Had this scene stuck in my head all day

  1. Anytime I have to fix something I immediately think of the scene where Hal goes to fix I think a light and ends up finding more and more things that need fixing.

  2. Goes to fix a light but the hinge of the ladder squeaks, so he reaches for the WD40 and the cupboard door jams, so he fetches a screwdriver to tighten the joints but the toolbox doesn't fit on the shelf so he has to...

  3. I feel like this every day at my job as a software engineer. Nothing is an easy fix, and in order to fix one thing, I have to fix 10 other things.

  4. It was so weird watching Breaking Bad knowing that was fucking Hal from Malcom. Such wildly different characters.

  5. We just rewatched the series over about a year. Pure f-ing genius. It’s a shame that Justin Berfield (Reese) didn’t do much else.

  6. Jane Kaczmarek was so perfect as the mom, she doesn’t get enough credit, Lois was the first tv mom I ever saw who was like my own mom and not some nbc sitcom mom, the way she could take it to 11 and then also play kind and loving with her family is real talent

  7. I loved those moments where she actually broke down why she was being a hard ass. She rarely had the time to punish those boys and keep an eye out for other shenanigans. But it always felt really satisfying when she had some wisdom to offer up

  8. I love Lois so hard. And I didn't realize how much I was internalizing her struggle until waaay later, when I was raising my own two rascally sons. I'd find myself hollering, "Boysss!!" just like she does, and I'd laugh and stop being annoyed. So I guess, in a way, she made me a better mom. Thanks, Lois! And Jane. And writers. :)

  9. Totally reminds me of my own mum too - funny enough, we used to watch it together, and she always said she thought Lois was a great mum.

  10. I'm french, and in our country it's broadcasted so much every year on TV, I must have seen some episodes like 20+ times

  11. My wife and I watched it for the 1st time maybe 4 years ago on Netflix I think? She has rewatched it maybe 4 times all the way through already. Damn show was hilarious.

  12. Yeah, it's as good as my Name is Earl, Married with children, Community. The thing is no matter how young or old you are there is allways one Character you can relate too at least. Same is with Spongebob first we start as this innocent being ( Patrick ) growing Into Teenager years ( Spongebob), grow Up ( squidward) and as last old grumpy and wise ( Mr Krabs).

  13. i grew up watching it, now i can't because it reminds me too much of my own abusive home (i used to watch Malcome in the middle and think how much nicer their family was then my own). Shame really, as its a very well made show.

  14. He played himself (more or less) in The Rookie as a former famous child actor who became a sect leader. Quite self ironic and funny.

  15. He would have come in with a way higher starting offer than $5. Gotta make sure the kid is living the lifestyle of a meth chemist kingpin

  16. I remember being in middle school and was at my grandmas when this scene came on, we immediately left after and I spent a week thinking what the hell happened lol I should finish that episode haha

  17. From what I remember I don't think we ever found out what he did. I think it was just a quick scene before the intro music haha

  18. It was just the opening scene before the credits, if i remember right, there was no follow up. Each episode opened with a short little 30 or so second scene like this.

  19. This show is definitely worth rewatching as an adult, especially if you're a parent, bc you get to enjoy all the jokes you missed as a kid.

  20. Started watching this with my husband a few months ago because he was shocked id never seen it. Growing up I always thought it was such a boy show and I grew up with sisters. I was so surprised at how good it is, we crack up laughing every episode!

  21. Watched a few episodes when it first aired but don’t remember much about it. I’m now watching the original Wonder Years with my 10 year old, but the subject is getting too mature for him in season 4. Is Malcom suitable for a 10 year old?

  22. Every clip I see from this show is phenomenal. I'm only slightly worried that if I watch the whole thing, it won't live up to my expectations

  23. It is a very good show that holds up because its all about family dynamics. It also has one of the best endings on TV, it just fits so well. So few shows seem to get the opportunity to close off on their own terms.

  24. Some of the later seasons feature some really genius solo set pieces for Hal too. Really incredible comedic acting job by Bryan Cranston.

  25. This is the only show that I've been able to rewatch over 10 times and still be entertained despite knowing what's gonna happen, it's that good. There is not one bad episode, it holds its consistency and the story just makes sense, is realistic and relatable. Bryan is seriously the star of the show (in my eyes).

  26. Not a single episode is not gold. If you’re worried about the cold openings being the only good thing, the actual episodes are just as good

  27. This is one of my top favourite shows of all time. I like how it doesn't just follow them at school ALL THE TIME like typical 2000 TV shows did. When they were at school, it was actually a scene of them in gym, music class or at the fair,rather than the typical gossip scenes. I liked that we get insight into Lois's work and the antics with Craig. We never knew what line of work Hal was in (possibly cooking Meth) but we knew it was only just enough to make ends meet. Francis being off in the military and the drama he got up to there. Well rounded show and was sad when it came to an end but it would have just been ruined if they kept going I think.

  28. He always has these weird obsessions for a short time so whatever he did, it never disturbed the boys & there was more than one thing cuz Lois was getting more & more disgusted going thru it. Feel like Hal would record some of the neighbors to find it escalate into some crazy scenario & Lois finally found the cam/tapes.

  29. I just rewatched the series with my 10 year old. It was a great bonding experience. Nostalgic for me and funny as hell for my son 10/10

  30. If you like Brian Cranston (or any of the stuff he has done) you should read is autobiography. The book is very good and if you do the audiobook he is the reader. One fascinating tidbit is Brian and his brother rode motorcycles around the US when they were younger and camped and did odd jobs just to get by.

  31. Malcom in the Middle is SO GOOD! I’m currently rewatching this series and I never realized how innovative it was for 2000! The show is so fast paced - The camera is always moving, tracking into extreme close ups for actor’s reactions, spinning overhead dinner table scenes, Dutch angles that make a whole scene feel “offbeat”. The editing is so fast paced, no laugh track (this is one of the first shows to pioneer this which has become common place in American sitcoms now) the music & sound design - the writing, the directing, pure fire. And since there was very little technology in the show it doesn’t feel dated and holds up as an excellent period piece now. I’m stunned at how good this little Fox sitcom still is and how well it holds up- I’ve been dying to talk about it for days, thanks for bringing it up OP lol

  32. I personally think that he took a fat ass shit and forgot to flush. This is the most likely explanation for me.

  33. I loved the boys and their antics as a kid, but as I'm growing up I'm starting to feel sorry for them mom. Anyway, great show!

  34. It was a joke video where Hal from Malcolm in the Middle wakes up, having dreamed the entirety of Breaking Bad.

  35. I need to watch more of this old show. I was on IMDb earlier and found that Bryan Cranston had been on Murder she Wrote for a couple episodes.

  36. He was also in an episode of the X Files, a performance that eventually gave birth to the character of Walter White.

  37. I've recently been re-watching this show and it's just so damn funny. Hal is 100% my favorite character 🥰 When I first started watching Breaking Bad it was so hard to un-see Hal at first, especially when he caught his pants on fire!

  38. My favorite scene is when they’re cat sitting and the cat gets out, so they drug some cat food and leave the window open…

  39. This show reminds me of skipping school and staying at my grandma's place watching it on TV while she takes care of me. Such a core memory but it always makes me tear up a little and remember this show in good memory :)

  40. I was just thinking about this show yesterday. Had to do work around the house and the way it was going it reminded me of that scene where Hal is trying to fix the lightbulb and ends up working on the car in the garage.

  41. The scene where the boys have snuck out and made dummies of themselves with balloon heads.

  42. When the more shrill higher pitched "oh my God" happens after he already agrees to the $10. Lmao. Hes like "oh boy, what in the heck did I just get myself into?".

  43. If I'm not mistaken, I think Malcom in the middle has cold opener - which means you never got to know what he's taking the fault for.

  44. That show was hands down one of the best out there. Hal was amazing and the creators would work to find ways to humiliate him time and time again.... the roller blading/skating episode was one of the funniest... and the speed walking episode... and the muscle guys..... the gambling at the casino.... the poker game with his friends.... damn every episode was pure classic.

  45. Malcolm in the middle, what a classic. (Fun fact : it's one of the most well known comedy show in France). Source : I'm a baguette.

  46. I think this might have been the cold open of the first episode, is that right? If so, what a brilliant introduction to the tone of the show and the family dynamic.

  47. for me bryan is up there with terry and keanu.. i hope we never find skeletons for them it'd break my heart they are practically world treasures at this point.

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