oh my god I didn't even complete it

  1. You have to hit it with speed, but also stay to the right where it is flat and you get better grip. I finished it with the Saleen S1.

  2. My car was already having troubles with getting the nose slammed into the ground on every other connecting piece, barely even made it up the hill. Got down to 80kph, although stable. I feel bad for anyone trying to do it with RWD.

  3. I liked the concept of it, my problems are with just how rough the angles are, and how hard it was to line the jumps up correctly.

  4. I totally hear that, there was a few spots where it wasn’t a jump but a small all but invisible bump that threw my little RS200 right off the side

  5. I agree, but am even simpler fix would've been stricter car restrictions, only allowing, say, S1 Rally Monsters or something. I simply wasn't able to complete it in a RWD sports car, one that I love to drive on real roads.

  6. Yeah I liked all the steep hills and steep curves, it wasn’t too rough with an off-road Volkswagen bug, just that early turn on the satellite dish thing sucked because for some reason you just slide on it

  7. Off-road tires made it really tough to keep traction on that last climb, lots of rewinds. But it wasn't that bad. A bit more interesting than the last few, at least. But seriously, the eventlab needs some sort of snap function to auto align track pieces and barrier walls; smooth out the gaps.

  8. Snap is coming with Hot Wheels! I'm not sure if it'll be retroactively added to existing pieces, but we'll have it for the hot wheels track at least.

  9. I've not completed it properly. Keep slipping backwards and falling off before the last checkpoint. Thankfully, the game accepts driving UNDER the checkpoints, so I drove around on the mountain following the map and finished it that way.

  10. Why is every event lab thing the same recently? The previous ones i can remember are hideously racing in spirals up a mountain or something. Cool once but something new? Please?

  11. I managed to do it with my Carrera GT, but just barely. There's a section where the track is straight but still banked, and I swear the only way to complete the section is fall off, pause, then reset your car position and proceed at like, 5mph.

  12. Pardon me folks, but what is the origin of this gif? I’ve seen it around a bit and have always wondered. Thanks!

  13. It's not the difficulty. It's the quality of the track itself. It's fucking horrendous, and clearly wasn't tested by a dev before being put into the event.

  14. Shit wasn't tested before it came out. The track was poorly designed at the end which caused the car to slide off the track.

  15. yea it's more badly designed than impossible tbh, my souped-up G-Wagen could finish it with a few rewinds.

  16. I think that if the final incline is so bad that you can't get up on it with a Ford GT even after multiple tries (took me 18 tries and shit ton of luck) then the map is fucking shit

  17. If they're gonna mark an event lab as S1 anything goes I should be able to use whatever random-ass trash S1 car I want. The fact that the final incline can only be done with certain cars and certain tunes makes it garbage.

  18. There’s nothing better than completing a race in your super car and then launching it from 100000ft into the skies of Mexico, after you mash the rewind button into your carpet. Nice to see people are still doing magic mushrooms.

  19. I find it funny that they said "Use an A Class Vehicle" even though the event was in S1 Class, not to mention it had somewhat poor checkpoint placement and the track repeated alot of turns. Another thing I don't like about the Eventlab was the fact that it was all tilted, even in an S1 class vehicle that was built for being planted, I found it hard to stay on track, the last spiral killed my mood. I'm gonna rate this week a 3/10, It would've been better if the description actually fit the Class Restrictions

  20. It wasn’t hard…I mean I used an Audi R8 w/ 900hp but I wasn’t losing my mind or anything. Was quite exciting since a lot of people were complaining and made it more intense with the jumps lol

  21. You didn't complete it? That sounds like a "you" problem. It wasn't difficult. Sure, it was poorly-made, but it was rather easy to finish.

  22. People are complaining because the track's quality is awful, not because it's hard to complete. The point of eventlabs in the festival playlist is to showcase the best tracks the Forza community has to offer, but this track ain't it.

  23. all of these weekly eventlab tracks are garbage. If people want to play mario kart in FH5 fine, but let them go seek out tracks in eventlab to do it. Don't force it on people who want to complete weekly events.

  24. Stop fucking crying about it and pick literally anything other than a 1000hp rwd car for it. It took me one try and no rewinds in a stock msport fiesta.

  25. Ariel Nomad, max ride height and full performance upgrades with AWD. Got it first try with that. Tried it with the Focus RS first 2 times, but the angles were too sharp.

  26. It was definitely a struggle on the last incline. I somehow drove around on the ground and managed to miss the final checkpoint. When it warped me back on the track, I immediately slid back and fell to the ground. I was determined to finish, though! I found a finish line behind the mountain, marked with the pink flag and it ended the race as if I had stayed on the track.

  27. I had to switch from my off road Subaru to my Nissan skyline R34 to manage to run the damn thing without sliding or falling off the track. It could have been smoother tho

  28. The ending was a bit sketchy, but I did it first time with no rewinds using the Hoonigan RS200.

  29. I got locked in rewind for most of the race and ended up DNFing to my friends, didn’t count as completed and I’m not doing it again

  30. From the very start I was annoyed because of how terrible it was. Then I ended up having to switch cars twice because what I initially brought in simply wasn't capable of dealing with the garbage design of this "track". Worst part was that with the 2nd car I got to 94% but couldn't finish the climb, simply didn't have enough grip.

  31. Completed it first try Ford RS200 with rally tires no assist M/T UT wasn't about speed but momentum and gearing not hard at all

  32. My mates couldn't finished it and i barely got through it myself. How do the devs look at this and think yeah this is good content.

  33. I used a Mercedes slk 55 amg with off road tires it done it easily tried to use the rip rod and it was too fast jumped to high it hit the top of the other part of track hated this track with a passion

  34. When going up the last hill before the end, I only managed to finish when I was at 4th gear at 2000rpm. It was a lot easier than trying to go up at a lower gear and losing grip since the incline is so damn high

  35. I was adamant to use a rwd. It took a 1500hp drag spec supra for me in the end. Had to crawl up the last climb pretty much and the final banking was a bugger as well. Absolute dog water of an event.

  36. Eh, the biggest issue was the "anything goes" restriction. like yeah, you can TRY in anything, but the difficulty will range from easy to impossible...

  37. The concept was good but it was built like shit. Connection between parts felt like driving into a wall. And pf course the final incline... I found out that the finish line is not even at the top but at the hillside wich means i could complete it without driving up the last bit after you got the last checkpoint.

  38. Is the hot wheels expansion going to improve these tools? I haven't been around long enough to have seen the last one.

  39. I used a AWD S1 900 Ferrari J50 and couldn't get past that fucking incline. I'm surprised they never use the maps featured on AR12's videos.

  40. They've all been crap for the last month or more. Glad to be done with them (at least I hope we are) since they were basically just like precursors to actual Hot Wheels tracks.

  41. I think because i actually heard about the complaints, i came prepared but that was an annoying event. One try, but i stayed in 2nd gear the whole time and resisted the urge to ever flatline anything. And the original race was suppose to be A class. How the HECK is an A Class suppose to get up that final climb? Worse one, by far.

  42. Hello, my name is SERPENT and I make MULTI-PATH circuit races. Yes that is correct, you choose which path to take and they come back together and the timing is correct. Better than the race that was releases this week 🤣 Just search SERPENT or SERPENTxTNEPRES P.S. some pathways are a little bit hidden.

  43. I didn’t find it hard, just kind of annoying. I did it in a stock Aventador SV and only had to rewind once or twice

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