Exciting/stressful $3.15 Million Solo Bunker Sale

  1. Yeah definitely, last time a guy took a shot at me selling I spawn killed him with the kanjali for 30 minutes

  2. Hahaha.. good job. those MKII missiles are so shit. People still trying to grief with lock-on must have no skill anywhere. That's bloody hilarious.

  3. Is that truck worh it for sales? I read someone else's post earlier today and they were saying how it's useful.

  4. It's pretty fun just to screw around on free roam, I guess it's useful if you do haulage or that cayo prep, you don't have to buy it for the bunker sale tho, it's random free vehicles, if you're lucky I'll get the phantom wedge (max 2)

  5. Phantom wedge is definitely worth the investment in my opinion. Besides being insanely fun to plow through stupid npc's (it's hilarious revenge) you can pull your moc trailer with it, do cayo longfin setup more easily and you have access to "plowed" vip work which is worth about 54k

  6. I wished r* would’ve make all delivery vehicles for every sell mission in the game “untargetable” like the nightclub vehicles…

  7. Jesus you have some balls selling these things solo. Off radar doesn't hide it and Ghost Org wouldnt have given you time to do both solo.

  8. What's crazy is I've done tons of supply & sell missions in public since the update, and only once did someone come after me, solo in a Hunter of all things. Now I scope out the lobby before I commit, watch the map and kill feed for a few minutes, but I'd do that in the past too and that global alert to all players used to pull broomsticks from out of nowhere like flies to shit.

  9. Yes it also takes a good beating from missiles before it’s destroyed too. So if you keep a level head it’s worth selling in public lobbies still

  10. Homing missiles doesn’t work on your vehicles when you are selling guns . Still MK2 abusers are braindead monkeys lol

  11. I’m probably pretty good at free aiming with how much I randomly blow up NPCs while I’m flying but god knows I’m never gonna test that out on a player

  12. Man, fuck the griefers. I was doing a 1 quarter full sale in an Insurgent. Got 4/5 points then some two fellas in the F1-Hunter showed up blowing me up with an explosive cannon. Of course, later they proceeded to run me over with a toreador and shoot me down (after i yeeted myself at them in a savage)

  13. If r* really wants to reduce griefing, they should make these vehicles with lock on free, like business battle vehicles

  14. LPT when doing this mission: NEVER take the GPS route. It is not safe. Always always ALWAYS take the highway the entire way.

  15. Imagine being such an insufferable prick that you have to try and ruin someone's grind with an oppressor. Use a better vehicle you pussies.

  16. Find a new session when you get bad vehicles like the marshalls or dune buggys, you lose a little bit of product but it's worth it

  17. Hey, a newbie here. How did you get a 3 mil sell mission? Did you wait for the bunker to fill up entirely? And doesn't that spawns multiple vehicles?

  18. You've had a lot of stressful times with a troublemaker, but I sincerely congratulate you for completing the sale. Nice job!

  19. There's time enough to deliver 2 phantom wedges solo, from the Chumash bunker at least, i'm not sure about the ones all the way up north

  20. Will never understand why people continue to sell in public lobbies. The extra% is chump change vs losing your sale

  21. Yeah but some people 1. Enjoy the extra risk 2. Don’t care about losing sales all that much, and 3. Are good enough at the game to sell in public lobbies

  22. The extra% is 100% worth it especially with the first time sale bonus. It's an extra 50% cash.

  23. You can always quit the session if you get exploded, if that wasn't an option i would probably sell in private lobbies too lol

  24. So anyone going to tell him MK2 oppressors when selling bunker or nightclub can't lock on and just a little bug.

  25. If I saw this in a lobby I’d go and orb strike the oppressor. It’s worth the 750k to save someone from the pain of losing a full bunker.

  26. Spawns with the sale, you don't have to buy it to do it, it's like 5 different random vehicle options, you can find a new section to try to get another one, you lose a little bit of product

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