The Questions Thread 08/15/22

  1. Comprehensible advice on how trekking shoes should fit? (Guides welcome). I recently had to retire boots I bought in 2015 and I’m lost.

  2. First & foremost you’re gonna want to throw shoe trees in there & figure out what the damage looks like with the leather less warped. The elegant oxford is a good suggestion to start.

  3. I have a pair of Iron Rangers that, when worn with a pair of wool socks, do not make my feet hot or moist, even during the hottest days. This is awesome and I was genuinely surprised, considering all the talk about the summer being "too hot for boots". I live in Wisconsin, but we still have plenty of 90F+ days.

  4. Leather GYW boots are naturally waterproof resistant, so no need to worry about using a a leather protected like snoseal or obenaufs unless you're walking through a large amount of water or snow.

  5. Hey all, seeking some assistance in buying my first “grown up” pair of shoes. I’ve decided on a nice pair of brown oxfords with a Goodyear welt. After reading over other posts, I stumbled upon Loake. I’m wondering what you guys think in terms of quality for price. Im willing to shell out the 600, but it is a lot of money for me, and I want to get the most for my dollar. I appreciate your input!

  6. How often are you going to be wearing a suit? If it's not too often, there's no reason to spend that much money on a pair of oxfords, and you can get a nice pair that will last you many years for $200-$300. (And then you can spend the remainder of your budget on another pair. Maybe some boots.)

  7. For $600, I would look at Alden, Trickers, maybe C&J. I would probably a Grant Stone Longwing in calf and pocket the change for a pair of boots though.

  8. Looks 1880 is fine. I wouldn’t pay $600 (assuming since it’s labelled for export we’re talking USD) for Loake though. Loake is hella up-charged for export to the United States and you could certainly do comparable or better by going with AE, Alden, or European brands like Carlos Santos, TLB Mallorca, etc. Shit, you could probably even do better British brands for close to $600. Cheaney, Trickers, etc.

  9. Can anyone suggest what size should I go for the Leo last in Grant Stone (interested in the crimson cxl Diesel boot)? I tried to go through various sizing threads but couldn't find it. I was fitted for a 10.5E in AE 65 last (Park Avenue) and wear a 10UK size in Meermin HIRO last (calf oxford). Both the 10.5D in AE and the 9.5UK in Meermin were too tight around the ball of my foot.

  10. Been trying to buy shoes online (I know, not ideal) and looking for feedback on fit. Been running into issues of heel slippage and not sure if that’s because they’re not broken in yet or if because they’re just too big. I’m a US 10D on the brannock so I tried to follow the shoe companies’ sizing advice as closely as possible. So I got Cobbler Union derbies in a size 9 UK and TLB Artista loafers in a 8.5F (I got them in a size 9 earlier and had this issue as well even more so so thought 8.5 would be good but perhaps they’re still too big?). Any feedback and advice is appreciated.

  11. Willing to put money they're too small. I had the same thing with bowing at the topline of shoes when I was wearing shoes a full size to a size and a half too small.

  12. been trying to fill out my shoe collection for different use cases/occasions, and wanted to know your guys takes on shoes for

  13. 1: In the cooler months, boots, usually Indy boots or AE Higgins Mill. In the warmer months, various Aldens with durable soles or Chaco sandals

  14. Just buy what you like tbh. "Filling out a collection" is an excuse to buy shoes you're ultimately not going to wear a whole lot because you've come up with some specific situation in your head that may or may not reflect reality.

  15. Sneakers if I plan on doing a lot of walking. Daily errands, either sneakers or a pair of casual boots. I have one pair of sneakers and one pair of leather boots that I consider 'daily', everything else is either for work or special purpose.

  16. i’d consider most of my pairs to fit either criteria. i just wear whatever i feel like day-to-day. usually loafers in the spring/summer and boots in the fall/winter. i pick what i feel looks good or suits the outfit for the day

  17. I'm looking for a shoe in the style of the Viberg Slipper and I'm finding that they're either sold out in my size (12.5D), have huge wait times because they're shipping internationally, or out of my price range (sub $200).

  18. 3dm lifestyle has some affordable venetian loafers. Bomberos may, as well. Not sure if either has your size in stock, though.

  19. Would you be looking for Venetian loafers? Other options could be Sabah, though they have a thinner leather sole. There’s also Baudoin&Lange but they’re essentially double your budget lol. Allen Edmonds has some Venetian styles too I believe

  20. Anyone have experience with SAS (San Antonio shoes)? Im interested in their Penny 40 loafer, curious about the quality/construction

  21. I thought SAS shoes were just overpriced velcro strapped sneakers that medicare would reimburse old people for.

  22. Dumb question here, but why do some folks tie their boot laces up to a few notches below the top, and then wrap the extra lace length around the boot? Does it help the boot fit different?

  23. As much as I like my 8" boots I'll stop a couple hooks below the top as it allows for more flex of my foot, ankle, and calf and therefore more comfortable. I'll wrap the laces more to take up the excess lace than anything else

  24. Mostly for aesthetic reasons. Although it does grip the ankle better for me that way. If my laces are too long I usually use that method so they don’t hang down as much.

  25. Gave my boots a treatment with shoe cream and a thin layer of wax. However, they now have slightly paler spots on the toecap. Do I need to remove the thin wax layer before I add some darker cream to the toecap?

  26. Toronto peeps - where are you buying good quality care products for your boots like Cobbler's Choice, Saphir, or Venetian Shoe Cream?

  27. No experience with them, but the fact that they have a guide to their lasts and their custom ordering page talks about their leathers is really reassuring. I would be surprised if they weren't at least on par with Beckett Simonon in terms of quality.

  28. I’m curious, too! Looks like they’d absolutely fit my need for a black oxford I’ll wear a handful of times a year. Looks handsome and is super affordable especially if they’re hand welted and their finishing looks like their product photos

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