Max congratulates George on his first pole position

  1. A lot of folks here and the rest of the internet say Max is a lot more chill now that he already has one WDC, can you imagine how much more chill he’ll get if he wins this year?

  2. Max has been pure class this year…people who police behavior over the radio are weirdos (though one time Max did piss of GP 😂)

  3. Max is tuned in. He’s professional and mature. He’s a competitor. Damn right when shit is not going his way he’s going to be pissed on the radio. Anyone who has ever done any sport should understand the passion in the heat of the moment.

  4. If people think he's bad, I'm glad there's no radio on me when I race casually in sims lmao. I don't think most people understand the pressure, I'm literally playing a video game and am super amped up, can't imagine being in a real car in a real competition like that lmao.

  5. George is the kind of guy to apologise about Max's engine breaking despite having nothing to do with Max's engine breaking.

  6. Lmao George is the type of guy to earn pole position and then apologize to last year’s champion for doing so

  7. I think it's just a British thing lmao. I remember back when I was in uni I had a habit of apologising to people when they walk into me on the underground lol. Fucking London Bridge lmao

  8. A blue jean, a white shirt, Rb clothes, and a suit for appearing on FIA ceremony when he will be a 2 times world champion, that's about it

  9. That is wonderful to see Max do that, even shows that hardman Max can be wholesome and show the respect to a first time Pole sitter like George Russell!

  10. This young generation of drivers get along pretty well. Max, Leclerc, Norris, Sainz, Russell, Gasly; I don’t think there is any real animosity between anything of them. Just don’t believe the media hype/bullshit. Especially not the DTS ‘rivalries’

  11. BBC comments section : "But he didn't do it in the right way! He has an ulterior motive. What a scumbag!"

  12. Max has matured a lot the past few years. Obviously, being gracious when you know you can/have won is a big step. But he also is in the enviable position of having a good team and car that supports him. There’s a lot of stability in his life right now - championship or not.

  13. I know he smiled and joked before but it really does seem like a much warmer person post WDC, the pressures off. His smile on the podium seems like he’s properly enjoying it and it’s nice to see.

  14. Max’s psychiatrist isn’t getting paid well enough. The dude is a completely different person this year. He seems more wholistic and centered.

  15. He achieved a lifelong dream last year after an incredibly intense title fight. It's not that surprising that he's more secure in himself now.

  16. I wouldn't wish mechanical issues on any driver, but the season needs Max to have to have some poor luck to start getting interesting.

  17. I mean he already had 2 DNFs outside of his own doing. The truth is so far Ferrari should have been easily leading him but it’s their own fault that Max is now 63 points ahead.

  18. He's had 2 dnfs and damage in silverstone, not to mention several mechanical issues in other races and qualis, not sure what else you want to happen to him

  19. To be fair.. If you need someone to get unlucky with the car for 6+ races a year to make it interesting, there is something wrong.

  20. Yeah, been a while since we’ve seen some true “overtaking is an art” Verstappen. The real downside to his driving consistency, lack of mistakes, and competitive car.

  21. Max had engine trouble in Q3. Was probably more of a “sorry you had a shit session” than a “sorry I took pole” lol.

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