help! why is my guinea pig eye like this

  1. Go to the vet. It could be a lot of reasons. The past two times it's happened to one of my pigs it's been an ulcer on the eye and needed frequent serum or ointment to the eye. If it's something serious like that, you need to start on that medication asap so if your vet is not open, I would urge you to find an urgent care/emergency vet just in case

  2. One of my guinea pigs had this bc she poked her eye with hay. I got her vetericyn opthalmic ointment and it cleared her eye up within a few days

  3. That product is awesome. My guinea pigs actually ended up liking it. After the first time, once they realized it brought relief, they didn't fuss at all.

  4. looks like hay poke :( go to vet but if there arent any immediate appointments available , any conjuncitivits cream over the counter with chloramphenicol will work for now - source : chemist

  5. my baby boy got this from a hay poke, the stress caused a URI, which caused a major infection and almost lost him because of if. he’s blind in that eye now. please bring yours to the vet :(

  6. My little Reggie got some hay stuck in his eye recently and got conjunctivitis and it looked quite like this. We got the hay out and booked an appointment and he had an ulcer. He had to have a couple different eye drops and pain killer for it but it might be something else in this case but only a vet will be able to tell.

  7. My baby guinea pig just got an eye ulcer resulting from hay pokes 2 days ago and it looked like this. Go to the vet! Eye ulcers and general eye problems are highly urgent as they are painful and can do lasting damage if left untreated

  8. When my Guinea pig had this there was a piece of hay behind her eyeball that we absolutely couldn’t have got out or even seen. We assumed it was hay poke but it was mint getting better. Vet did a thorough examination , removed the piece hay and gave us drops. She’s all better now. As others have said take your Guinea to the vet

  9. Hay poke. Get a friend. Have them hold your piggies eye open wide, and use a pair of tweezers to pick out the hay. Make sure your friend holds your pig really firm so they don't jerk. The color will clear up in 24 hours. If it doesn't, go to a vet. If you can't see hay, go to a vet.

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