Shotgun vs Rifle for home defense

  1. Yup. In the context of home defense there's no reason to use anything other than buckshot. Bird won't penatrate enough while a slug will penatrate too much.

  2. I home defense with my granddaddy browning A5, kills ducks Saturday morning and coyotes Saturday night then home invaders on Monday evening, unfortunately I had to cut slots in all my door frames to get it through the door ways. My house is very drafty.

  3. Shotgun and rifle will both be loud as fuck in a confined space. Difficult to maneuver with full length barrels. You can get shorter barrels by getting a $200 permission slip from the ATF or by getting a "pistol" with a brace instead of a stock, though the ATF is hungry to close that loop hole. Shorter barrel will mean even louder.

  4. Everyone’s got their own opinions on shotguns vs rifles for home defense. They always have solid reasons to back up their thought process, but honestly the best advice I’ve heard on this topic is “pick a gun that works, that you can accurately shoot, and that you will train with.”

  5. This is the best answer I've seen. I've always used a shotgun for home defense because it's what I grew up hunting with every single weekend. I have thousands more hours shooting 12 gauge than I do AR-15. I'm just much faster and more comfortable with it, so it's what I've always used.

  6. As a former cop and soldier, I can tell you that people overthink questions like this all the time. They say "What if I need to do this?" "This gun has more power" "This gun has better range" "This gun fits my hand better"

  7. That's why I recommend a pistol caliber carbine. Functions like a rifle within 100 yards but with substantially reduced risk of killing a neighbor from overpenetration/ricochet.

  8. Same as picking a carry gun, really just comes down to personal preference. I use a Benelli M1014 for home defense. Excellent gun, high quality, very reliable, it even has less recoil than you'd expect from a 12 gauge. I also own an AR-15, and it's an excellent gun, it was my home defense gun before I got the shotgun. I switched because I like the shotgun more, while the AR-15 gives you more rounds, the 12 gauge is a lot more effective with each shot. Since you did specifically mention capacity, I do want to note that the odds of you having to fire more than four rounds in a self-defense scenario are negligible.

  9. Rifle is better but if you decide to go with a shotgun check out the Berreta 1301 tactical first, some people say it’s better overall

  10. Have one, it’s 95% as good as an m4 for almost half the price. TFB went to review an m4 and was sent a 1301 instead and they ended up liking it better and went so far as to recommend it a much better buy over the m4 and their current favorite tactical sg

  11. How much are you going to be able to train? How much are you going to be going to the range? Do you have a background in weapons at all? How close is your next door neighbor going to be? Weapon care, storage, etc., are all things you should also think about. It can be fun to clean the AR with a carbon scrape tool, and CLP in some point of views.

  12. 5.56 semi-auto rifle (eg ar15). Lighter recoil, less over penetration, more capacity, typically shorter/lighter, easy to mount optics and sights to.

  13. All i have easy access to is two handguns. Everything else is locked up and It's all I think I need, at least for long enough to get something else out.

  14. An AR-15 or a quality semi-auto shotgun are both fine choices for home defense. The purchase price for a good enough AR-15 is considerably lower than for a quality semi-auto shotgun, though.

  15. Meh, you don’t necessarily need an auto shotty, a maverick 88 or 590 will do just fine. This coming from someone with an auto SG

  16. Best advice i can give you is, go with the AR. Train with it. Dont rise to the occassion, rise to your level of training. You’ll effectively get more trigger time with an AR and sharpen your long gun skills. And at the end of the road if you feel you’re ready to jump from 5.56 to 12g, then pick up a shotgun. Use the training from before, reinforce what you know and introduce new tactics to accomodate the shotgun and boom, you’ve covered all your bases.

  17. This debate is like Ford vs Chevy. I vote shotgun and the M4 is a fine choice. I recommend picking up an AR rifle or AR style pistol when you can, they are better for other applications

  18. I think the OP is missing the fact that a gun fight in the house will involve tight hallways, bathrooms and furniture. I think the handgun is the easiest to use. I do have a carbine and shotgun in the house but my "go to" is a 44 magnum.

  19. Both work just fine. Buy the one you'll take to the range and shoot more. HD guns are useless if you aren't practicing with them regularly.

  20. I’d take a rifle over a shotgun and frankly wouldn’t consider a semi auto shotgun in the first place. In my experience, semi auto shotguns can be picky with ammo, especially during the break in period, and will have failures at a much higher rate than a decent AR-15. You can get past that issue with ammo selection and getting the thing broken in and everything, or you can avoid the issue all together and run an AR you won’t have to worry about at all. Additionally, for Benelli M4 money you can get into a solid AR-15 with a decent optic and a suppressor to help save your ears if you ever have to use it inside your house (especially good if you get a .300 BLK).

  21. Unless you're going garbage tier for your semi-auto shotgun (which you shouldn't), it won't be picky with any ammo you might sanely choose for home defense.

  22. If your house is in a suburban or even modestly populated rural environment and not in the middle of nowhere with at least 1000 yard standoff from your nearest neighbor I'd go with a shotgun or pistol caliber carbine and not a true centerfire rifle like an AR-15. If you're in a suburban environment, a defensive shooting situation is all but guaranteed to happen within 20 yards. A shotgun or pistol caliber carbine is ideal for this.

  23. Can't believe people are still posting this nonsense. A fast light projectile dumps it's energy way faster than slow heavy ones like pistol and slugs/buckshot.

  24. Idk man, for home defense I gota say I like a pump action. There’s not a criminal on this earth that doesn’t know that distinct sound of a shell getting racked. Most people want to believe that are a big macho man and would have no problem taking a life “defending their castle”. But there is a lot of negative repercussions that come along with killing another human being, psychologically, monetarily and legally that most don’t consider. Even if it is well within your rights.

  25. I’d rather not rely on the sound of a pump as intimidation. I’ll stick to my pistol or SBR while I hole up in the bedroom and wait on police. They could take the rest of the house out the front door; I have insurance for that. Just don’t try coming in my room.

  26. Exactly. All the wannabes on this thread breaking down calibers, over penetration, blah blah. You're not clearing your house of ISIS, you're running off an intruder.

  27. You are probably fine sticking with 9mm PD rounds honestly for home defense. That is what is in my bedside safe and what I would grab if I heard breaking glass in the middle of the night. I would put $2000 worth of ammo / practice in using the Glock 19 at the range before getting another weapon if it is straight up home defense.

  28. Also if you get into AR's it's like a whole separate hobby in itself. You can build different uppers with different purposes or calibers, accessorize and mod them. My go to is still a pistol because of concerns of over penetration. I have kids and dogs in the house. Even though they know what to do in an emergency it's hard to predict exactly who's on the other side of the wall. But if I had to, I would go for a 300blk AR pistol with a can.

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  30. I like a 12 gauge running Aguila minishells. My wife can handle it, over-penetration isn't too much of a concern,.you can pretty much double your capacity, and it will still ruin someone's day if they get hit at close range.

  31. Depends what shotgun and what rifle. AR15 if that's an option. But bolt action rifle vs pump shotgun, definitely shotgun in my opinion. If it's AR vs semi or pump shotgun, I'd still go with the AR.

  32. I prefer a rifle to a shotgun, but if you’re gonna go rifle I’d say go with a 9mm PCC instead. Many will be compatible with the Glock mags you already have. You could also go 5.56 PCC. Those rifle cartridges will fly faster and further, but will also penetrate walls further. Either way, I think a standard 16 inch barrel is too long for close quarter home defense, IMO

  33. Pew_762 and cefromnova are sharing some great wisdom, and you kids are down-voting them? Did you all learn your thing on an x-box?

  34. Honestly for the home. I’d get a PCC. Pistol caliber carbine. Sits like a rifle , can hold 30plus rounds, and won’t over penetrate since it’s a pistol caliber (9MM). CZ scorpion is the way to go

  35. Honestly, while people say that a shotgun isn’t ideal for HD duty (I’m not arguing that), if you do choose to use a shotgun you’ll need to practice with it just as much as you would an AR or a pistol. You may need even more practice than the others in order to learn how to control the recoil. At your average HD ranges, the shot from a shotgun hasn’t really opened up yet, so you still have to aim.

  36. Shotguns personally however because you have to pay 200 bucks for a tax stamp for a sbs then a rifle/pistol rifle thing is technically easier to attain

  37. Shotgun with #4 buck. Extended tube mag and side saddle. You can easily resolve any issue. The survival rate of shotgun encounters is very very low.

  38. Of all the weapons I own a shotgun would be the last thing I would consider picking up for home defense just my 2c. You already own the gun I would recommend for home defense. Looking to add to the collection add an AR.

  39. Jesus. Lots of debate here. Pick one. Train with it. Learn it’s limitations and strengths. Do a risk analysis for penetration. Be ready to answer difficult questions if you ever have to use your choice of weapon. Personally, I’m using a shotgun because I know all friendlies will be behind me, and given the type of house construction in my neighborhood, over penetration risk into the nest house is minimal. You need to do your own risk to benefits analysis.

  40. If you are fighting off 5 armed people that might have body armor. Do you want a shotgun with a tube magazine? Or a rifle with 20rd, 30rd, 40rd, 60rd mags? Not downplaying the power or versatility of a shotgun. But a rifle wins in almost every way.

  41. If you are shooting 4 buck or higher which is what's recommended for a shotgun by people who understand ballistics. Than you are going thru more walls than a good HD 5.56

  42. Ideally both :D But get a rifle first. If the Benelli M4 was your price range go with a nicer AR brand- maybe Sons of Liberty Gunworks or BCM. For home defense get a shorter barrel length and a pistol brace. Something under 12inches gives you the option to reach out further distances than the shotgun while still maintaining maneuverability. Ultimately- get what you will train with and shoot most often. A good weapon is a well used one.

  43. I’d say a nice pump 12 gauge if you want something 100% for self defense(the heavy thud of a shotgun being pumped is an excellent burglar deterrent), or id say go the AR route if you want something that can be a fun gun too

  44. Make that decision once you buy your house. The floor plan may present some challenges and dictate the best way to defend your home. Always good to have options . I’m not gonna clear my 2 story house with a long gun when there’s a strange noise in the middle of the night, that’s where hand gun and a quality weapon mounted light comes in to play. And if I’m downstairs, it’s downstairs with me. If I have to defend against a home invasion from the 2nd floor bedroom, I’m responding with the 870 with weapon mounted light and 13 rounds in it /on it. I have ARs with lights and quality optics as well, but I like my shotgun in this situation. You will be well protected no matter which you choose. But If I had Benelli M4 money, that would be my choice.

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  46. 6 shot makes a fine defense round at room distance and it won’t penetrate walls much. Also, if going with a rifle consider 5.56 varmint rounds. They don’t penetrate drywall as much as heavier rounds.

  47. Hands down a small pump shotgun like the Mossberg Shockwave. A semi-auto shotgun or AR is absurd. The goal is to quickly and easily get intruders out of your house, not clear your house for terrorists in a combat zone or shoot them across an acre of land.

  48. Even being a massive shotgun nerd, the rifle is still generally the superior choice for no other reason than shot accountability. You can know exactly where that bullet is going and that matters more than anything else...

  49. I love how this is getting downvoted by keyboard warriors. If you're suggesting a regular ole' suburban homeowner run around their house in the middle of the night with an AR because they may have an intruder, you don't know what you're talking about. Period.

  50. Whatever you decide make sure you put a flashlight. And none of this 1500 lumen stuff, it’s terrible for home defense anything you shine that light at like a mirror, picture frame, or even a glass for drinking out of can in turn blind you right back with the reflection. 300 lumen is a solid number to shoot for as long as it’s a light you trust your life with. That being said probably a CZ scorpion, MP5 etc. not as loud and gives you a little better handle than a handgun even though they both shoot 9mm.

  51. Rifle with a can is what I use, after realizing what it would be like to fire my 12 gauge indoors with no ears

  52. I'm no expert so take what I say with a grain of salt. Get both a shotgun and ar15. Shotguns are so underrated for home self-defense. You just have to practice with them. A shotgun will knock an attacker on their ass. I've seen video footage of a shotgun knocking down a freaking mother bear charging. An ar15 ain't going to do that.

  53. Imma keep it simple, i have a 12 gauge pump shotgun for me to use as home defense and a 20 gauge over/under and revolver for my sister as the last line of defense(shes what i want to keep safe so she needs to be able to protect herself if i cant do it) but i also live in the hood where there’s been a few drivebys so i also own a rife which sits right next to my shotgun in case i need more that 6 rounds or a range longer than 40 yards

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