totally normal

  1. Excellent feedback. It looked fairly real but I wasn't able to articulate exactly how I knew it was CGI until I read your comment.

  2. I feel they added the shake in an attempt to "blend" the illusion a little better, but it does look a bit off.

  3. Nice picks. For being a CGI-exemplary short, this is far better than the shitty shorts set to Bollywood dramatic music I see on Instagram.

  4. I'd call this alot better than Ok+. A few minor details missed (the slipping track is the biggest offender really). I'd say it's very well done.

  5. Actually did that guy hugged me yesterday after congratulating me on beating the puzzle to his basement and gave me a hug, oh yeah by the way his name three fingers actually

  6. That moment when even you blurt out the standard “what the fuck” response whilst working at a pool store in front of a family with 4 kids… an old couple… and my boss.

  7. You totally tricked me. That was amazing. Perfectly believable for someone to pull a prank like that, but also it was like how??? Where's his head??

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