First I mixed a penguin with a bear. Then I mixed a bear with a penguin.

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  1. “You spent so much effort considering “could I”, you never stopped to consider “should I”” -Jeff goldblum in Jurassic Park (probably)

  2. Avatar the last air bender (the awesome cartoon) mixed bears with everything! But never a penguin bear... a real bear was a surprise.

  3. The bird part is supposed to be an owl. You're going to get tossed from the Mad Wizard's Union with mistakes like this.

  4. I could deal with the penguear...but the bearguin is terrifying. Especially 10,000 of them standing around on the ice.

  5. I would prefer the Bear/penguin to have bear arms as well as the bear head and the Penguin/bear to have flippers instead of bear arms.

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