns) mom was psychic and could hear things and see things in her dreams and they eventually starting telling her to do terrible things so she killed herself. This sends the dad into a deep depression that turns into the alcoholism. This is why he freaks out when the daughter tells the cops she's seeing things in her dreams. One of the ghost kids, I think Bruce, also explains that the phone rang for all of them but only Finn has been able to see it. The Grabber can also hear it but it's never really explained why. And I agree I wish I could've learned more about the murderer.

  64. I appreciate the op's opinion...I respect it...but I don't agree with his assessment. It's not a film for everyone though...

  65. It's like I wanted chocolate gâteau, and instead I got fairy cake. Now there's nothing wrong with fairy cake, and it's not objectively worse than the gâteau, it's just not what I really wanted. I wanted something like Sinister, but I didn't think it was bad. If I'd found it by random chance, I'd have been pretty happy.

  66. watched 2 minutes of it and dipped didn’t know that the grabber was inspired by John Wayne Gacy who is a pedophile and that just icked me didn’t help that it’s implied that the boys were raped because that’s what John Wayne Gacy did to his victims

  67. That one scene where the camera pans back to Finney and Billy is standing behind him scared the living bejesus outta me both times I saw the movie in theaters.

  68. Yeaahh, I feel like a lot of the reviews were VERY generous. I still liked it as a thriller movie, but it definitely wasn’t scary or anything really innovative.

  69. Are you taking TikTok people as a credible source!? Anyone who likes TikTok is mentally deficient. I love TikTok!

  70. I mean you said it all OP. I think people just like mediocre films. Ethan’s a cool actor and he did well with what he had. The child actors were good but the movie was basically a coming of age horror movie or some weird shit. It wasn’t scary at all. It’s not thrilling because we know he will escape. Even the final act was a let down. I didn’t hate it. I’m not mad I watched it. It was alright. It’s just 4 maybe 5 out of 10 for me. I wanna watch a scary movie that has some scary scenes lol

  71. Fuck this movie! Chris Stuckman told me this shit movie was going to be better than Sinister and he fucking lied! What a corporate shill, I want my fucking money back.

  72. I didn’t think it was a bad movie, but I was also very bored by it. I was expecting more horror, and not a suspense-thriller with a few ghosts.

  73. I wish marketing for movies like this could find a new angle that resonated with audiences because marketing this as a horror felt straight up misleading. Same with Nope. Two terrible horrors but decent thrillers.

  74. My biggest gripe with this film was the extrasensory stuff. I would have preferred this movie stayed more grounded in realism. I didn't mind the big reveal at the end. I guess for those who didn't like the film (including myself) I'd say the issue was with expectations. I was expecting something close in nature to Prisoners but got a more fantasy-ridden version of it.

  75. Absolutely. I'm rarely a fan of when psychic abilities enter a horror movie. It takes me out of it entirely. I also think, but didn't include, that Ethan Hawke's talent was absolutely wasted as "The Grabber" (continues to be a terrible name)

  76. What really got me was how they spend half the movie building up the sister’s dreams leading her to rescue him… and then he escapes completely on his own and she leads the cops to the wrong house… like what? What message was this movie trying to deliver? What was the point? Filler? Because the story was too thin to warrant a feature length film? It was so ridiculous when it ended I was like are you effing serious? I spent the entire movie wanting to walk out and decided to stay and see how the ending wrapped everything up… only it didn’t at all.

  77. Wouldn’t say I hated it but it definitely isn’t that good. A lot of wasted potential there. Blumhouse can do better.

  78. I did too. I read the short story right before sitting to watch the movie and I was so excited; the book was a 10/10. Then the movie starts and the Grabber shows up, who in the book was absolutely terrifying and not a bumbling idiot, and I was like, nope, this movie is going to suck... And it did.

  79. The big reveal at the end was the kid saves himself. That never happens in movies and that's what made this movie so pleasantly surprising. It's more like a survival thriller than horror, but if people knew that going in it would make the happy ending less effective.

  80. I'm with you. The buzz turned out to be just marketing bs. And I can't blame the trailer since I don't watch them.

  81. I agree with you. I wanted at least some back story on the grabber and the twist at the end was just lazy. The trailer is better than the movie.

  82. I definitely agree that it felt disjointed with the sister plot. I liked that it was a bit of a slow burn suspense movie. I was ok with not knowing the Grabber's motivations, because not knowing why was a little scarier than knowing. Didn't really need a background, and there's too many vaguely sympathetic stories given to killers now anyway.

  83. I mean the only thing I don’t agree with your argument is about why the grabber is kidnapping. He is obviously sick and twisted and likes hurting children. People who do this never have a “reason” they are just deranged fucked up people.

  84. I saw this film recently and I would have to say if you lived in 1970’s this film hit the target completely. Everything about this film is a master class of understanding a certain place and time; and getting it right. Kudos to the production design, wardrobe, cinematography, sound design, SOUNDTRACK, location scouting, and all the actors; it is often said to not work with kids or animals if you don’t want the film to fail; but they all knocked it out of the park.

  85. I never understood people who get mad at horror just because it didn’t scare them. Enjoy the movie at a base level. It’s a you problem if you buy into any hype.

  86. Yeah I didn't hate it but it wasn't scary and it was a real paint by numbers movie so I'm still unsure why everyone was freaking out about it so much.

  87. I really liked the movie. It was a good time. But you’re right. It wasn’t scary, and so much was just sorta made up or just slapped together. I wanted so much more Ethan Hawke

  88. I enjoyed it a lot but agree with some of your criticisms. I’m a screenwriter and we’re taught that you get ONE suspension of disbelief element in what is otherwise a grounded story. So, in the Black Phone you should only have the ghost kids helping him OR the psychic sister but not both. I agree it’s not horror as much as a thriller with supernatural aspects.

  89. I 100% agree. The opening credits was the best part of the movie, tbh. I thought we’d be in for a classic but that just wasn’t the case.

  90. Yeah I don’t understand the hype at all. One teaser boasted that it had 100% on RT .. did we watch the same movie? Although I was entertained by it, it felt like a straight to video kinda flick. 6/10 at best . I agree with your criticism

  91. The Black Phone, to me, was the most boring of what horror has to offer moral panics in 2022. If a horror movie is going to have scenes depicting child abuse at least make it narratively and analytically interesting (see Psycho IV). For me I thought this year horror movies couldn't get more average than firestarter and then The Black Phone came along

  92. It looks dumb to me, but when you said “horror enthusiasts on TikTok loved it” that was all I needed to read to know it’s shit.

  93. I agree with your assessment. My main issue with the movie going into it was that I really felt like the trailer showed you the beginning, middle, and end. But I kept seeing high praise for it here and elsewhere, so part of me thought maybe the movie took an unexpected turn. But... nope. Plays out pretty much how you think it would.

  94. If you go on social media you’ll probably find at least one garbage page donning it the “scariest movie ever made” and touting that “the movie made people throw up and shit themselves at the same time”. It’s all poo, the film was ok imo.. I don’t really understand the praise that Ethan Hawke got tbh, I’ve seen him in way better films and doing way better roles.

  95. Definitely more of a thriller. I was pretty disappointed in it. It wasn't bad, but I'm fine with not rewatching it. The trailer showed most of the "scary" moments except for maybe the last one. Some of the acting was awkward, but some kid actors are inexperienced and it shows.

  96. Maybe I missed something but was there a point to the sister/cops sideplot? It was all about figuring out who the grabber was and where he lived but then Finn escaped on his own anyway?

  97. It was to demonstrate the source of the power that both Finn and the sister inherited from their mother. They could communicate with the dead.

  98. I felt the same way, although I guess we're in the minority. There really is no payoff for it since it contributed nothing to the outcome at all

  99. RIGHT?!?!?! Like, they created a race against time scenario, which I'm sure it was (for the characters at least), but as a viewer it didn't matter to me because I knew Finn was escaping on his own. We're not missing anything. They're just not delivering something.

  100. I’d kinda half watched the trailers and thought I was getting something with IT vibes. Scary face man, kids…. Was actually pleasantly surprised. I thought the sister was totally pointless and added nothing to the story for me. But I didn’t mind the whole premise at all. Wasn’t scary by any means but a decent thriller

  101. I liked the mystery around everything although would've enjoyed a bit more detail. It didn't ruin the movie for me. I did like how everything the kids told him helped in the end. Not that I'm rushing back to go see it but it was a fine movie.

  102. I liked the movie but I agree with pretty much everything you point out. It’s definitely overrated. I just think it should have been marketed as a thriller more than horror

  103. OP, you are entitled to your opinion and I agree that it wasn't particularly scary, although it was certainly unnerving and creepy.

  104. I would like to point out that the number of jump scares doesn't decide whether or not a movie is horror some of the greatest horror movies ever made have little to no jump scares its the tone and the atmosphere the characters that is what decides the genre

  105. I know that there is no hard definition for what defines a horror movie but saying The Black Phone is not a horror movie when there are ghosts and a child serial killer is a real stretch.

  106. Why does any of that stuff have to be explained? How would that elevate the movie in any way? Exploring why The Grabber kidnaps children, or why the sister has premonitions, or why the dad is an abusive alcoholic isn’t the point of the movie. A lot of what made Ethan Hawke’s character in the movie creepy to me is not having any insight into who or why he is the way he is.

  107. I’m not a personal fan of kidnapping movies. I don’t like the feeling of feeling stuck in a dingy creepy basement. I find them so boring in my opinion. But I watched black phone and I totally agree. Even everyone was saying Ethan Hawke was underutilized and to be honest I didn’t think he was that great in this at all. And I like him as an actor, he was fantastic in sinister but in this I couldn’t even register that was him, because he had a mask the entire time. It could’ve been some random actor and I wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference. I wished they really did delve into background more. The supernatural element didn’t deliver. I wasn’t a very fleshed out movie for me.

  108. It was a good movie. Maybe not a horror. But you can’t have kids being abused/mutilated/murdered on screen so that was never going to happen. As for the reasons the Grabber did I it, it started when he was a kid and his father abused him. That’s why the game is the kids being bad so the dad can punish them. A few mild scare points. Good idea.

  109. I enjoyed it, but I also would've liked an explanation for his sister's visions, or at least some insights into it. That's really the only thing that I didn't like, was not learning anything at all about that.

  110. I found it to be a horror film based on premise alone. I'm a parent of 2 little kids so the idea of someone grabbing and killing my child is extremely horrific. Also, I feel that there is some background explanation given to the family dynamics. The mom had visions also and the daughter inherited her gift. The mom is dead and she was labeled as a schizophrenic. The father is lost over the death of his wife and he is angry when the daughter says she sees things because he doesn't want her to end up like his wife. These might not be the most in-depth character building but they were at least mentioned. I really enjoyed the film. I think it's also scarier that there is no explanation for why he's a killer. Some people are just evil.

  111. I actually thought the grabbers background was well revealed. It seems like he also had an abusive childhood similar to the main character. They reveal it in some of his monologues. Also the Grabber's brother having a coke problem is probably indicative of the abuse they faced as children. I understand why you didn't like it though. Seems like it's not for everyone.

  112. I thought the movie was pretty decent myself, but it was not scary at all. I don’t even consider this a horror flick, more so a thriller/drama.

  113. I actually agree. It’s not really scary. I still loved it as a film though. Lots of amazing shots and transitions. The acting was superb, especially from the kids. Love me some Ethan Hawke. I’ll have to watch it again to really get a feel for the suspense because I don’t really remember any examples. I’ve seen so many movies since and my tiny brain is sleepy.

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