Sit Down

  1. Reminds me of a trait (?) in watch dogs legion where your guy hasn't been to a doctor in decades and can just drop dead at any moment.

  2. I always joke that this is probably why/how I'm going to die. I just never go to the doctor for anything. So far everything has gone away one it's own.. but I'm sure one day something will be serious and I'll try to ignore it.

  3. I’ve had plenty of patients with no past medical history at age 70+ and it’s not because they’ve been living a healthy lifestyle for the past 7 decades.

  4. Doctor: Hisses You're safe for today, but what about tomorrow or the next day? One day, you'll forget your apple, and I'll be there.

  5. In our country we have a lot bomb threating emails to schools so our genius security system told schools just to delete emails and use other public unknown emails.If there is no threating emails there is no bomb IQ 200!

  6. Don't forget we recently had a prez with the same strategy. If we don't test for covid, our numbers will be better!

  7. I don't think that is true. I've been alive my entire life and never once I have died before. There's no reason to think I'll die in the future.

  8. I had a guy come in for a myocardial perfusion test. Told him if we see anything we’ll call him within 2 hours to bring him to cath lab.

  9. Not only that but if someone is going to tell you a family member has died they will say “you’d better sit down first” and if you don’t then they didn’t die.

  10. Congrats on your selection to promotion to Captain. We were all rooting for you Lieutenant Obvious.

  11. This is why Jason Segel was nude for like the first 10 minutes of Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

  12. Tangent but has anyone ever actually walked in to see a doctor in their literal office instead of the doctor coming in to see the patient in their exam room?

  13. Does anyone else just hate being asked to sit down? Like, if I wanted to sit, I would already be sitting. I feel like standing right now

  14. "Please Mr. Johnson, it'll be much easier to clean up if you die in the chair rather than falling over and breaking a bunch of stuff on your way out."

  15. This would be an even stronger joke without the thought bubble in the last panel. Learning to edit your own work is so difficult, and it’s so easy to sit here and criticize. But I still think I’m correct here.

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