Today in a lawsuit we're watching, the federal government argued that "medical marijuana users do not possess a constitutional right to possess firearms" because they "are actively engaged in criminal activity" and thus "are not 'law-abiding' citizens":…

  1. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people those who are law abiding citizens or of substantial political influence to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed, except if the government deems said arms dangerous".

  2. Precisely. The Constitution specifies that a person may be deprived of a guaranteed right following due process and a court conviction, but that does not mean what the government is arguing here. Claiming that marijuana users have no protections under the second amendment without first proving in a court that they have committed a crime is simply not how the U.S. Constitution works. You have to catch them and convict allowing due process before that decision can be made. Until then they are innocent of any wrong doing and given the full protection of the Constitution.

  3. Ya know what? Good. I'm glad to hear them say this out loud, cuz it's goddamn asinine and we all know it. Even setting aside the question of gun rights, the idea that the federal government recognizes something as a crime, but throws the thumbs up to it (to the point where it's a retail enterprise in large swathes of the country) right up until they decide they want to fuck with you over something else is one of the more egregious acts of shittery they've come up with.

  4. Yes. People on medication for bipolar, depression or schizophrenia are susceptible to rash actions and self harm-suicide. We have a huge epidemic for prescription behavioral drugs in the country.

  5. Is it a stretch to say people on mind altering drugs whether it be alcohol, marijuana, Amphetamines, cocaine, opiates, etc maybe shouldn’t be handling firearms while under the influence of said drugs? Is someone nodding off on prescription narcotic pain meds, rx or otherwise, safe with a firearm? Is someone on amphetamines, rx or otherwise, which does increase risky behavior/decision making, safe with firearms when taking that drug? Where do we draw the line? Who gets to say what is intoxicated vs sober/not intoxicated?

  6. You know never once has a stoner started a fight with me in a bar or any surrounding really for that matter, now alcoholics....that's a completely different story, but it's legal right?

  7. Its literally not criminal activity tho. Like they are actually smoking weed legally because they got a legal medical marijuana card. The US government is a complete joke.

  8. Actually, under federal law, marijuana is still illegal. However, innocent until proven guilty with due process.

  9. State v Federal. Still considered a schedule 1 drug per federal law. Some states legalizing has nothing to do with it being federally legal. The 4473 is a federal document. Until marijuana is legalized it will still be against the law federally.

  10. Many people who smoke are arguably more stable than a lot of people on daily antidepressants or anti-anxiety drugs yet they all still have a right to defend themselves or their loved ones.

  11. Today in lawsuit, the Federal Government once again proved why their bloated selves should lose most of their power of governing us.

  12. What someone does in their free time is on said person. If their recreational cannabis or drug use in general is not imposing on others and robbing them of their liberty, there is no victim. Therefore, no crime.

  13. I’m sure this will be an unpopular opinion, but they aren’t wrong. States that are “legalizing” weed aren’t legalizing it. They are decriminalizing it within their state. Federal law still applies, and federally it is illegal. I could be wrong but I don’t think it’s even legal for medicinal use due to its scheduling. My understanding is that the DEA and DOJ could change their mind at any given moment and start enforcing the law again, and that would result in spectacular fireworks and legal battles for years. And in that hypothetical decision, the states have lists of people and businesses to subpoena…

  14. The CSA is unconstitutional. "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people" You have to have your entire head up your ass to think that state-level weed laws substantially effect interstate commerce (the current rationale)

  15. The DEA and DOJ still enforce the law even in cities like San Francisco that have a lot of money, cops, and charge a weed tax. The thing is what they do is send mean letters to banks, real estate owners, and raid warehouses or houses every once in a while. They just don't go after the state governments, but they do go against banks and corporate landlords. "Legal" marihuana has a lot of restrictions, you can't charge with credit card, you can't hire legal armed security, you can't rent from corporate landlords, you can't get investment from non-citizens... if you do any of those they enforce, seize assets, raid you, deport or stop immigration processes for people, etc...

  16. Yall know how it works with the left, guilty until proven innocent, unless you're a Democrat. You must establish why you need rights, and they get to determine if you get those rights by their interpretation of your character.

  17. So, somebody who is a cancer patient with a prescription for medical marijuana can't have a gun but crack head hunter can.... sounds fair.

  18. Does this still apply if I go to Canada on vacation and smoke weed there? I would assume not because I’d be on foreign soil but I wanna be sure

  19. They need to refocus this to the people on psychotropic medication. That is the number one killer by suicide in the US. I’ve lost 4 life long friends to that shit.

  20. But If it's medical and prescribed by a of course legal doctor then they wouldn't be breaking any law's and obviously the right to bear arms is for all citizens even if under the influence of drugs it's just not reasonable to use said wepons under the influence because it could distort judgment and yes it is legal to carry a firearm and smoke weed so long as the doctor said so for anxiety or nerve pain but mostly because constitutional rights to carry are now affirmed by the courts and supreme court

  21. Medical marijuana cards are not prescriptions tho. They are recommendations. If they were a prescription then that doctor would need to register it with the DEA.

  22. Honestly I kind of have to agree with them in this one. I don't see that marijuana has been a net benefit to society, it is often a gateway to other harder drugs and has become prolific among children. All of the stoners in my class flunked out, dropped out or just barely got by barely able to do basic math. In 2003 in high school I remember being approached by a young looking kid offering to sell me some weed. What kind of life does that kid have today? Anyway. Different situation with adults, obviously, but I think I would personally be on the tough on drugs train.

  23. I know folks that smoke weed in their free time and own a successful brick and mortar business unrelated to smoking weed or selling paraphernalia at all.

  24. The NICS check has a drug question on it. Answering untruthful is a felony. Just because a state decriminalizes pot doesn't make it illegal on the federal level. This is because none of you grew up and put your childish addiction behind you.

  25. Yes, and that's a violation of both the 2nd and 5th amendments. You can't require a person to admit to a crime, and you can't deny a person another right because they refused to admit to a crime. The fact that that's how things are doesn't change the fact that it's unconstitutional and should not be enforced.

  26. One time I went to a concert and they had a tattoo van there. I set my beer down next to the paper saying I wasn’t under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It was fucking great. I love that tattoo

  27. You realize people with various medical conditions can't get medical Marijuana because they'd lose their right to own firearms? Why? Because you or someone else said so?

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