Ocon's defense against Alonso at the start. He just looks at Alonso

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  1. Yup totally ruined alonso's race. It was so dumb on the start where he defended so hard and let lewis just breeze by him. Fuking low IQ by him and alpine this race.

  2. Probably nothing to hear at all - if Otmar let this happen at Force India/RP, and if he let it happen this year at Jeddah. But from Alonso yes you will hear.

  3. I feel like he thinks it's some good fun, at least after Jeddah he was smiling in front of the French TV saying it was a great battle when he nearly put Alonso into the wall on Lap 3.

  4. He will like it a little bit less when Alonso decides it's time to play the same game instead of yielding.

  5. It's so dumb, he's such a good racer but he doesn't have his priorities right. So often he decides to not fight other drivers but he just gets adrenaline when his teammate is involved

  6. not only that. but later on when he made sure alonso wont overtake and waves through riccardo in the process was just as bad.

  7. I was surprised when they extended Ocon so early, but after this I honestly feel like they should be trying to get rid of him. He's a huge drag on the team with moves like this, and he's miles off Alonso in terms of pace. ~8 tenths on average in the last two weekends. That's just not acceptable, especially when you behave like this.

  8. That was because Ocon had a slow stop, and Ricciardo was on mediums. Would have passed them easily anyway

  9. Extremely shortsighted from Ocon. Sure, he’s allowed to defend and yes, Alonso isn’t owed a position. But this was just unnecessary.

  10. He shouldn't be allowed to defend like that, because if you allow one driver to defend this aggressively, you could expect the other driver to attack likewise, ending in DNF for both cars.

  11. The biggest issue is prioritizing defending against Alonso instead of Hamilton. I guess what's done it's done and hopefully Spa will be better.

  12. I think Ocon realizes he need to beat Alonso points wise to secure his future, Merc will look into nabbing Leclerc, And Piastri is looming around, If Alonso stays and keeps beating Ocon, he is out of the seat, this makes him race hard.

  13. Bingo. People are too harsh on him, he didn't do anything illegal. Yes, it was funny that he wasn't even looking on the left side (he wanted to block Alonso that he wasn't even caring about the left mirror), but this is all about his future and negotiating power.

  14. wanna see fernando recreate that ocon tweet saying something like “we were having a good weekend until esteban tried to kill me two times!”

  15. This was a pretty good start, if only the one he covered so ferociously wasn't his teammate... Still that start can be excused, but the battle against Alonso leaving the pitlane, letting Ricciardo through, was particularly dumb.

  16. if only he defended like this against any other team and not just his teammates, he liked doing this with perez, what a joke

  17. If he's letting cars starting behind pass for free I don't think he cares about other teams - just his teammate.

  18. Alpine is so lucky that Ricciardos race went to shit. Ocon was clearly thinking he's sitting in a mclaren today.

  19. Ricciardo race went to shit because he then finally bit the bullet to go onto the 2nd compound which alpine had done earlier. Alpine was paying the price for that earlier.

  20. Not even prioritising his own race...had Ricciardo not got fucked by the strategy, he'd have ended up behind him.

  21. This sort of defensive driving leads me to believe Ocon might be under some pressure for his drive at Alpine. His contract might not be as air tight as we all think it is.

  22. Nah Alpine love him. I think he still thinks he has a shot at Mercedes if Lewis retires and he's desperate to finish ahead of Alonso to impress them. Not that he stands a chance of that happening

  23. Ridiculous defending against his teammate both at the start and after the stops. Shades of his messy fights with Perez

  24. Either the kid is stupid, or the Team wants him to be ahead of alonso just to make the spanish one look weaker so they can avoid renewing his contract.

  25. Well they screwed him up in the pits. Alonso goes on to make comments slightly hinting at how his side suffers when Ocon suffers as well with strategy and pits. Surely, there's some internal conversations we are not aware of.

  26. He griefed his own teammate, forfeited all gains to be had up front, and parted the seas for the car behind Hamilton like Moses. What a grief he gives his own team (and himself!) does Ocon, when around teammates. He's harming himself there - for what reason exactly? He needs a talking to from Otmar (though Otmar must be a part in allowing it if he lets Ocon get away with this from Force India days that behaviour).

  27. It seems like Ocon is back to being his old self. It honestly seemed like he got over stupid things like this but I guess he just didn't see Fernando as a threat until now.

  28. I'm not trying to defend Ocon because that 1st lap was unnecessary, but some people are really overrating whole situation. This happens, happened and will happen. It honestly amazes me that 90% of incidents like this one goes unnoticed, but half of F1 subreddit randomly decided to pay attention when Ocon did that. And if you swap surnames, I can guarantee everyone would praise Alonso for his defense

  29. It just looks like he wants to be in front of Fernando at any cost. He defends harder against his own teammate than against any other driver on the grid. Unbelievable.

  30. This is the stuff I want insider shots of at F1 Drive To Survive. And Alonso yelling at the camera guys to get out. Instead, the episode will be about Ocon and Riccairdos intense rivalry

  31. You’re acting like his teammates have been angels too lmao. Perez was way more responsible for stupid race ending manoeuvres between him and Ocon compared to Ocon.

  32. This and the defense when Danny Ric passed both Alpine is just very shortsighted from Ocon. Alonso is not someone to piss off

  33. Wow, didn’t see how Ocon pushed Alonso out of bounds again after the waving-blocking start. Makes Ocon look even more wackier. Don’t know… he was hyper focused/aggressive on Alonso, to the point to affect the race of both negatively.

  34. I wrote a post but it won't appear until the timed auto-filter (it's auto-removed for now) on discussion posts is over so I'll just copy it here:

  35. Well said. Ocon is so aggressive only against Alonso, I swear he defends like a madman only against him. He doesn't care if the team wins or he wins , he just wants Alonso to lose.

  36. God I know he should've let Alonso pass him, so selfish. I mean when has a driver ever defend against the car behind them.

  37. While a little odd, they both knew their race today was against each other. They committed to a one-stopper and nobody else was within them until Vettel near the end.

  38. I think Ocon cares more about ruining other peoples races than his own performance lmao. Perez rivalry, the Max incident, this whole season with Fernando

  39. When you compare Ocon's start style of staring at one person to people like Senna or Schumacher - to name just two - who would be switching their glances constantly, it becomes clear that Ocon puts his ego above the best team result.

  40. Just look at his own teammate Alonso's starts and his awareness. Eyes are always darting and he always knows who is were. Pure Racecraft. And Ocon lacks it.

  41. What a silly fight! They should be playing as teammates to maximize the teams points. It's irrelevant who comes out on top if none of them have any chance in the WDC.

  42. I read often that Ocon is at Alpine because he is French and Renault needs to be selling some Alpines. It’s probably true on paper but I think that the trade off faster/better driver vs. being French should be explored. I’m French and Ocon does not do it for me at all and I could not care less about him being French. I hope Oscar gets his seat ASAP. The most worrying part for me about Esteban, even more that his “bad faith” driving is his lack of desire to win. He seems to be excited when he gets p5/p6. Even if you can’t expect more with your car you should at least feel like you could have done better.

  43. Meh, this is blown out of proportions. Focusing on Alonso over Hamilton was totally legitimate for Icon at that point given it was clear the Merc had a lot of pace from quali, and Ham was only that low because of his DRS issue. Usually everyone loves when teammates are allowed to fight eachother, but because it's Alonso who's left worse off everyone's triggered.

  44. Lol if Alonso did this to Ocon they'd be saying how awesome it is that they can fight and how amazing Alonso is at defending.

  45. Let’s face it - it’s because Ocon is unpopular as a bit of an awkward introvert who doesn’t light up the cameras. A popular driver would never get this sort of sctrunity. You can find plenty of teammates defending aggressively throughout the year/

  46. Everyone knows Ocon battle is not with Hamilton, but if you're going to allow a free pass to Hamilton just block your teammate which resulted in him loosing two places, you're going to get criticize.

  47. If not given orders, which they weren’t, how many guys are we expecting not to fight their teammate for their own race? I feel like it’s a lot more reasonable to put this on Alpine

  48. Tbf, Alonso was the car to beat there. Hamilton and the red bulls were always going to pass 🤷‍♀️

  49. No no you don't understand Ocon should have been focused on the faster car that would have passed him eventually and not on the same car right behind him /s

  50. It seems like Ocon always gets way more shit for defending against a teammate than anyone else. Like it’s a good solid defense. He knows Alonso’s electric on the start and wants to keep a position. He puts that move on anyone else and it’s great defensive driving. People need to get their Alonso tinted goggles off.

  51. He closed on Alonso leaving a Highway on the outside letting everyone to overtake them. I think it would be better to be 6th with Alonso 5th than 7th with Alonso 8th but what do I know

  52. It's not a good defense when you focus so much on your teammate others can just overtake you around the outside.

  53. It is only a good defense if you only consider Alonso on the grid. He allowed multiple rival team cars just fly across and also backed Alonso up.

  54. Looks like you found a way to explain the shit that ocon pulled, how do you explain that "defense" against him and letting Danny ric go past them both for free. Ocon has absolutely no awareness what so ever. We learnt that in Brazil 2018, you think he would've improved but he's the same.

  55. If roles were reversed, all the comments would be, “lol, Alonso still a badass at 40. Never gives an inch cause he’s an old school driver”

  56. IDK man, I dislike Alonso a lot, and even I think that this is stupid. Not to mention what he did later during the race when Ricciardo overtook them both, or what he did at Jeddah especially.

  57. So he's right for blocking his own team mate who could bring more points to the team possibly with a good start, getting ahead of Norris for example?

  58. Anyone remember a thread posted here within the past 24 hours about which team had the best driver lineups? The one where several of the most upvoted comments were inexplicably rushing to skip over the big three teams, because apparently the real best driver combination is at Alpine...

  59. Never liked Ocon. Always unnecessarily aggressive. Many incidents with Checo at Racing Point. With Max in Brazil. Today at the start with Alonso and then allowing Ricciardo to pass them both later on.

  60. I hope you don’t like Checo then also. He had notorious battles with Button and caused the majority of wrecks with Ocon. The only reason he doesn’t battle Max is because he’s never fast enough to even have the chance.

  61. That double pass that Ocon gave to Ricciardo thanks to blocking his teammate was really shameful. I don't like him, but I'm starting to hate him

  62. Ocon moves every time Fernando tries to find a gap, being quicker. Not only lets Lewis (with the same tyres) overtake both, but also does not allow Fernando to possibly attack Norris, that is the main rival for Alpine in the WCC. Also puts Fernando in a tough space defending against the other McLaren and the Red Bulls. I'd say it is quite bad.

  63. Ocon acted stupidly here. The team could have lost lot of point without Alonso's master race craft if both cars had crashed.

  64. That was just hard racing, I didn't see any illegal moves from Ocon. A worse outcome for the team, but why should a teammate just let you through unless it's a strategic call and they're under immediate threat from other teams. If a situation comes up in the middle of the race where Fernando is behind Ocon and him defending would be a huge disadvantage to them relative to other teams, then he should let him by because Fernando has played the team game in that situation in the past. In other cases they should be free to race and that's what we saw.

  65. Thanks for the reasoned response. If the roles were reversed I would not think much of it. Yes there is a team to consider but at the end of the day you are judged by beating your teammates.

  66. It is not about being illegal, is about being smart. He left a highway for Lewis and didn't even try to fight him in the breaking, stopped Alonso to the point he got passed by Checo too (had to overtake him on the outside of turn 2)...

  67. Because he is just costing both of them points. He focuses so much on his teammate battle and just doesn't care about his rivals. He let Hamilton through as well as Ricciardo some laps later. And it could have ended a lot worse for both if they had made contact.

  68. Does anyone genuinely like Ocon, despite having no money growing up and theres respect for that his personality/demeanor is not humble like you'd expect among other things

  69. Ocon has never outscored his teammate over the course of a season, he’s definitely just trying to nurse his lead over Alonso for future leverage with the team now.

  70. Ocon always does this with teammates, ask Perez. It is part of the reason I dislike him, and enjoyed him not having a seat in F1.

  71. I'd imagine Fernando will just slam into Ocon after a point if there wasn't any team orders. Ocon already did dirty defending twice.

  72. In Ocon’s defence he isn’t a rich kid and isn’t a former world champ so he is fighting for his career. To have a chance of getting signed again he has to beat his team mate being French isn’t enough.

  73. He doesn’t owe Alonso a thing. He picked the battle that made sense (there is no way he’s holding off the Red Bulls or Lewis for more than a few laps) and raced

  74. Perez compromises his own race to protect his teammate. Ocon compromises his teammates' race to protect his own position lol

  75. As an alpine fan (yes we exist) i hate to see this, messed Alonso's race and let Hamilton through, i know they are racing but man this wasn't the first time, remember Saudi Arabia if it wasn't for Alonso's braking they would have crashed.

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