Accidentally sunbleached my copy of Raster Systeme

  1. Left a lot of my books in my grandma's conservatory and the sun has bleached a few. I almost cried initially when I saw it but I honestly think this looks amazing.

  2. I’m pretty sure it’s a rite of passage to have a sun bleached copy of grid systems. The spine is faded on most of my design school friends copies!

  3. Looks insane lol, almost like a closeup picture of pixels, which actually makes sense in the context of the book I guess?

  4. Ha! I'm in the process of moving and just packed my own sunbleached copy away yesterday. It occupied a permanent space on a table in my sunroom, so serves me right.

  5. Doesn't hurt. Grids are the backbone of modernism. You're going to be covering modular grids, columnar grids, manuscript grids, and hierarchal grids during your first and second semesters. Although, when I was in my design program, I just checked it out from the college library.

  6. Yes. It’s elemental, but knowing its principles is like knowing how to add and subtract before you begin a career doing calculus.

  7. Yes! Also highly recommend "Making and Breaking the Grid" to go with this one. I got both of mine used through online retailers, making it easier to build my resource library.

  8. It's good. Josef Müller-Brockmann was one of the best. That being said, you can tell this isn't a book that was written in the current day.

  9. It's kind of incredible that this is a design book on GRID SYSTEMS, applied with the 'ol cliché advice of "learn the rules and then break them" and it's kind of a spiritual experience! chef's kiss

  10. Cheap print job. A hardcover should not fade like this. We coat children's books with UV resistant lamination, as we all know they will be mostly read in the summer and they will be left in cars, on beaches, on benches etc, where the sun will kill anything in an hour. Any decent print house should do the same to their covers. This is just a cheaply, poorly done job.

  11. This is a perfect example of "red runs." It doesn't matter how much you protect or UV coat any piece of print, if it has red in the print, especially if it was constantly sitting in direct sunlight, the red will fade first & fast. It's just a coincidence that the cover was red/black/white..

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