How Different Animals Fight

  1. I can’t even spend 2 days a week with my two year old and wife lol guess my priorities and investments (well clearly any stock related investments) are bass ackwards

  2. Damn talk about sacrificing the body, some of those looked painful...for him. Hilarious, definitely, but also painful

  3. Why does this not have like a kabillion upvotes??? This is one of the funniest and most original things I’ve seen in Reddit in a really long time. Holy Shit I’m still laughing…

  4. Next time they make a live action Pokemon movie I was this guy to do the movements for all the Pokemon. He can be like the pokemon version of the guy who played golem in LOTR.

  5. Huh, I always thought drop bears landed on you with their massive ass and either crush or asphyxiated you that way.

  6. It's an aggresive carnivorous koala. They like to drop out of trees and eat tourists faces off. They love tourists for some reason.

  7. There's no way he didn't Injure himself doing the salmon. He missed the landing pad entirely and landed pretty much on his face.

  8. Man he really nailed the drop bear. I’ve seen some shit in the rocky mountains and Florida but drop bears take the fucking cake. Don’t fuck around in drop bear territory.

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