Unbelievably Irresponsible HOA - A line has been crossed?

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  1. It’s a common rule because they don’t want them converted into additional rooms or keep inappropriate materials in there (say if someone wanted to convert it into a personal machine shop or something (happened in one of our communities).

  2. In Tennessee if you're in townhome, you own the land it sits on. It is not common ground. TH are considered single family home. Deed says less than quarter acre.

  3. Yessssssss I like how you think. Except they probably have a 'we can choose to interpret the rules however we like' clause like an evil DM when the players outsmart them :/

  4. In what world do normal people not use their garages for storage of some type? Extra fridge, snow shovels or garden supplies?? Seriously. HOAs are getting out of hand.

  5. This is likely in the CC&Rs and already in there since the time the builder wrote the CC&Rs. The problem is normally not to store items in addition to the car, but there are a lot of people that fill their garage to the brim with clutter. And then actually block guest parking 24/7 because they have no space for their cars anymore.

  6. Even better, according to most (all?) US vehicle codes, a bicycle is technically considered a type of vehicle that can legally be driven on the highway, and must follow the rules of the road.. So I'm with you, I'd throw a couple of bikes in there and call it good. LOL

  7. Check the specific language. My HOA bylaws state there must be the amount of vehicles stored in the garage that the garage was designed to hold, before using driveway parking. So I have two motorcycles in a two car garage, and that satisfies the required amount of vehicles. I can now use the other half of my garage and park my truck in the driveway.

  8. My neighbor converted his garage into a hang out room. Now he parks always on thir driveway and street. Every weekend they have a pool party and all their people park in front of my house. There is plenty of parking across from my house but they don't want to be considerate at all. Every weekend they do this to where we are seriously annoyed. The street in front of my house does not belong to me so I have no right to tell them to not park there. I wish they would just park their cars in their friggin garage and stop putting their needs on everyone else. They have like 4 vehicles of their own.

  9. Is the road managed by the city or the HOA? If it's city property, residents may park on the road instead and the HOA can't do a thing about it, as it's public property. Otherwise, you should look into the bylaws for how garage use is stated, or how to amend it.

  10. Not sure how your HOA board is chosen, set-up, or run, but in my parent’s HOA three people wanted to make a change that would solely benefit them unbeknownst to the rest of the community at the time.

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