whats the best way to organize for a block schedule?

  1. I did this mistake very single year I would buy a shit ton of binders and folders that I didn’t need you’d think I learn but I really only used 3 notebooks one for notes,one to study,and one to keep things important

  2. bring the bare minimum and buy more later if you need it. I lot of teachers have long supply lists that never get used or you can just borrow from someone else. I brought 4 notebooks and 2 folders and I even took some of it out cuz I didn't use it. Does your school use chromebooks? Cuz if it does, you'll be using those 90 percent of the time. Of course it depends on the teacher, but most will provide paper if they want you to use it.

  3. I did color coding. One folder and one spiral bound for each class (unless it was like pe or band where I wasn't going to get paper homework.) Math = red, English/language = blue, social studies/history = green. Others = yellow.

  4. I have one binder and dividers and i color coded everything with drawings. Now my homework looks like a giant coloring book.

  5. Fot last year, (11th grade) I only had a math notebook, an English folder, a folder for all my other classes, and my chromebook.

  6. What I would recommend is one binder with binder separators for each of your classes! It's a good way to manage your papers without having a bunch of different folders in your bag. You won't have as many papers as you'd expect, especially if your school gives you a chromebook, it'll probably mean you'll be doing a lot of assignments online, so don't worry about organizing too much!

  7. Honestly, for high school, I use one folder for all of first semester stuff and another folder for second semester stuff. Some teachers may require a binder or other supplies that you may have to use. I have separate journals for each class.

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