Aaron Rodgers arrives at training camp looking like Nicolas Cage in ‘Con Air’

  1. Legitimately had to stop a catalytic converter thief while walking to 7-Eleven midday yesterday. Shit is crazy, people just out here not giving a fuck.

  2. Good Morning Football on the NFL Channel did a segment comparing the careers of Cage and Rogers like two weeks ago. This is clearly Rogers getting in on the joke and running with it.

  3. If the Packers had any kind of brains in their marketing department, they would run with this. They should totally parody Con Air with him. Have him trying to get home to his baby girl but have the Lombardi Trophy be the baby girl. This shit writes itself if they have alittle bit of imagination.

  4. That's exactly what this is. It's not uncommon for guys to arrive at the first day of training camp "in style". You should check out Reggie Wayne and how he would show up sometimes.

  5. When I grew up in rural Arkansas that was what we thought was a really cool look.. now I know why its considered "trailer park trash" and the "wife beater" look.

  6. Wife beater and jeans are genuinely not flattering to anything but the arms and because of his athletic training he has an unusual muscle distribution on such a tall frame…it’s all just an awkward mess….a mess that earns millions a year but a visual mess none the less…I typed while resting my hands on my prestigious belly. 🫤

  7. I always expect a professional athlete to have stronger shoulders than this. He looks more like the quarterback from high school who works at a car dealership now.

  8. Don’t know the guy personally. But he sure does put off a self absorbed and high opinion of himself type of vibe.

  9. He has, what many people refer to as, Fuck You money. He could turn into Corey Feldman and cosplay Michael Jackson if he wanted.

  10. Needs to look like he consumed an entire bottle of Benadryl and is hearing and seeing illusions, foaming from the mouth and completely psychotic.

  11. I used to be a huge GB fan. I’ve had Favre and Rodgers jerseys, and a game worn autographed Rodgers still nicely in its protective box. Now, I’m boycotting because both QBs have shown themselves to be unquestionably pieces of shit. Yes, he’ll end up in the Hall of Fame one day. On that day I’m going to piss on that jersey and sell it on EBay it to an anti-vaxx trump supporting asshat.

  12. Never realized how much of an attention whore he is. Just like favre before him. Get this trash out of here.

  13. Heck’s naw! What is going on? He used to be so hot. It’s like he’s gone down hill since the gay rumors smh.

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