I will mint my /rooms collection in a week or so, here's a sneak peek!

  1. Do you take requests for mints? Like, if I wanted the walls a certain color, or for there to be specific furniture or art on the walls, would you take a commission?

  2. There'll be about 1k rooms, or even 10k if I'll be able to do it. There are 2 or more versions for each object, sometimes the textures differ and sometimes it's the whole model that differs. Walls have a low-saturation color that is also randomized. Not sure if I should use high-saturation colors for the walls tho.

  3. What are these ISO rooms that were removed? Ive been spending pretty much all my time on the marketplace and havent seen any other. Also following tutorials and integrering what you've learned into your art is not something I'd look down on.

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