I swear this is what Auston Matthews is going to look like in about five years

  1. Hahah what the fuck, I photoshopped this and posted it to my tumblr in like 2017. Cool to see someone thought it was funny enough to save.

  2. This is a much better look than the one he has right now. Embrace it Auston, the lettuce is leaving one way or another.

  3. Back in 2012 at the age of 24, I looked at my head and said, "nope, not trying to pull this off anymore like my dad did until his 40's". Shaved it all off and have never looked back.

  4. He’s gonna get a super expensive hair transplant. Be bald for maybe a season and then be back to normal. See David Silva of the premier league.

  5. Yeah balding is optional for rich guys now. Notice movie stars don't lose their hair anymore? Hell you don't even have to be rich rich, I think a good one is like $25k and significantly less if you go overseas.

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