Bumbleberry Swapping NFTs

  1. I'm late to this, only casual on GameStop NFT website and I noticed my favorite sloth was showing an error, google brought me here, I completed the google doc, any idea how long before I get a replacement NFT?

  2. I have one but to be honest the whole situation sketches me out. I’m new to crypto but filling out google docs with information, wallet addresses etc feels uncomfortable. No offense but if a “bigger account” like yours is hacked, could you provide insight into how that happened or why we can be confident ours won’t be?

  3. I understand your caution. I have made several posts about how the hack ocurred but the short of it is that i opened a file which i thought was an image but instead was a .scr file. Since my MetaMask account was logged in the hackers were able to take all the ETH and LRC from my wallet without it even prompting me for a signature. This leads me to believe that they compromised my private key which means they have full access to that wallet and could continue to steal funds as they come in. For this reason we moved to a hardware wallet and reminted our collections.

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