Email I got from Cornyn regarding HR1808 being passed by the house. Light a fire under his ass, Texas.

  1. That's a scary fucking thought, what the hell are you on? Edit: I swear this said peers instead of constituents earlier. Still fucked up, but peers would be way worse.

  2. Nothing says "fuck you plebian scum" like a canned letter that demonstrates that he hasn't read and won't be bothered to read what you actually said.

  3. Notice how they go right for the feelings instead of the facts. The first few words of the email tell me all I need to know. Fuck this guy.

  4. Right. He is not running again so he can kiss the ass of people who will give him his next cushy beltway job.

  5. This is a canned response and not a satisfactory one for sure, but I'm pretty sure he is saying he doesn't support hr1808 or at least isn't saying outright that he does.

  6. I hate this guy. I can’t believe I voted for him as the “better choice” twice. Ugh. Never again.

  7. If they pass 1808 I don't think it will be good for them at all, their will be a lot of angry non compliant gun owners who will not stand for it. The people have been pushed too far and they just keep pushing

  8. I mean, I wouldn’t give it too much credence. It’s clearly a pre made reply when you choose the “firearms” category as the subject for why you’re emailing him. The senate already made it clear that bans and ammo capacity regulation are off the table. We should still let him know how we feel, though

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