Meet Lennon, our handsome boy! We bring him home in 2 weeks and can’t wait. Any tips for first time golden owners welcome. Looking forward to joining this community, GR’s are beautiful dogs 💙

  1. Take photos often. Get Vet recommendations from the breeder and friends, then setup those first appointments. The first year will be LOT of work; be consistent with your training and wording. Finally, remember all the love you pour into him he will give back unconditionally for his entire life.

  2. It will definitely be a bumpy ride for the first year or so. Totally worth it though. Things to remember: Don't let yourself get frustrated, be consistent with your training (ie. if you ask him to sit, don't move on to the next thing until he does it), lots and lots of pets and attention, lots of exercise. Probably the best thing to know is that a tired out golden puppy is the best behaved golden puppy.

  3. Boop his nose every 5 minutes, have him sleep on your bed every night and take naps with him, carry him everywhere, and give him a thousand treats. Remember, he’s always right. 🤪😝😜

  4. Lol. They do really believe they are right. I get a protest at just about every “illegal” thing I do (according to my dog).

  5. Take potties outside almost constantly. Every hour, immediately after eating, drinking, playing, sleeping…once you start learning the routine and limits you can adjust. But start early and celebrate potty outside!

  6. Just do not worry to much, get to learn some things about behavior (relaxed tail is "bouncing", if they shake their head they are overwhelmed so stop for a minute, licking lips is self comforting so comfort etc..).

  7. Become familiar with the term "furry crocodile". Our boy was constantly going for our clothes, especially hems and sleeves, in the first 6 months. I'm not sure that's Golden specific so much as puppy specific though.

  8. Consider doing a puppy manners course. I did with my Iroh when he was still young and am glad I did. It got me into a training mind set and it also got me more mindful about what to NOT do with my golden. For example, I don’t use his name or call him when he is in trouble and I don’t call him if I’m going to cut his nails or something - every time I call his name it is a super positive experience for coming to me and I need to keep it that way.

  9. Remember that he's going to get big. Try to train him not to jump on people. This is hard because people are happy for a Golden puppy to jump on them. They're pure love, but 80 lbs of love is a lot coming at you.

  10. We have a 13 week old golden :) we do an activity every wake window where we (my partner and I) sit on opposite ends of our living room and she sprints back and forth between us. It’s the best physical activity we can do for her while waiting for her vaccines to come in at 16 weeks.

  11. Lennon looks like the Dos Equis beer meme but instead it’s “I don’t always steal hearts, but when I do I steal every heart.” (with his beautiful eyes and the way he’s laying.) 💝enjoy this beautiful Goldie!!

  12. Take one million pictures a day. Play with paws to get him used to having his nails clipped. Give him safe warm baths to get him used to water. Teach him to sit early.

  13. Don't miss the UPS delivery of brains and mature at between 18 months and 2 years. .otherwise always a overenergetic puppy...I've only been doing this breed forb26 years so don't ask me how I know this :)

  14. I NEVER had a problem with chewing and my girl being super destructive because I trained her before leaving the house to mentally tire her out and put her in an exercise pen.

  15. Goldens love to swim if you can find a safe place for that, but make sure they are well trained a have good stamina before taking them to swim. Avoid water with swans and ducks they might chase (from personal experience). And if yours doesn’t like dog parks, don’t force it. I’ve had goldens that liked the chaos and some that were overwhelmed by the energy. Goldens are sensitive but do enjoy socialization, so start that young. Bring them around other dogs that you trust early on. Good luck with your baby!!

  16. If there are multiple people in your household make sure everyone uses the same word for whatever command you are giving. In the beginning, our poor boy was confused when I said “come” and dad said “here” and always remind him he is a good boy! Good luck 🐕

  17. Socialize him well. Have him spend time with new people and other dogs. Reward him for playing nice, and don’t get scared after a bad experience. Most problems people have with unkind goldens is just because they don’t have experience meeting new people. It’s much easier when they’re young.

  18. I don’t own a golden but I know some things boop the snoot shower with affection always call him a handsome boy he is always right and let him play as much as he wants goldens are pretty energetic dogs

  19. Do you have anything of value? Secure it at at least 3ft/1m above ground level, otherwise it will be pulverised. My Nala destroyed all the kitchen wooden chairs while teething.

  20. I've read most of these posts and they're all great advise. The only thing I would add is 2 things and sorry if I missed and they're already here.

  21. Crate train. Set up a playpen area with a training pad so you can pad train him as well. If you can afford it take him to classes. The classes will not only teach you things but also socialize him.

  22. Two words. Crate training! Literally the best thing we did with ours! Learned 100% form YouTube and our baby is so well behaved now.

  23. Teething… buy a pack of hand towels, soak them in water when your pup starts losing teeth, and stash them in the freezer overnight. Fold them into pretzels when you freeze them and you’ll save your hands and furniture some additional damage. Pups love the ice cold feeling for their sore gums and can choose when to chew, between when they want a rigid, frozen treat, or something that’s melted into a more softened state. This was my lifesaver in the middle months of year one.

  24. My golden retrievers destroyed a couple (sorta) valuable things during theirs first few months, so make sure you’re consistent with training, keep your truly valuable things away from them, drain as much of their energy as possible through walks and playing, and stay patient for the first few months, they can be a handful. Most important, cherish every moment, they really do grow up fast but life with them is so worth it!

  25. I'd say just the basic feed walk train also our use to get really uneasy if me and the wife started fooling around she'd bark so anytime we're in the mood we put the little curtain down for her

  26. They are pack animals and really want to do the right thing. If they misbehave it's because you haven't helped them understand, so do not get angry, do not yell or hit them. And always remember they lack the ability to associate. If they poo in the floor while you are out, do not rub their noses in it when you get home because they cannot associate one with the other. On the good side, they will love you UNCONDITIONALLY. Never, ever forget that. If you understand these things you will be rewarded with years of fantastic love and a rewarding relationship with a friend that will live with you long after they are gone.

  27. Pour as much into him as you can the first few weeks and they will pay off ten fold. The second you think “he should probably go out” it’s too late — he’s peeing on the floor lol. Get a good schedule going. I love the potty bell. Take VIDEOS I have so many pics but the videos of her little are my favorite ❤️

  28. Get ready for sleep deprivation. When you train them and take them to puppy classes stick to those commands and tricks and training because it'll be good for their behavior in the long run. Stick with it everyday which brings me to my next thing. Have them outside often and have a schedule. You won't have a schedule right away you'll just have to feel it out and make one on your own. If you have one already that's great but you'll probably tweak it along the way. Also be patient with potty training and use the point system if you feel lost 10 points if they go potty outside minus 100 if they have an accident inside once you get to a thousand you were a potty training master I however am waiting until I get to a 1,500 just to be sure. When potty training always remember these things Take them outside after they wake up from a nap, after they wake up in the morning, before they go to bed, when you do a new activity or puzzle AKA and enrichment toy, when you introduce them to something new like a blow dryer or something as simple as brushing their fur, after a car ride, And of course after they eat. Give them lots of encouragement throw a potty party as they say wait until they're fully done going potty then celebrate and give them a treat!

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