How much money do you think this man has made?

  1. Lester remains in contact with them even outside of major heists as he will help the Protagonist under the name of LJT during MC activities.

  2. That's just a stupid conspiracy theory. I- I mean, Lester would never work with biker clubs.

  3. More than the top 10 richest people combined probably because this fucker takes like 80% of the heist cut or some shit, even though he has more than enough from robbing the Union Depository

  4. If you look at the entire player base, every heist ever completed (involving Lester), including online, I’d put his worth around the trillions. But he’s still driving that little Chevy Aveo. Financial Chad

  5. He probably spends literal millions just trying to stay off the radar from police and rivals that want him dead.

  6. Would losing wanted level kind of not be as much because a lot of players have completed act 3 of the doomsday heist? Or have not many people suffered through that hell hole of a “heist”

  7. Don't forget that they each made like 26 million in the Union Depository heist. Combined with the takes of Casino heist (multiple times) and the other apartment heists, it's probably safe to say this man is a billionaire.

  8. There’s a very rare voice line that I’ve only heard Lester say once if you kill the hostages during the pacific standard heist. He says he wishes the player would’ve died and that the heist would be over. He says a lot of neutral things towards the character but interestingly he’ll say that.

  9. I don't think it matters. I mean, it not like he's spending any of that. He lives in his little, cramped house outside of LS, driving a fucking Declasse Asea, still having back problems.

  10. He pretty much confirmed that last part in the intro to the casino heist when he says he has all the money he'll ever need but is convinced by the notion of it being more difficult than anything he's ever done before

  11. In total with every player or just him alone? With all players roughly 872M and by himself finding pennies on the floor and ripping off hooker a rough estimate of $120 with hacking databases a whopping 1M-9M.

  12. He takes 5% on casino heist, his other cuts are unknown. On hard mode with diamonds the max take is 3.6 mil 5% of that is 180k so he takes 105-180k per heist

  13. That's what I was thinking if evev every single player just gave him one cut from each heist he'd be in the trillions. But, with the many of us play those heists over and over and over. Yeah he's in the mid to upper trillions mark. Pavel has got to be close to a trillion by now too. Even with his meager 30-40k per run. I wish our stats had break downs for how much we made from each heist group. Also wish it kept track of how payphone hits I've done.

  14. Idk, but Pavel does as much as, if not more work than him and takes like 20 grand each time, so it should be less

  15. Has to be sitting in the hundreds of millions/billions or at least it has to be more money than you can spend in a couple lifetimes . Like after all his involvement in the Federal Reserve heist in story mode and all the GTAO heists for him to just want to retire and not be involved/not have interest in anything until the Casino Heist implies that he made at least a hefty amount.

  16. Richer than bill gates. there about a billion players on gta 5, each heist he gets a cut, that include the big score, doomsday heist, paleto bay, jewel heist, diamond casino, and the Original Heists, and you paying him every now and then and don't forget about all the different saves and different accounts, he is a greedy fellow. he also does stock manipulation.

  17. He probably has it all stashed away in his cellar in cold hard cash. Considering he lives in a tiny little house, he can easily hide the money and wealth that he accumulated from his heists. His cut was so impressive because he stayed in his quiet little house, he saved all of the money he made, and got to stash a billionaire's ransom.

  18. If your talking story mode and online (only a player who has beaten each heist once) realistically 100mil

  19. With the money he’s made. He could easily fix the worlds debt, make every human being and newborns multimillionaires, and still have enough be the richest man to EVER live.

  20. There's all the money he's made as LJT, which is probably a lot, the Casino Heist, couple OG heists, no telling how much the government paid him for the Doomsday work, Union Depository, he's likely rolling in it.

  21. Base on the players he have stolen from he had 140k players daily from getting their money. And a total of 150million (assumed) players he had stolen from. He have 5% in the casino heist have about 208.7 trillion dollars in the palm of his hands and received about 190mil daily. (And it's assumed and it's not accurate I think)

  22. Everyone is saying super high numbers but Lester offers missions where he pays us out of his pocket and those are also infinitely repeatable so the number could potentially be negative

  23. Well, the community of gtao is really big, and heists are being completed left and right, plus money he made before online, and money he got from linked bank accounts know that he fucked Georgina. A few trillion. Few HUNDRED trillion*

  24. Not enough to get him out of prison when the FBI finally examine his hard drives. I can only imagine what’s lurking on those. He looks the type. I can easily picture his hard drives in plastic evidence bags.

  25. 5% on all casino heists and its cash every time on normal equals to about 2.3 million and 5% is 115k so thats how much a casino heist is worth at minimum.

  26. I actually made a post a while back about this, and I figured around 44 million dollars if you only do one hiest each and exclude LJT. It's probably wrong but it was fun to try and figure out.

  27. I don't think this guy needs money at all. Like, when he wants something - he just gets it. It's like asking "how much money did Stalin have". He didn't need it in the first place...

  28. too much damnit, his greedy ass already made $200m from the union depository and has the audacity to take a big fat slice of the take from his online heists. Pavel takes only 2%, absolute king, Pavel all the way

  29. I mean if were talking about money made with the help of current and past players his money would technically be infinite. Reason being is that people are currently playing right now and most likely doing a lester related job. So his number is constantly increasing. High end hookers in this game ain’t even that expensive, he lives in a shithole and wears then same clothes every day.

  30. Well he said in the cutscene that unlocks the casino heist that he’s got more money than he could ever spend. I imagine it’s gotta be several hundred million dollars.

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