Inflation hits the lemonade stands

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  1. Dump a packet of unflavored jello into it, blow into it with a straw, now you got lemonade foam that would make any chef on The Food Network proud.

  2. I love how “refresher” is the new word for flavored lemonade. My girls will happily spend 6 bucks for a “refresher” but god forbid I spend 2k on strippers. SMH

  3. Man, if we as adults didn’t care for manners, we’d get to point quicker. Take this little girl for example

  4. On a side not, this lady has long ass arms or she's in a tiny car. Cause ain't no way my left arm is reaching out the passenger window.

  5. My daughter wanted to sell some lemonade the other day. She wanted to charge a dollar for it. I said 50 cents max, or no one would buy it (we live in a poor part of our small town). Then she found out I bought her ice for it and she wanted to charge .50 for lemonade and .50 for ice! I told her she will be fine in our economy! I still made her charge .50 though, lol. Some generous people actually paid her pretty handsomely!

  6. Sure, until a few of the 87,000 new armed IRS agents execute a no knock raid based on this footage.

  7. Man I passed one the other day and one cup was $5!!!! I was like, I love to reward kids for working and learning business strategy but I ain't buyin' no $5 kid lemonade!! LOL!

  8. A Venti lemonade at Starbucks is like $3-4. $5 for a lemonade stand lemonade is highway robbery. It had better have fiji water, fresh squeezed lemons, and the finest sugar. It's funny how inflation has hit everything from lemonade stands to the homeless on the street. To a kid in the 90's/early 2000's making $1 per lemonade was amazing. You literally spend $5 on ingredients, and the rest of profit.

  9. I stopped at these little girls' stand that said "popsicles $2" since I had cash on me for once. I asked for two and handed over my $20 bill. They open a cooler, pull out two of those medicine cups of partially frozen juice, and say "Thanks!" concluding the transction.

  10. And her mother for setting that shit up. Sorry. This is a lame lesson. Not cute at all ripping off people. Teaches those kids nothing but greed and dishonesty.

  11. You honestly think these kids have any idea the value of what they're selling? The little girl looks like she's maybe 7 years old. I know lots of 7 years olds and they have little understanding of the concept of money. Maybe the older girl knows but maybe not. It was probably the only disposable cups they had and they put up a sign and people started paying. Not the kids fault adults are willing to pay. Usually at a lemonade stand you can see the cups and such set up at the table.

  12. Delicious lemonade, brought directly to you, in climate controlled comfort, leather seating, and a playlist that's so good you might mistake it for one of your own? What a deal.

  13. It's not for lemonade itself. It's for the experience of having lemonade. The small quantity just ensures you really savor the experience.

  14. I watched my kid help make a grilled cheese once. That slice of American hit everything but the lottery and got licked by a dog before it found itself between the breads.

  15. I think they know people are just buying it to be nice to the kids and they probably dump it out down the street so they can accomplish the same thing while saving resources.

  16. The enforcer came in after the purchase was made to see if there was a problem…yep they have an official operation, stay safe out there, things are getting real…

  17. This is such an Edmonton thing to do. The only way this could be more Edmonton is if the driver was forced to slow down due to construction and was charged double for speeding by photo radar.

  18. I'm surprised no one else pointed this out, those are the communion cups they use for the grape juice, I drank so much Jesus blood from those gently flared rims.

  19. Let’s be real. There is a mother behind the scenes somewhere who is absolutely taking a cut of this and explained to her children that this how you make money.

  20. One hundred percent, this scam was contrived by mom/manager/bouncer and is using the kids as a shield from backlash for obvious scam.

  21. Bruh, if a kid hands me a medicine cap of lemonade, I'm calling the city and having their unlicensed "business" shut down. Teach em the way of the world early.

  22. My kids charge 50¢ for a full sized cup and people always give them $1-$5, sometimes even more. One day they made $20/hour selling lemonade outside our house lol

  23. That's a totally missed business opportunity. I'd open a stand right next to them with a sign "5 for $2" and run them right out of business.

  24. wonder if some popular kids show or something had an episode about lemonade stands because they popped up all over the place in my neighborhood the past couple of weeks. I try to keep cash on me now so I can help them out, I remember how exciting it was to make a little bit of money as a kid. $20 goes a long way when you're in elementary school.

  25. Man this is weird. They took a lemonade stand and made it a hustle lol. I was born in 1993 and everytime I had a lemonade stand, I learned a lesson. You have to put in the work/time to make a buck. Nice people paid extra and we had fun, but I remember thinking "dang, I would have to do this every day for the next 100 years to make xyz" and THAT is the whole point of lemonade stands to me. Seems like an older gal with some sense is trying to capitalize on the situation. Wouldn't be surprised if she's taking a cut lol. My parents would be pissed if I sold a $2 cup of lemonade haha

  26. Lol I just went to my local lemonade stand where they were charging $1. Get 2 and give them a $5. They just said “thanks!” and when I went to ask for change they said “we don’t have any!” Convient..

  27. My wife tries to buy me Girl Scout cookies, she knows I frigging love Samoas. For the past few years I've said "no, they're a fucking rip-off", and I don't care how cute the kids selling them are. They shouldn't be 2 or 3 times the price of anything similar...and rising drastically every year.

  28. How much are they now? I havent bought girl scout cookies in a long time but i think they were $4 which wasnt too bad.

  29. In fairness, Girl Scout cookies aren’t just a $5 box of cookies. The third party companies that do the actual cookie-baking want a profit, but also, some of the money is sent back to that troop to support the cost of future programs/trips. It also funds the administrative side of Girl Scouts.

  30. In my state it is illegal for a kid to make a lemonade stand without a business license and a health inspection.... it's a red state that constantly talks about not hindering capitalism

  31. It's probably illegal in all states technically. Surely it's only to be enforced when the kid is legit running a business. Nobody fining a kid for a table set up at their yard sale for example.

  32. I would check to see if theres lemonade stand carve outs. I know some red states like TX put them in the books not too long ago.

  33. As should be. They're cute and all but selling food is a huge responsibility. They should resort to selling non-edible items.

  34. man i was waiting to see 30 armed IRS dudes helicopter in and fast rope down on that illegal lemonade stand.

  35. It’s like the girl knows that she ripped off the customer. Like the waitress that brings out your food that is clearly not looking right and she kinda hesitates for a second to wait to see if you say something.

  36. The kids are actually working with local PD. They set em up with these cute lil shot glasses, but these schmucks don't know there's always a patrol car around the corner riiiight behind the big dead oak. Anyway, pigs see that lil thing in there there's your probable cause

  37. The poor girl who handed it to her is like “dude I didn’t make the rules I just work here don’t yell at me” 😂

  38. One time the siblings decided they would sell raffle tickets at their lemonade stand to win prize money. They decided it was better business to just not hold a raffle and keep 100% of the profit.

  39. The girl in the Stitch shirt said: You can pay $2 for homemade Sprite in a shot glass, or you can pay $2 for air. Your choice, lady!

  40. I always respect the hustle. There’s this little boy and his little sister in my neighborhood that is always setting up selling things. Lemonade, homemade Oreos, cupcakes, you name it. Hell, at one point they were just selling rocks and pebbles. I will always stop and buy whatever they have and give them extra. It beats them sitting inside doing nothing and growing up expecting everything to be handed to them. They are learning to earn at a young age. Good on them.

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